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PoE Enhance Gameplay Experience third-party websites and Resources

Are you new to Path of Exile or a seasoned veteran looking to elevate your gaming experience? To truly master this game, you'll need access to valuable information and tools that go beyond what's offered in-game. In this guide, we'll introduce you to a curated list of third-party websites and resources that will enhance your PoE journey, from character optimization to item crafting and labyrinth running. Dive in and level up your PoE gameplay!


PoE Enhance Gameplay Experience third-party websites and Resources


Path of Exile Wiki

Overview: The Path of Exile Wiki is a community-driven treasure trove of knowledge, constantly updated to provide you with the latest information on everything PoE-related. Unlike some other PoE wiki that may have fallen out of date, the PoE Wiki is your most reliable source for all things PoE.



  • Comprehensive Information: The PoE Wiki covers a wide array of topics, from unique items and skills to divination cards and lore.
  • Extension Integration: Install browser extensions that automatically redirect you from outdated sources to the current PoE Wiki.


Path of Building

Overview: Path of Building (PoB) is an indispensable tool for players striving to optimize their character builds. Whether you want to import other players' characters or create your own, PoB empowers you to experiment with various stats and items to fine-tune your build.



  • Build Customization: Create, import, and modify character builds to see how different choices affect your damage output and survivability.
  • Niche Build Support: Ideal for crafting niche or unconventional character builds with limited online guides.


PoE Ninja

Overview: PoE Ninja is a comprehensive website that provides real-time economic data and insights into the most popular builds, items, and skills in the game. It's an invaluable resource for players seeking to optimize their builds and make informed decisions.



  • Economic Insights: Stay updated on in-game currency exchange rates, valuable items, and price trends.
  • Build Inspiration: Explore popular character builds to gain insights into their gear, skills, and passive tree choices.


Craft of Exile

Overview: Craft of Exile is your go-to tool for crafting items in Path of Exile. It simplifies the crafting process, allowing you to copy, re-roll, and simulate crafting with infinite currency. Additionally, it offers a calculator to predict the outcome of your item crafting endeavors.



  • Crafting Simulation: Experiment with crafting outcomes without spending valuable in-game resources.
  • Crafting Calculator: Calculate the chances of achieving specific crafting results before you begin.

Overview: is your companion for hunting down divination cards. It provides valuable data on card availability, pricing, and the probability of obtaining complete stacks of specific cards.



  • Card Market Insights: Discover which divination cards are in demand and their market values.
  • Stack Probability: Determine the likelihood of collecting a full set of a particular divination card.



Overview: PoELab is an indispensable resource for adventurers venturing into the treacherous Uber Labyrinth. This website offers crucial information, including the shortest labyrinth path, secret locations, and the whereabouts of Argus, all updated daily.



  • Uber Labyrinth Guide: Navigate the complex labyrinth with ease using PoELab's detailed maps and guidance.
  • Daily Updates: Stay up-to-date with the labyrinth's daily layout changes.



By harnessing the power of these third-party websites and resources, you'll gain a significant advantage in Path of Exile. Whether you're refining your character build, crafting powerful items, or conquering the labyrinth, these tools will enhance your gaming experience and lead you to greater success in the world of Wraeclast. Happy gaming!

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