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ESO Update 38 Patch Notes: New Item Sets for Overland, Crafting, and Trials

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 38 introduces a host of new item sets, each offering unique bonuses and gameplay opportunities. In this detailed guide, we will delve into the ESO Update 38 Patch Notes, focusing on the newly released item sets. Divided into three sections: new overland sets, new craftable sets, and new trial sets. We will provide insights into each set's strengths, weaknesses, and potential applications in various game scenarios.


ESO Update 38 Patch Notes: New Item Sets for Overland, Crafting, and Trials


New Overland Sets

Let's kick things off with an exploration of the three new Overland Sets that have recently been introduced.

ESO New Overland Sets Image


Vivec's Duality (Light Set)

  • Effect: After staying on one bar for 15 seconds, this set grants you 6636 Magicka and Stamina upon bar swapping.
  • Analysis: Vivec's Duality offers an intriguing mechanic for those who favor sustained gameplay and resource management.


Adamant Lurker (Heavy Set)

  • Effect: Provides a substantial 1505 Health Recovery while stationary.
  • Analysis: While the health recovery bonus is noteworthy, it may not outweigh other attribute bonuses in many situations.


Come-On-a-Tongue (Medium Set)

  • Effect: Grants Weapon and Spell Damage for the two to four-piece bonuses, and the 5-piece bonus triggers when you gain XP from killing a monster.
  • Analysis: With the potential to stack up to 540 Weapon and Spell Damage, this set is ideal for grinding and content with numerous enemies.


In summary, these new Overland Sets cater to different playstyles and scenarios, offering players intriguing options for enhancing their characters' capabilities.


New Craftable Sets

Next, let's delve into the three new craftable sets, which offer a range of exciting possibilities.

ESO New Craftable Sets Image


Shattered Fate

  • Effect: Offers offensive penetration, weapon and spell damage, and crit chance bonuses.
  • Analysis: Shattered Fate provides a solid all-around set for players, making it an excellent choice for those looking to gear up quickly.


Telvanni Efficiency

  • Effect: Reduces companion ability cooldowns by 50% and player ability costs by 8% when not accompanied by a living companion.
  • Analysis: This set caters to players who enjoy the companion system, enhancing their companion's power and reducing ability costs.


Seeker Synthesis

  • Effect: Reduces potion cooldown by 0.6 seconds when casting resource-costing abilities in combat.
  • Analysis: While niche, Seeker Synthesis can be valuable for players seeking maximum uptime on certain potion effects.


In summary, these craftable sets offer a range of options, appealing to various playstyles and preferences, allowing players to customize their characters effectively.


New Trials Sets

Now, let's explore the new trial sets, each with its unique set of bonuses and potential applications.

ESO New Trials Sets Image


Peace and Serenity (Light Armor Set)

  • Effect: Provides crit chance, minor slayer, and weapon and spell damage bonuses, with additional health, Magicka, and stamina recovery while moving.
  • Analysis: Suited for encounters that allow for stationary gameplay, this set fills a niche role without overpowering other options.


Ansuul's Torment (Medium Armor Set)

  • Effect: Offers crit chance, minor slayer, penetration, and bonus damage against monsters, with additional damage upon interrupting an enemy.
  • Analysis: While the base damage bonus is attractive, the interrupt condition may limit its usefulness in many trial scenarios.


Transformative Hope (Light Armor Set)

  • Effect: Grants Major Heroism to player and ally healed under specific health conditions.
  • Analysis: The set's trigger conditions make it challenging for trials but may find more utility in PvP scenarios.


Test of Resolve (Heavy Armor Set)

  • Effect: Grants major protection and major aegis under specific health and stamina conditions.
  • Analysis: The set's long cooldown may limit its applicability, even for tank-focused builds.


New Mythics

The update also introduces three new mythic items, each with its unique set of benefits and considerations.

ESO New Mythics Image


Heavy Legs Esoteric: Environment Greaves

  • Effect: Grants damage reduction and stamina drain while above a stamina threshold.
  • Analysis: Offers potential damage mitigation, but requires careful stamina management to avoid drawbacks.

Crypt of Can Investments

  • Effect: Prevents the wearer from casting ultimate abilities, transferring the ultimate resource to group members.
  • Analysis: Ideal for smaller groups, but incompatible with sets relying on casting ultimate abilities.


Velothy or Mage's Amulet

  • Effect: Boosts offensive penetration, damage against monsters, and crit damage while reducing light and heavy attack damage.
  • Analysis: Offers accessibility for harder content but has limitations in high-end gameplay scenarios.


Older Set Adjustments

Some sets have been adjusted due to exploits or bugs. For example, the Frenzied Momentum and Spectral Cloak sets will now only apply their effects if their respective ability requirements are cast in combat. This is to prevent pre-buffing of the skills before combat and to switch to a different set to benefit from the bonuses. The Storm Master set's bonus damage with light and heavy attacks now only works against monsters and has reduced duration and cooldown. 

ESO Older Set Adjustments Image

The Nuna Talk set now applies a snare to enemies hit, and Major Brittle now applies on enemies damaged four or more times by the set. Joseon's Inferno set had some bugs fixed, including one where the armour failed to reduce damage against procs. Finally, the Plague Break set now only attempts to apply itself to enemy players in PvP areas, rather than any enemy, to prevent overperforming and creative uses of the set in PvE. However, some players are frustrated with these changes and believe that there are better solutions to the issues with the sets.



ESO Update 38 brings a plethora of new item sets, mythic items, and adjustments to the game. These additions and changes offer players exciting opportunities to tailor their characters to their preferred playstyles and tackle a wide range of content. As the ESO community explores and experiments with these new options, we can anticipate a dynamic and evolving meta within the game.

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