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How to Maximize Profits with Charged Quartz Crystals in Guild Wars 2, 2023?

Are you eager to boost your profit margins in Guild Wars 2? Look no further than charged quartz crystals, an often-overlooked resource with substantial potential. So, we will delve into the most effective methods for maximizing your profits using these crystals. Additionally, we will explain why it's wise to avoid crafting extra pungent skyscale treats or grow lamps. By the end of this guide, you'll be well-equipped to turn charged quartz crystals into a lucrative venture.


How to Maximize Profits with Charged Quartz Crystals in Guild Wars 2, 2023?


Obtaining Charged Quartz Crystals

Before we dive into the crafting recipes, let's briefly discuss how you can obtain charged quartz crystals. These crystals are essential for various crafting recipes, and they can be obtained through the following methods:


Place of Power: Once per day, you can charge 25 regular quartz crystals at a Place of Power, yielding a charged quartz crystal. For most players, the most convenient Place of Power is the Crystalline Ore Obelisk in their home instance. If that's unavailable, the Heart of the Priory in the Durmand Priory is a viable alternative, equipped with vendors and a trading post. Additionally, there's a rare chance to obtain charged quartz crystals by mining quartz crystal formations.


Crafting Grow Lamps

Let's begin with the crafting recipe for grow lamps. Each grow lamp requires the following ingredients: 10 charged quartz crystals, tenorite calcium settings, 25 ton stone lumps, and 25 watchwork sprockets. Except for the charged quartz crystals, the other ingredients are readily obtainable through farming or purchasing on the trading post. 


If we calculate the ingredient costs, crafting a single grow lamp would cost approximately 13 to 14 gold. However, you can sell it for 27 gold on the trading post, excluding taxes. Consequently, you can make a profit of 13 to 14 gold every 10 days.


Extra Pungent Skyscale Treats

A second popular option is crafting extra pungent skyscale treats, a more accessible choice that only necessitates a character with 300 cooking. Each treat requires just one charged quartz crystal. This means you can recoup your investment more swiftly. The recipe for an extra pungent skyscale treat includes one charged quartz crystal, two slabs of red meat, 10 piles of bloodstone dust, and one smell-enhancing culture. 


Among these ingredients, the smell-enhancing culture has the highest cost, available for purchase from master chefs near any cooking station for four gold each. When you calculate the total ingredient cost, it amounts to a little over four gold, and a skyscale treat sells for about seven gold on the trading post. However, due to the fixed cost of the smell-enhancing culture, there is a cap on the profits achievable from a single crystal.


Celestial Pearl Weapons

But there's another craftable item that can significantly enhance your profits. Celestial pearl weapons require ingredients that cost roughly three gold, yet you can sell each weapon for 12 to 13 gold on the trading post. Each weapon has a specific recipe that can be unlocked, and if you don't already have them, you can purchase these recipes on the trading post for a few silver coins. All celestial pearl weapons generally follow the same recipe. They require a celestial or calcified build inscription, which consists of five recalibrated towels, two charged quartz crystals, and five globs of ectoplasm


Additionally, each weapon necessitates two more components, either three recalibrated ingots or three elderwood planks. You can profit from these weapons every two days, making it a faster turnaround than grow lamps, with significantly higher value derived from each crystal.



Crafting celestial pearl weapons stands out as the most lucrative option, potentially increasing your profits by up to six and a half gold. This makes it a far superior alternative to crafting extra pungent skyscale treats or grow lamps. Remember to prioritize any crafting goals or achievements before diving into these recipes. With careful planning and execution, you can harness the full profit potential of charged quartz crystals.

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