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How to Making Poe Divines Currency with Logbooks?

In this guide, we'll walk through strategies on how to obtain Divine Orbs through Logbooks. An important currency item in Path of Exile, it can be obtained from monster drops, chests, containers, and the Arcanist's Strongbox. In POE 3.22, it is important roles and decisions for player builds. So We'll cover the intricacies of the logbook system, explain the value of artifacts, provide a step-by-step approach for running logbooks efficiently, and delve into the numbers behind the profitability.


How to Making Poe Divines Currency with Logbooks?


Understanding Logbooks and Their Potential

Logbooks are an integral part of the Expedition League, providing players with a dynamic way to interact with various artifacts and earn rewards. Instead of merely running logbooks and selling the resulting rerolls, this guide aims to demonstrate the benefits of utilizing artifacts and rerolls to maximize your profit potential.


Choosing Logbooks and Methodology

To illustrate the strategy, we'll discuss a specific example where the player ran 42 Knights of the Sun logbooks and used a tailored methodology. The focus was on targeting specific types of remnant modifiers, such as those that duplicated runic monsters or added valuable rewards like currency and essences. Additionally, bosses and underground areas were prioritized due to their potential for rewarding loot. The player also emphasizes optimizing for speed and efficiency, rather than perfection.


Investment and Initial Returns

The player initially invested around 13 divines to purchase the logbooks. After completing these 42 logbooks, they received a total of 412 burial medallions, which were then used to access tujen, a merchant NPC. This phase of the strategy yielded an additional 28 divines in currency and valuable items.


Profiting from Artifacts and Rerolls

The true value of the strategy lies in the utilization of the artifacts and rerolls gained from running logbooks. By buying artifacts and spending the rerolls wisely, the player further increased their returns. For example, artifacts like black scythe artifacts were targeted for purchase due to their potential for generating profit when used to interact with tujen. This step resulted in an additional 30 divines, bringing the total profit from this phase to around 32.25 divines.


Overall Profit Calculation

When summing up all the returns from logbooks, artifacts, and rerolls, the player managed to turn their initial investment of 13 divines into a total of 59 divines. This was achieved through a combination of careful planning, efficient execution, and making the most of the resources provided by the logbooks.


Conclusion and Takeaways

This guide showcases a strategy that goes beyond the traditional approach to logbooks in Path of Exile's Expedition League. By running logbooks strategically, targeting specific remnant modifiers, using artifacts, and spending rerolls wisely, players can significantly increase their profit potential. While the example provided involves Knights of the Sun logbooks, the strategy can be adapted to other types of logbooks as well.

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