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Guild Wars 2 Maps: Top 10 Popular Open World Zones

Guild Wars 2 with 63 different zones currently available, players have a vast selection to choose from. However, not all zones are created equal, and some stand out above the rest. In this guide, we will be exploring the top 10 popular (maps) open-world zones in Guild Wars 2 history. These zones are not only vast and beautiful but also offer a plethora of activities such as events, map completion objectives, and engaging stories. So, if you're looking to delve into the best that Guild Wars 2 has to offer, you won't want to miss this list.


Guild Wars 2 Maps: Top 10 Popular Open World Zones


Top 10. Queensdale

Queensdale is a starting area in Guild Wars 2 that serves as the introduction to the game for many players. The map is highly detailed, making exploration a delightful experience. The area boasts a short mini-dungeon, a challenging jumping puzzle, and an impressive world boss. The tasks are entertaining, and some are unique, while none are overly frustrating. The events on this map are enjoyable, with some offering a sense of nostalgia.

Guild Wars 2 Queensdale Map

Two significant storylines are being told in Queensdale, including the bandit and human politics story, as well as the Centaur story. These factions play a more prominent role later, making Queensdale an essential introduction to their lore.


What sets Queensdale apart from other maps in Guild Wars 2 is its incredible level of detail. The area is home to numerous towns and settlements connected by various roads, cool bridges, and several interiors to explore, such as inns and houses. Players can even run through pipes to move from one part of the map to another. Queensdale is an immersive experience that draws players in and leaves them wanting more.


Top 9. Desert Highlands

Desert Highlands is a map in the Path of Fire expansion of Guild Wars 2. It is the second map that players visit in the expansion and is known for its breathtaking scenery and exploration opportunities. While the other aspects of the map, such as the meta and events, are decent, it is the exploration that makes this map stand out.

Guild Wars 2 Desert Highlands Map

The map itself is visually stunning, with various rivers, canyons, and mountains creating a unique and exciting atmosphere. The Derelict Delve, located in the northwestern corner of the map, is particularly noteworthy. This area features massive dwarven structures and a mini-dungeon filled with puzzles, creatures to fight, and gorgeous scenery. Overall, while the other aspects of the map may not be particularly standout, the exploration opportunities and beauty of the Desert Highlands make it a personal favorite for many players.


Top 8. Lake Doric

The whole environment of the zone is stunning, although it's unfortunate that the lake isn't as massive as it used to be due to events in the story. The exploration aspect of the zone is fantastic, and it's a shame that there isn't a lot of water activities like fishing since the End of Dragons expansion was released. The map dynamic is really cool, with the dam being broken and the lake being drained. The Kryta region is pretty generic, with its rolling green hills, but it's still an attractive environment to explore.

Guild Wars 2 Lake Doric Map

The story in Lake Doric is entertaining and engaging, with fun events and metas to enjoy. The centaur area is a unique addition to the zone, and it's enjoyable to farm it. However, the mini-dungeons are the standout features of the zone. Not All Who Wander Are Lost in the southern area is a decent mini-dungeon, but We find Noran's Safe Room in the northern area as one of their favorite mini-dungeons. We used to do it every day when the content was new, and even though we don't have to do it anymore, we still go through it now and then. Overall, Lake Doric is a stunning and fun zone to explore with engaging story, good events, and fantastic mini-dungeons.


Top 7.Dragonfall 

Dragonfall is a unique and fascinating map in Guild Wars 2, holding the seventh spot on the list. This map is thematically rich and intriguing, taking place after chasing the giant Elder Dragon, Kralkatorrik, through different dimensions outside of the world. Kralkatorrik is injured and is attempting to heal himself by consuming magic from three different realms of the human gods. Eventually, he is pulled back into Tyria and falls from the sky into the ocean south of Orr, buried underneath a new landmass formed from parts of the different realms.

Guild Wars 2 Dragonfall Map

The map involves traveling across Kralkatorrik and three distinct areas representing parts of the different god realms. Although there is not a lot of exploration to do, the map is beautiful to run around in. The main attraction is the events and the central meta, which is enjoyable to play through. However, it is not the favorite meta. The cultural impact of Dragonfall is significant, with it being one of the most farmed maps. People flock to it to earn guildwars2 gold, making it historically the number one spot for farming. Despite not being the favorite map to play, it has made it on this list due to its popularity and benefits.


Top 6. The Echovald Wilds

The Echovald Wilds is a large and intricate map that some players may find intimidating, but it offers a lot of content and exploration opportunities. It is often compared to Tangled Depths, another complex map, but Echovald Wilds is more enjoyable. The map features two fun metas, but nowadays players tend to only do one. The lore and story in the map are interesting, and there are two different mini-dungeons.

Guild Wars 2 The Echovald Wilds Map

The scenery is breathtaking and there are hidden spots to discover. Fishing is a favorite activity in this map, and the tasks and events are fun. The achievements are also enjoyable. Overall, Echovald Wilds is a great addition to the game for players who love to explore. While it does not have a significant impact on the game, aside from the daily meta, it is a solid choice for those who value exploration.


Top 5. Caledon Forest

Caledon Forest is a map in the vanilla version of Guild Wars 2 that stands out as a favorite for many players. This verdant area is particularly beloved by those who have a fondness for the Sylvari race, who play a central role in the map's themes and atmosphere. The natural setting is incredibly beautiful, with lush greenery and vibrant flowers that make the map feel alive and vibrant.

Guild Wars 2 Caledon Forest Map

Beyond its beauty, Caledon Forest is a content-dense map that offers players a lot to do. There are two different metas to participate in, one of which leads to a world boss encounter. Additionally, the map features the third dungeon, which includes the only dungeon path added after the game's launch. There are also two mini-dungeons, four different jumping puzzles, and a variety of tasks, events, and other map completion objectives to complete.


Despite being a 2012 map, Caledon Forest has aged well and is still enjoyable to play through today. It offers a lot of variety and a relaxing environment, making it a favorite for players looking to unwind. Overall, Caledon Forest is a fantastic addition to Guild Wars 2 and one of the best maps.


Top 4. The Silverwastes

The Silverwastes is a highly popular map in Guild Wars 2, known for its farming opportunities through the RIBA train. The meta event starts with capturing and defending all fortifications on the map, followed by escorting supplies and tagging various events around the map in a counter-clockwise rotation. The second part involves fighting Mordrem bosses and a Twisted Marionette-like world boss.

Guild Wars 2 The Silverwastes Map

The map's popularity and addictiveness led to some players burning out from the game. However, it remains a favorite for its beauty, jumping puzzle, smaller events, and great story. Dry Top, the counterpart to the Silverwastes, is thematically similar and equally enjoyable but didn't make it to the list due to the other maps being considered better.


Top 3. Seitung Province

Seitung Province is a stunning and immersive map in the popular online game, Guild Wars 2. It is considered by many players to be one of the best maps due to its well-designed layout and attention to detail. The map serves as an introduction to the Cantha region and features various locations such as a fishing village, a naga village, a monastery, snowy mountains with a Tengu village, a turtle hatchery, a lighthouse with the Risen, and many other places.

Guild Wars 2 Seitung Province Map

One of the standout features of Seitung Province is its peaceful and relaxing environment, which offers players a chance to explore and take in the beautiful scenery. The addition of Raptor Taxis in this map and New Kaineng City allows players to easily transport from one location to another while enjoying the stunning views. The map also offers diverse gameplay experiences, including a well-received meta event that is both fun and challenging. Additionally, Seitung Province is home to a jumping puzzle that offers bonus points to players who enjoy this type of gameplay.


The map also includes a training area, which is perfect for new players who are just starting out. Seitung Province is an all-around well-crafted map that offers something for everyone, with good stories, enjoyable gameplay, and a beautiful, immersive environment. Overall, it is an excellent introduction to the Cantha region and a must-play for Guild Wars 2 players.


Top 2. Drizzlewood Coast

Drizzlewood Coast is a massive map in Guild Wars 2 that was released in two parts, with the southern half coming first and the northern half following later. The two parts of the map are unique and distinct, yet beautifully connected. The map is primarily a meta map, where players engage in two large meta events: one in the south and one in the north.

Guild Wars 2 Drizzlewood Coast Map

In the southern meta, players start at the southernmost point of the map and push northwards against thousands of enemy forces. They capture outposts, defend them, bring supplies to them, and continue their push further north. As both lanes capture all of the outposts on their side of the map, we converge at the end for a final boss in order to finish the southern meta. Then, there’s a loot phase and the northern meta begins, where all of the player forces are now pushing towards the Frost Citadel, the main enemy base.


The northern meta has players going around to different enemy outposts and taking them over, and once every outpost is captured, players begin the final assault on the Frost Citadel. This is structured in a unique way, feeling like a traditional raid but in the open world. The metas are super fun and two of the best, with groups typically only doing one or the other, though it is possible to do both.


Beyond the metas, Drizzlewood Coast has some other merits. There are fun adventures in the northern part, and ArenaNet tried out a couple of new systems that are unique to this map. There are also some fun achievements and the map itself is absolutely gorgeous. It's in a cool part of the world where the Northern Shiverpeaks transition into the Woodland Cascades. Drizzlewood Coast is a great map that is enjoyable to play and has had a huge impact on the game as a whole.


Top 1. Auric Basin

Auric Basin is a map in Guild Wars 2 that is widely considered the best map. It is known for its stunning beauty and excellent storytelling. The map is divided into two main parts: the pylons and the Octovine. The pylons are less commonly played, but still fun to participate in. The Octovine is a big world boss where the map is split into four different groups, and each group must complete a unique mechanic in order to make the boss vulnerable to attack. 

Guild Wars 2 Auric Basin Map

All four groups must kill their boss at almost the same time or the bosses will regenerate health. If the map is successful, a large section underneath the map is unlocked, and players can open a ton of different chests to get a lot of loot. The meta is super fun and rewarding to do. Beyond the meta, Auric Basin has a lot of other fun activities to offer, including adventures and achievements. Overall, Auric Basin is a well-rounded map and is considered the best map in Guild Wars 2 by many players.

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