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SWTOR Patch 7.3 PVP Class Update: What exciting adjustments are there?

Greetings, and welcome to an exciting update on the planned class balance changes in Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 7.3. We will here to share some news about the buffs, nerfs, and updates that players can expect to see in patch 7.3. As avid gamers eagerly await the release of this new patch, there's a lot of anticipation surrounding these changes and their impact on PvP gameplay.



The developers have recently posted the planned changes on the forums, and we'll be discussing what this means for the game's PvP community. So, let's get started by taking a closer look at some of the most exciting adjustments, including power and tech adjustments. 


SWTOR Patch 7.3 PVP Class Update: What exciting adjustments are there?



The Powertech/Vanguard class in SWTOR has undergone significant changes in the latest update. Let's take a closer look at these changes and how they affect players.

SWTOR Powertech

  • One of the changes is related to the level at which abilities are granted. While this change doesn't impact end-game PvP, it does make it easier for players who are still levelling to experience the class, particularly in PvP.
  • Another change involves the redesign and renaming of the Stealth Scan ability as Terminator Droid. This new ability reveals stealth enemies, slows them down, and decreases their accuracy. While it may not be essential for PvP, it can prove useful in team fights. However, the Advanced Yield ability, which offers a 15-meter range, remains the preferred option for PvP.
  • The Neural Trigger Tactical has also undergone a significant change. It now roots the target instead of stunning them. This change is a welcome one since this tactical was previously considered one of the most broken. Now, players can rely on other tactics to deal damage rather than relying on control.
  • The Rail Shot ability has also undergone a small but impactful change. Players now vent six heat instead of five when rail-shotting a bleeding target, resulting in more damage.
  • Finally, the AP Damage Tactical has been added, specifically for Advanced Prototype Powertechs, which was previously one of the worst-performing specs in terms of single-target sustained damage. The new Energized Them Brace tactical replaces the Energized Blade tactical, which was removed in the previous patch. This new tactical increases the damage of Retractable Blade Split, Railshot, Magnetic Blast, and Energy Burst by 5% for 10 seconds.


Overall, these changes improve the gameplay experience for players by making the Powertech/Vanguard class more balanced. Players now have more tactical options to choose from to achieve their goals, and the game developers have listened to player feedback, resulting in changes that improve the class's gameplay.



The Mercenary/Commando DPS class is set to undergo some alterations in the next patch, which could affect the way you approach playing this class. Here's to help you comprehend the changes and their potential impact on your gameplay:

SWTOR Mercenary


  • Stealth Scan: This ability will now decrease the damage taken by the caster while stunned, providing a small but helpful buff to yourself as the caster. This can prove useful when defending notes and repelling stealthy attackers.
  • Random Charge Legendary: The ability will be renamed and modified to grant three supercharges each time you use a priming shot or thermal detonator. However, this can only be done once every 15 seconds, removing some of the previous version's randomness. This change could result in situations where you have nine stacks but want to use something other than the thermal detonator, as you cannot exceed ten stacks.
  • High-Velocity Supercharged Gas: The ability will be renamed and have its duration extended. This is a positive change, as Arsenal performs best when it has the supercharged gas active. However, Arsenal remains the least powerful spec and more than this change is needed to bring it back to the meta.
  • Bodyguard: This class will undergo no significant modifications, only a renaming of the supercharged gas ability.


Overall, the modifications to the Mercenary/Commando DPS class are minor but could have an impact on certain gameplay scenarios. It remains to be seen whether these changes will be enough to improve Arsenal's viability in PvP. Nonetheless, the modifications to the Random Charge Legendary ability are expected to be well-received by players as they make it more predictable and remove some of the randomnesses. Stay tuned for these changes in the upcoming patch and adjust your gameplay accordingly.



The Sniper/Gunslinger is a class in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) that specializes in dealing with great damage from afar. This guide will delve into the recent changes made to the class and how they affect gameplay.

SWTOR Sniper


Talent Changes

  • Re-establish Range: This talent can now be acquired at level 64 and removes all roots and slows while also giving a 75-movement speed boost for 6 seconds. This is a significant improvement that should have been a baseline feature from the start.
  • Series of Shots or Penetrating Blasts: The knockback has been removed, which allows players to choose between talents that focus on AoE damage or damage reduction, depending on their preference.
  • Vital Regulators: This talent provides a 2% heal while in cover. While useful in PvE, it may be less beneficial in PvP, where damage reduction or increased damage output may be preferred.


Marksmanship Changes

  • Targeted Ambush: This talent now triggers when an enemy is killed within 3 seconds of being damaged by Ambush. Previously, the talent required the killing blow with an Ambush critical hit, which was too specific. This is a slight improvement, but more changes may be necessary to bring Marksmanship back into the meta.


Virulence Changes

  • Corrosive Refund: This talent now refunds two energy each time Corrosive Grenade is used. While not particularly useful in PvP, it can be helpful in PvE situations.



  • Stay at a distance: Snipers/Gunslingers are ranged DPS classes, so it's crucial to stay away from enemies to survive.
  • Use cover: Taking cover can help reduce incoming damage and increase damage output.
  • Manage energy: Make sure to use abilities that consume energy wisely to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable.
  • Prioritize targets: Always focus on high-priority targets such as healers or key DPS classes to give your team an advantage.


Overall, the recent changes made to the Sniper/Gunslinger class in SWTOR have been positive, providing more options for players to customize their playstyle. While there is room for further improvement, following these tips can help maximize the class's effectiveness in battle.



The Operative/Scoundrel class in SWTOR has recently undergone some changes, including buffs and nerfs to the medicine and lethality trees, affecting PVP gameplay.

SWTOR Operative


  • One notable buff for medicine operatives is 15 seconds of interrupt immunity, making them more effective at group healing and casting Call to Waves. However, players must choose between this and the 5% crit, deciding between maximum healing output or PVP interrupt immunity. Overall, this buff is a welcome change as medicine operatives previously struggled in PVP.
  • On the other hand, the Lethality tree has undergone nerfs, making it easier to kill in PVP. Corrosive return no longer extends the duration of stim boost magnesity by 5 seconds, reducing the damage reduction and healing effect. However, Lethality still has some of the best defensive cooldowns, with 30 seconds of uptime on their DR, making them a strong option.
  • The Concealment tree has also received some changes, with unclear improvements to Best Defense at level 39. However, Concealment remains the weakest spec in PVP, struggling against Madness Sorcerer with their constant rooting of players and limited four-meter range of attacks. Additional buffs are necessary for Concealment to be more effective in PVP.


Overall, players must adjust their gameplay strategies to adapt to these changes in the Operative/Scoundrel class in SWTOR.



Attention all Assassin/Shadow players, there are a few modifications coming your way that may affect your gameplay experience. Here's what you should know:

SWTOR Assassin


  • Reduction in execute damage of Hatred/Sin Hatred: In PvP, Hatred/Sin Hatred is known for dealing with the highest single-target damage. However, the execute damage will be nerfed, meaning that the damage to targets below 30% health will be reduced. This will make it less powerful in that specific scenario, but the overall impact on PvP gameplay will be insignificant.
  • Decrease in damage of dots for targets below 30% health: The ability Inevitable Demise, which amplifies damage dealt by dots to targets below 25% health, will now be changed to 30%. This is a minor adjustment that will not significantly impact either PvP or PvE gameplay.
  • Improvement to Deception: Deception will receive comparable changes to Hatred/Sin Hatred. The passive ability Executioner, which increases all damage dealt by 3%, will now amplify damage dealt by 5% to targets below 30% health. This small buff to Deception will have a minor effect on PvP gameplay.


All in all, these modifications are not substantial and will not considerably affect Assassin/Shadow gameplay in either PvP or PvE. However, keep in mind that any changes to a class can affect gameplay, so it's wise to stay informed and adjust your SWTOR playstyle accordingly. 



Madness Sorcerer/Sage is a preferred choice in PvP due to its exceptional crowd control abilities and high damage output. However, the Death Field ability, a crucial skill that can slow down enemies by 50%, is being nerfed in the next patch, reducing the chance for its slow to reapply after death from 50% to 30%. This alteration will provide enemies with more opportunities to escape or catch up. To compensate for this, Madness Sorcerer/Sage players can use the AoE Depth Field ability, which can still slow down opponents by 50%.

SWTOR Sorcerer

Furthermore, the Lifesteal on Forced Lightning ability is being reduced from 20% to 15%, but this modification will not significantly impact the overall performance of the Madness Sorcerer/Sage, which possesses numerous crowd control abilities and high damage output.


Lightning Sorcerer/Sage focuses on lightning-based abilities to deal damage, but it has been underperforming in PvE compared to other specializations. To address this, the Storm Watch tactical's duration is being extended by 50%, making it more suitable for both PvE and PvP. Additionally, the previous nerf to its offensive power is being partially reversed with a 7% increase in damage, enhancing its damage output in PvE and making it more competitive in PvP.


The Corruption/Seer Sorcerer/Sage is the healing specialization for the class, boasting potent single-target and area-of-effect healing abilities, and can provide some crowd control abilities to aid allies. Although less popular than the Madness Sorcerer/Sage in PvP, it remains a viable option for those who prefer to heal and support their allies.



The Marauder/Sentinel class has recently undergone some changes that will affect its performance in PvP. The biggest change has been made to the Annihilation spec, which is aimed at improving its rage generation capabilities.


Previously, the Annihilation spec relied on direct damage attacks that critically hit bleeding targets to build up focus. However, the latest change has removed the critical hit requirement, making it easier for Annihilation to build up rage. This change is considered a buff to the spec, which is surprising since Annihilation is already the strongest spec for Marauders in PvE and PvP.


Despite this change, it is unlikely that Annihilation will become the preferred spec for PvP. Players can still expect to see Carnage and Fury Marauder dominating the warzones.


In addition to the changes made to the Marauder/Sentinel class, Bioware has also made adjustments to other classes. They have nerfed some of the ST classes in Lethality and Madness while buffing underperforming classes such as Sniper and Merc. They have also given AP a proper damage boost and buffed Lightning back, which may result in more players choosing this spec instead of Madness in the future.


Overall, these changes reflect Bioware's efforts to balance the various classes in PvP. While it remains to be seen how effective these changes will be in practice, it is clear that Bioware is working hard to improve the gameplay experience for all players.

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