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Best Maps Making Path of Exile Currency

Path of Exile, a captivating action-RPG game, presents players with an expansive world filled with diverse maps and areas to explore. Among the plethora of options, determining the best maps for maximum currency rewards can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the top 5 Path of Exile maps for currency farming, highlighting the unique attributes that make them popular choices among players.



Best Maps Making Path of Exile Currency


Jungle Valley

POE Jungle Valley Screenshot



Jungle Valley stands out as an optimal map for early-game currency farming, particularly for Legion and Subsidiary Arc Altar farming. The map's design fosters lucrative returns, with players often amassing 20-30 Chaos Orbs and 10-15 Awakened Sextants per run.


Key Features:

  • Open Design: The expansive layout of Jungle Valley lends itself to efficient Legion and other mechanics farming, allowing players to make the most of their farming runs.
  • Altar Farming: Jungle Valley's need for Boss Eldritch Altars eliminates the need for Boss Rush tactics, streamlining the farming process.
  • Boss Encounter: The boss encounter in Jungle Valley resembles the Act 2 Weaver fight, offering a strategic challenge that adds depth to the map.
  • Divination Cards: While the map lacks a highly valuable divination card, the occasional drop of the Scout card (7 Exalted Orb card) provides a valuable reward..

Crimson Temple

POE Crimson Temple Map Screenshot



Crimson Temple, akin to Filed Cathedral, boasts a slightly more linear layout. It is an exceptional map for Delirium Orbs usage and Apothecary card farming, albeit without some high-value cards found in other maps.


Key Features:

  • Delirium Orbs Integration: Crimson Temple's design facilitates the activation of Delirium Orbs, enabling players to clear the map while maximizing rewards.
  • Apothecary Farming: The map is especially suited for farming the Apothecary card, offering a consistent opportunity for valuable currency drops.
  • Boss Challenge: The boss of Crimson Temple presents a two-phase encounter, adding a layer of engagement to the map's gameplay.
  • Altar Elimination: Rushing the boss is feasible, effectively eliminating Boss Altars for a smoother run.
  • High-Value Cards: Although some cards are absent, Crimson Temple retains cards like Apothecary, Seven Years Bad Luck, Enlightened, and Innocent, providing substantial reward potential.


 Defiled Cathedral

PoE Defiled Cathedral Map Screenshot



Defiled Cathedral, renowned for housing the Apothecary card, is distinguished by its circular layout. While challenging for Delirium Orbs usage, it excels in strongbox farming and rewards such as the Apothecary card.


Key Features:

  • Apothecary Card Focus: The map's design caters to efficient Apothecary card farming, enhancing the chances of valuable currency drops.
  • Boss Encounter: The boss encounters a pillar of degeneration mechanics, contributing to an engaging and strategic fight.
  • Rich Divination Card Pool: Filed Cathedral boasts an impressive selection of high-value Divination Cards, including Apothecary, Seven Years Bad Luck, Enlightened, and Innocent.
  • Circular Layout: The circular layout, though not ideal for Delirium Mirror Farming, offers an easily navigable map for strongbox farming and currency accumulation.
  • Altar Farming Pairing: Similar to other maps, combining the use of Delirium Orbs with strongbox farming enhances the overall rewards.



PoE Cemetery Map Screnshot




Cemetery fame stems from the transition of Brother's Stash card to Brother's Gift, a valuable five Divine Orb. It excels in Legion mechanics, providing a straightforward boss fight, and optimal conditions for delirium reward builds.


Key Features:

  • Brother's Gift Card: Cemetery's allure is bolstered by the new five Divine Orb cards, offering a consistent source of valuable currency drops.
  • Legion and League Mechanics: The map's open design and layout foster efficient Legion and League mechanics farming, allowing players to maximize their currency haul.
  • Straightforward Boss Fight: The boss resides in a separate room, presenting an uncomplicated encounter devoid of additional phases.
  • Boss Altar Elimination: The ability to Boss Rush contributes to a streamlined experience, eliminating the need to deal with Boss Altars.
  • Delirium Orbs Stacking: Cemetery's spacious layout accommodates stacking Delirium Orbs, enabling up to 20 reward layers for delirium reward builds.



PoE Dunes Map Screenshoot



Dunes emerges as a prime map for Legion and league mechanics farming due to its expansive layout. Although lacking high-value divination cards, it offers the potential for early-league discoveries.


Key Features:

  • Legion and Mechanics Farming: Dunes' wide open layout makes it an ideal choice for maximizing Legion and league mechanics farming.
  • Projectiles Build Advantage: The map's layout suits projectile speed builds, enhancing the efficiency of farming runs.
  • Delirium Rewards Strategy: By combining multiple legions with Breach/Abyss mechanics, players can optimize Delirium Rewards filling speed.
  • Efficient Boss Fight: Dunes' boss is easily located and can be swiftly eliminated with sufficient damage output.
  • Early-League Discoveries: While not hosting high-value divination cards, Dunes might yield early-league discoveries like Imperial Legacy or Earth Drinker.



This five meticulously selected Path of Exile maps stand as the pinnacle choices for currency farming endeavors. Each map brings its unique strengths to the table, catering to diverse playstyles and skill levels. Whether you're a neophyte or a seasoned player, these maps offer a pathway to rapid and effortless currency accumulation. By strategically leveraging their distinct attributes, you can embark on a journey of prosperous currency farming in the expansive world of Path of Exile.

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