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How to easily ascend and acquire exotic gear in Guild Wars 2?

Once you obtain good gear in Guild Wars 2, it will remain relevant and valuable indefinitely. However, figuring out how to obtain the best gear can be confusing for newcomers. In this ultimate gear guide, we'll discuss the three tiers of gear that are relevant to level 80 players: Exotic, Ascended, and Legendary. This guide will provide recommendations for obtaining the best gear for your character and explain how to get it. So, let's dive in and start working towards obtaining the ultimate gear in Guild Wars 2!


How to easily ascend and acquire exotic gear in Guild Wars 2?


Stat Combos

When choosing the stats for your guild wars 2 gear, it's important to consider the combinations available. Certain state types may require specific expansions to obtain, such as harrier's gear requiring buffer fire. 


In general, power-based builds should prioritize berserker stats, while Kona builds benefit from DPS vipers, and healers should opt for a combination of DPS and harriers. For those looking to tank, minstrels are a good option, while celestial stats are ideal for those seeking a survivable open walls experience. Fortunately, berserker stats are a core stat and easily accessible.


Exotic Armor

If you're looking for exotic armour, there are a few options available to you. One of the easiest ways to get berserker armour is to search for Seed for life, armour Nikas for medium armour, or deafenas for heavy armour on the trading post. The Guild Wars 2 Gold required for these sets is cheaper and have the exact same stats as the Berserker's armour set.


However, if you're looking for other stat types, such as vipers, harriers, minstrels, or celestial armour, you can still find them on the trading post, but they will be more expensive. A full set can run you anywhere from 60 to 80 goals, which can be a significant loss if you're new to the game.


Instead, it may be better to head to Verdin's Brink in the harder forms of expansion. Here, you can find a vendor at the start of the map who sells flexible stats, bladed armour boxes for the map currency and some goals. You can earn map currency just by participating in events on Verdin's Brink, and you can also get pax crowbars which can be used to open airship cargo scattered across the map for even more currency.


Once you obtain an armour piece from the vendor, you can right-click on it to select any stat type you want. However, choose wisely, as you cannot change the stats after you have selected them.


It's important to note that the vendor at Verdant Brink does not sell any chest pieces. To obtain one, you'll need to participate in the meta event on the map and reach tier 4. This requires some organization and effort, so be sure to check the event timer on the wiki and keep an eye out on LFG to see if any commanders are leading a tier 4 run. Congratulations if you succeed!


Ascended Trinkets

After obtaining exotic armour, the next step is to acquire ascended trinkets. It is recommended to go for ascended trinkets rather than exotic ones. For core stat types like Berserker or Celestial, trinkets can be easily obtained with laurels by purchasing them from the laurel vendor. It is important to note that the berserker and celestial trinkets are unique, meaning that only one of each can be equipped at a time.


World versus World is another way to obtain ascended trinkets. Honour Batches earned through World versus World can be used to buy rings and accessories from the WvW vendor at a lower price. Fractal currency can also be used to purchase rings and accessories.


For players seeking trinkets with non-core stats, obtaining them is more difficult. The easiest way to get them is by playing through the different living world maps. Each map has a unique material that can be used to purchase ascended trinkets. The trinkets available for purchase are stat-selectable, allowing players to pick any stat they are looking for.


Cracks in the Ice, Living World Season 3, Episode 3, and A War Eternal, episode 6 of Living World Season 4, are two episodes that are recommended for obtaining ascended trinkets. A Crack in the Ice allows players to gather Winterberries to purchase ascended rings, accessories, and back pieces from the vendors at Bitterfrost Frontier. A War Eternal allows players to gather Mistborn Motes, which can be used to purchase rings, accessories, and an amulet.


It is important to note that the ascended trinkets purchased through Living World episodes are also unique, meaning that players cannot buy the same ring or accessory twice. However, it is possible to purchase different wings and accessories.


The Icebrood Saga Episode 1 also offers a way to obtain ascended trinkets. Completing The Hunger collection will allow players to purchase an ascended amulet for Karma and Bureau materials.


Pristine Fractal Relics can be used to purchase fully stats-selectable rings, amulets, and accessories in Fractals. However, this method could be faster and requires players to complete a lot of fractals.


Ascended trinkets can also be obtained through PvP. Completing League Reward Tracks in ranked PvP will earn players Ascended Shards of Glory, which can be used to purchase ascended trinkets.

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