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How to Improve Chances of Getting Path of Exile 6L items?

Path of Exile players know the struggle of obtaining a coveted Six-Link item, but there are indeed several straightforward methods to achieve this goal. In this guide, we will explore the simplest ways to get your hands on a powerful 6-Link item in Path of Exile 3.22 update. From enhancing item quality to utilizing divination cards, we'll cover all the methods that can increase your chances of success.


How to Improve Chances of Getting Path of Exile 6L items?


1. Drop from Monsters

The most basic method is to let luck be your guide. Monsters can drop items with maximum sockets and links, which can save you a lot of time and effort. In Path of Exile, items with sockets will have all available sockets filled, and items that can be linked will also have their links maximized. Encourage rarer monsters in your map to increase the chances of obtaining these desirable items. Maps like Harbinger can help spawn more rares, increasing your opportunities for getting a 6-Link.

2. Enhance Item Quality

An often underestimated aspect is item quality. Enhancing an item's quality can significantly boost your chances of obtaining more links when using fusings. The gray text on items mentions that the item's quality increases the odds of obtaining more links. Recent large-scale tests showed that fusing items with higher quality increases the average number of links achieved. To raise an item's quality, you can use Perfect Fossils, which can roll a quality value between 0 and 30.


3. Syndicate Members and Quality

The Syndicate members can play a role in improving the quality of your items. For armor, having Hillock at level 3 in the fortification can provide armor with higher quality, up to 28. When he's level 4, you can get armor with 30 quality. Similarly, for weapons, using Hillock at level 3 in transportation and research can increase the quality of weapons.


4. Divination Cards

One of the most reliable methods involves divination cards. These cards can be collected to exchange for powerful items. Some of these cards can grant you a guaranteed 6-Link item. You can find a comprehensive list of these cards on community-made websites. One such example is Mariner's website, which helps you find divination cards based on their drops in various maps.


5. Incursion for Divination Cards

Running Incursions can be a great way to accumulate divination cards. The sheer number of monsters and the high drop rate of cards make this method effective. When you encounter Alva Valai and enter incursions, you have the chance to amass a collection of dapper prodigy cards, which can ultimately lead to a 6-Link item.


6. Corrupted Items from Vaal Side Areas

Vaal side areas can be your ticket to a 6-Link, though this method involves corrupted items. Opening a valid side area has a chance to drop fully crafted items, all with an additional socket and corruption. While corrupted, these items can be rerolled and improved using Vaal orbs. Keep in mind that this process can break the item, but it's a viable option if you're looking for a fast way to obtain a 6-Link.



Acquiring a 6-Link item in Path of Exile doesn't have to be a daunting task. By using these straightforward methods, you can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining the powerful gear you need. Whether you're enhancing item quality, collecting divination cards, or exploring Vaal side areas, these techniques offer an array of options to suit your playstyle. Remember, a little luck, combined with strategic planning, can lead you to the 6-Link item of your dreams. 

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