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How to Stick With Guild Wars 2 as a New Player?

Guild Wars 2 stands out as a captivating and feature-rich experience. However, for new players, it can be a bit of a challenge to get their footing and fully embrace all that this MMO has to offer. So, we'll delve into the common obstacles that new players encounter, from misconceptions about the game's activity level to its complex gameplay mechanics. Understand why some new adventurers struggle to stick with GW2, and how they can overcome these hurdles to fully enjoy the game's rich offerings.


How to Stick With Guild Wars 2 as a New Player?


Misconception of a "Dead" MMO

One of the initial challenges new players face is the misconception that Guild Wars 2 is a "dead" MMO due to a perceived lack of active players. While it's true that the player count is not as high as some other MMOs, the game boasts a dedicated and active community. Many players are engaged in various in-game activities, which aren't always reflected in player count estimates. This "dead game" mindset can discourage potential players who value social interaction in MMOs.


Solution: Encourage new players to join guilds and communities, as well as emphasize the active player base engaged in various activities.


Perception of Limited Content

Another reason new players may hesitate to commit to Guild Wars 2 is the perception of limited content updates. While ArenaNet releases new content, some players feel that it takes too long between updates, and the content may not seem substantial enough to warrant their time and energy.


Solution: Emphasize the "Evergreen" nature of Guild Wars 2, where all content remains relevant to endgame activities. Also, highlight ArenaNet's commitment to more frequent, shorter expansions to keep players engaged.


Slow Start and Outdated Graphics

The game's slow start and outdated graphics can deter players who are used to modern MMOs with flashy graphics and streamlined mechanics. The core leveling experience remains similar to the game's original release, making it seem outdated in comparison to newer MMOs.


Solution: Promote ArenaNet's ongoing efforts to improve the core game with updated graphics and gameplay. Remind players that Guild Wars 2 offers a unique and deep gaming experience beyond the initial leveling process.


Free-to-Play Limitations

While Guild Wars 2 allows free-to-play accounts, certain limitations on trial accounts can be frustrating for new players. The trial version restricts map chat, character slots, and bag slots. This limitation can make new players feel disadvantaged compared to paid accounts.


Solution: Encourage new players to view the free version as a trial rather than a fully free-to-play experience. Emphasize that purchasing the game grants access to all available content without restrictions.


Game Complexity

Guild Wars 2's complexity can overwhelm new players. The lack of clear directions, numerous pop-up notifications, intricate character panels, and various GW2 currencies and loot systems can be challenging to navigate, especially for those accustomed to more streamlined MMOs.


Solution: Encourage new players to explore and learn at their own pace, highlighting the freedom and depth that Guild Wars 2 offers. Suggest using community resources, guides, and joining helpful guilds.



In summary, Guild Wars 2 is a remarkable MMORPG with diverse features and content to suit all player types. While new players may face initial challenges, by joining active communities, setting personal goals, embracing newer content, enjoying the leveling journey, and exploring the game's wealth of enduring activities, you can not only persevere but also thrive in this ever-evolving and engaging virtual world. So, don your armor, wield your weapons, and embark on your Guild Wars 2 adventure with confidence!

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