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Top 10 Effective Tips for Guild Wars 2 New Player Movements

Welcome to the dynamic world of Guild Wars 2!  In the following article, we've compiled the top 10 essential tips and tricks to elevate your mobility and movement skills in Guild Wars 2. Whether you seek to conquer challenging jumping puzzles, explore the vast landscapes, or optimize your combat tactics, these insights will pave the way to a more exhilarating and efficient adventure. So, buckle up your mounts and get ready to unlock the secrets of seamless movement in Tyria!



Top 10 Effective Tips for Guild Wars 2 New Player Movements


Cancelling Springer Jump

When playing Guild Wars 2 and unlocking both the Path of Fire and End of Dragons expansions, the springer mount becomes available as the second mount to be unlocked. Most players are aware that the springer mount can be used to jump to high altitudes, which is useful for reaching different areas. However, dismounting the springer mount while mid-air is only possible once you land on the ground.

Guild Wars 2 Cancelling Springer Jump Screenshot

One useful technique to gain additional height with the springer mount is to press the dismount button simultaneously while jumping. This enables the player to reach the maximum height of the springer jump and perform other actions, such as gliding or mounting the Griffon or Skyscale mount. This technique provides a quick way to gain the necessary height to utilize the Griffon or Skyscale mount or reach difficult-to-access locations with ease.


Dodge Jumping

One of the most popular tricks in the world of gaming is dodge jumping. This technique involves hitting both the dodge and jump buttons simultaneously, which allows you to combine the forward momentum of a dodge with the height of a jump. This technique is particularly useful in jumping puzzles such as the Winter Wonderland or Super Adventure Box, as it allows you to skip certain areas or make jumps easier. While it can also be used in the open world and PvP, it is primarily seen in content like Super Adventure Box.

Dodge Jumping Screenshot

It's important to note that you can't air strafe while dodge jumping, which means you can't move your character horizontally while in mid-air. Unlike regular jumping, you are locked in forward momentum. While dodge jumping can be a bit tricky to execute, it's a very accessible technology that can be practised anywhere and at any time.


Momentum with Bond of Faith

Unlocking the Bond of Faith mastery in the Crystal Champion mastery track through Living World Season 4 offers a powerful skill that can be used on any mount to leap forward, aiding in navigation and reaching difficult-to-access locations. This skill is so potent that it can even help skip entire jumping puzzles.

Momentum with Bond of Faith Screenshot

However, many new players need to be made aware that the momentum of their mount affects the ability's distance. Using Bond of Faith while standing still will only propel the player a short distance, but using it while the mount is moving at its fastest, such as during a raptor's leap, will propel the player significantly further. To ensure maximum effectiveness, it's essential to use the Bond of Faith when the mount is moving the fastest, but players should also exercise caution to avoid overshooting their intended target.


Use Skyscale and Griffon Together 

An effective way to make map navigation easier is by using both your skyscale and griffon together. It is a straightforward approach that can significantly enhance your mobility. First, mount your skyscale and take off into the air. Once you have gained some height, dismount from the skyscale and swiftly mount onto your griffon.

Use Skyscale and Griffon Together Screenshot

This allows you to utilize the griffon's flight ability from a high altitude, enabling you to reach specific locations much faster than usual. By using this technique, you can save time and effort that would have been spent searching for a high vantage point to start your griffon flight.


Recharging Mount Endurance

To keep your mounts going for longer, consider using your springer or skimmer mount to recharge the endurance of your other mounts. Since all mounts share the same endurance bar, using a mount with high endurance recharge rates can be a strategic move. For instance, if you use your Raptor mount to leap and then switch to your roller beetle, you'll have to wait for the endurance bar to replenish before you can use the beetle's boost ability. By utilizing mounts with fast endurance recharge rates, such as the springer or skimmer, you can quickly replenish the endurance of your other mounts.

Recharging Mount Endurance Screenshot

This is especially helpful when using the Roller Beetle, which takes a long time to recharge its endurance. If you accidentally deplete your endurance or miss a boost, hop onto another mount with a faster recharge rate and then switch back to the Roller Beetle to get back into action faster.


Tonic Rushes

In this particular trick, known as tonic rushes, players can take advantage of certain Guild Wars 2 items, such as tonics and toys, to access unique costume brawl abilities that allow them to travel vast distances. Two popular examples of this include the Executioner Axe Toy, which grants access to the Corpse Toss ability, and the Endless Choya Piñata Tonic, which enables players to use the Roll Out ability.

Guild Wars 2 Tonic Rushes Screenshot

While the Executioner Axe Toy is only available through the gemstore as part of the Executioner's Outfit, players can purchase the Endless Choya Piñata Tonic from the Casino Blitz Reward Cashier in the Crystal Oasis for 1,000 Casino Coins, obtainable during the Casino Blitz meta event in Amnoon. Though tonic rush abilities are not as advantageous now due to the availability of mounts, they can still be useful in specific scenarios, such as pre-Heart of Thorn's instances, Mount Disabled areas like jumping puzzles, or when players aim to complete festival races and adventures on foot.


Jumping by Dismounting

When it comes to mounts, there is a handy tip that can help you reach higher areas quickly. By using your mount's dismount key, you can dismount and gain some height in the process. This will allow you to move around while in the air, resulting in a more powerful jump than a regular jump would provide. This technique is particularly useful when you need to reach specific spots quickly, as it can save you time compared to running around or switching to another mount.

Guild Wars 2 Jumping by Dismounting Screenshot

While it may not be the most practical technique since mounts like the Springer or Skyscale can handle most jumps, there are still two significant benefits to using this method. Firstly, mounting and dismounting is a quicker way to reach higher spots than other methods. Secondly, it is much easier to reach specific areas when you are already riding a mount. For example, if you are riding your Raptor and spot a location that you need to reach, dismounting can save you the time and hassle of switching to a Springer or Skyscale before making the jump.


Adjusting Keybinds

The following tip is a bit complex, but we want to share it with you anyway. Many people need to realize that holding down both the left and right mouse buttons allows for movement. However, a common mistake is having two sets of keys for both strafing and turning, which can take up unnecessary space on the keyboard.

Guild Wars 2 Adjusting Keybinds Screenshot

Instead, try keybinding your Q and E keys to other functions and rely solely on the A and D keys for movement. But, consider the value of keeping both sets of keys for turning and strafing as they were originally designed. we prefer to have my A and D keys be turn keys because it feels more natural to me, and it allows for more movement options when not using both mouse buttons. This way, we can still move around freely while using my mouse for other tasks, such as inventory management or placing markers.


Don't worry about losing keyboard space; it's important to find a control scheme that's comfortable for you. Experiment with different keybinds and movements to find what works best for you.


Mount Speeds Uphill

When it comes to mount speeds uphill, there is an interesting tip to keep in mind. The Jackal mount has a faster running speed than the Raptor mount, but the latter is still preferred by many due to its Leap skill which helps you run faster. However, in situations where there is a significant elevation change, such as steep ramps, the Jackal's Blink ability proves to be more efficient than the Raptor's Leap skill. This only applies to such situations and not to regular inclines.

Guild Wars 2 Mount Speeds Uphill Screenshot

To further elaborate on this, here are some numbers to consider. we timed myself running up the ramp from the Crown Pavilion to the Melandru Waypoint, using different mount abilities and spamming the jump key. Running up the ramp on a Raptor took 7.3 seconds, while running up with a Jackal took 7.12 seconds. However, using the Jackal's Blink ability while running up took only 4.59 seconds, while using the Raptor's Leap skill took 5.18 seconds. Additionally, spamming the jump key while running up the ramp on either mount took around 6.4 to 6.59 seconds.


Based on these numbers, it is clear that using the Jackal's Blink ability is the fastest way to go uphill, followed closely by the Raptor's Leap skill. However, using the jump key is also a viable option and proves to be faster than simply running up the ramp. Therefore, if you are ever going up a hill on either the Raptor or Jackal mount, spamming the jump key will help you ascend faster. If you want to optimize your timings, you can calculate whether it will be faster to switch to the Jackal and use its Blink ability or stick with the Raptor and use its Leap skill.


Ultimately, this is not a significant issue and will keep you from slowing down too much. Most players use their Jackal for specific purposes, such as going through sand portals or for cosmetic reasons. When going uphill, the jump key proves to be effective and can save you the time of switching between mounts.


Understand Everything Available to You

My final tip for you is to make sure you understand all the available tools at your disposal and explore ways to combine them to achieve feats that you never thought were possible before. In Guild Wars 2, you have a vast array of resources at your fingertips, including gliding, different masteries that enhance gliding, the Jade Bot Glider Boost mastery that allows you to soar higher, mounts, other masteries, and more. By learning how to use these resources effectively, you can access any area of the game world that you desire.

Everything Available to You

Let me provide two examples of how you can combine these tools to achieve incredible heights.  Firstly, if you want to reach a high point, you can use your Skyscale to climb up while conserving your energy and endurance bars. Then, when you have used up all your energy and endurance, you can use your Bond of Vigor to restore some of it and continue the climb. Once you reach the top, you can dismount and start gliding. Use your Jade Bot Glide Booster to soar even higher, and then mount your Skyscale again to recharge your endurance bar while gliding. Finally, you can use your Bond of Faith to reach new heights and achieve your goal.


Secondly, if you want to ascend quickly and use your Griffon, you can start by hopping onto your Skyscale and using its Dash ability twice while flying upwards. Then, use your Bond of Vigor to perform two more dashes and then dismount and start gliding. Use your Jade Bot Glide Booster to gain altitude, and then mount your Griffon and start flying.


By fully comprehending everything at your disposal and utilizing it effectively, you can do extraordinary things in Guild Wars 2. The game was designed with the concept of "freedom of movement" at its core, and by mastering your tools, you can experience that freedom to the fullest.



Thank you for taking the time to read this guide! This guide provides valuable tips and tricks to improve movement in Guild Wars 2, which have been gained from the author's extensive experience playing the game. While most of the tips are focused on navigating the game's open world, they are also useful for other parts of the game, such as combat and PvP. Moreover, some of the tips can be implemented from the very start of the game, while others become more relevant as players unlock different features. Overall, this guide can be a great resource for both new and experienced players of Guild Wars 2 who want to enhance their movement and efficiency.

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