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Top 2 Freedom Mod Farming Spots To Make Coins In New World

In the New World, where gold reigns supreme, mastering the art of efficient coins making is essential. With the recent shift towards freedom mods as a result of fortification nerfs, their importance is undeniable. No longer confined to level 45 enemies, freedom mod shards now descend from any named adversary. Embark on this journey to discover the two prime locations that can revolutionize your gold-making pursuits: the bountiful Motherlode of Brimstone Sands and the strategic Expertise Boss Farming in Skysong Crypt.


Top 2 Freedom Mod Farming Spots To Make Coins In New World


Motherlode of Brimstone Sands

While there are other effective farms, like the golden scorpions, those rely heavily on luck and cooldowns. This particular farm, however, offers continuous resources with decent value. One dedicated player reported earning around 15,000 gold worth of items in just an hour. Prices may vary depending on your server's economy, but let's dive into why this farming method is a game-changer.


What You Gain from Brimstone Sands Farm?

  • Multiple Valuable Resources: You obtain at least two different resources that can be sold on the trading post, and with efficient execution, you can sometimes get three. These resources often sell for around 1000 gold each or even more.
  • Weapon Mastery and Territory Standing: You rapidly gain weapon mastery experience along with territory standing for the Brimstone area. This helps you level up your weapons quickly while also progressing in territory, standing for potential housing benefits.
  • Named Loot and Random Rare Loot: There's a chance to obtain named gear and tons of higher rarity random loot drops. These can either be equipped or sold for profit.
  • Ancient Glob of Ectoplasm: By farming mobs in Brimstone, you acquire a significant number of ancient globs of ectoplasm. These are in high demand due to their use in crafting rune gems, making them a profitable resource.
  • Avo Drops: You gather an abundance of avos, which can be utilized to convert resources at the gypsum kiln. This method can yield substantial profits by crafting higher-value items.
  • Continuous Farming Loop: This farming method ensures there's virtually no downtime, thanks to the rapid spawn rate of mobs.
  • Cooperative Farming: By forming a group of players, you can create an environment that increases mob spawn rates, benefiting everyone involved.


How to Execute the Farming Method in Brimstone Sands?

  • Assemble a group of around five to seven players and head to an area that drops glyph stones.
  • Stand relatively close to each other to trigger increased mob spawn rates within the vicinity.
  • Have a designated player pull in mobs from nearby areas to maintain a continuous influx of mobs.
  • As mobs spawn rapidly, engage in combat to earn consistent rewards and loot.


Areas Where This Farming Method Works

  • The Gift Glyph near Aviva (Hermopolis)
  • The Food Glyph near Ursula (Castrum Victualis)


Additional Notes:

  • This method might only work in some areas or for some glyph types.
  • Focus on areas that drop glyph stones where this method is effective.
  • Consider using the Territorial Triumph buff to enhance your territory standing gains.
  • The farming efficiency drops significantly if players scatter, so maintain proximity.


Easy & Soloable Expertise Boss Farming in Skysong Crypt

Next, we'll be focusing on an effective solo farming method for expertise increases and loot in New World's Skysong Crypt Trio, consisting of Mordecai the Mortician, Slayer Roslyn, and Ivan the Inevitable. This method is designed to help you efficiently farm for expertise while gaining valuable loot along the way. 



  • Character at a suitable level for tackling the Skysong Crypt Trio.
  • Decent gear and equipment for combat.
  • A solid understanding of your character's abilities and combat mechanics.


Boss Overview

Mordecai the Mortician A boss located at the top of Evanscale Reach.
Slayer Roslyn Found near Mordecai.
Ivan the Inevitable Located in the church area.


Farming Route

  • Start by engaging Mordecai the Mortician and defeat him.
  • Proceed to engage Slayer Roslyn.
  • Move to the church area and engage Ivan the Inevitable.
  • After defeating Ivan, return to Mordecai's location to begin another lap.


Farming Steps:

  • Engage Mordecai the Mortician and defeat him.
  • Move on to Slayer Roslyn and defeat her.
  • Head to the church area and engage Ivan the Inevitable.
  • Defeat Ivan and return to Mordecai's location.
  • Repeat the above steps for each lap.


Additional Tips:

  • Aim to optimize your killing time to roughly 2 minutes for all three bosses combined.
  • The spawn time for Mordecai's rotation is around 2 minutes and 3 seconds, allowing you to cycle through all three bosses efficiently.
  • Bring along suitable consumables and potions to enhance your combat performance.
  • Consider using gear that boosts your luck attribute to increase your chances of obtaining valuable loot.


Results & Analysis:

Throughout 50 laps (150 boss kills), the following expertise increases were obtained:

  • Life Staff: 544 to 547
  • Warhammer: 551
  • Shield: 524
  • Musket: 560
  • Leg Wear: 600
  • Headwear: 600

The average expertise increase drop rate was approximately 4.5% per boss kill, translating to about 1 expertise increase per every 21-22 kills.


Loot Analysis:

Named Weapons Obtained (Total: 11):

  • Fifth Floor Blunderbuss: 2
  • Fresh Forged Edge: 3
  • Icy Decapitator: 1
  • Slayers Crossbow: 2
  • Longbow of the Eternal Dreams: 2


Trade Skill Gear:

  • Stone Cutter Pants: 2
  • Woodworker's Cap: 4

Ephemeral Seals: 1 Legendary (Sold for 7,400 gold)



In the dynamic realm of the New World, seizing opportunities for wealth is paramount. The freedom mod farming spots presented here offer pathways to prosperity, whether through the continuous resources of Brimstone Sands or the soloable expertise of boss farming in Skysong Crypt. Elevate your gold-making endeavors and carve your path to success.

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