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Guild Wars 2: A Classic Grinding Farm for Tier 5 and Tier 6 Materials

Are you in the mood for some good old-fashioned grinding in Guild Wars 2? Sometimes, you just want to run around, kill mobs, and gather materials without worrying too much about optimization. In this guide, we'll explore a classic grinding farm that provides a decent mob density and consistent drops of tier 5 and tier 6 materials. This particular farm is located in the Cobwebbed Room in Fortunes Vale, Desert Highlands. So, let's dive in and start farming!



Guild Wars 2: A Classic Grinding Farm for Tier 5 and Tier 6 Materials



To access the Cobwebbed Room, you need to have the Rune-Locked Doors achievement completed up to this point. If you still need to do it, don't worry, it will take too long. You can find a link in the description of this video on how to get started.


Farm Location

  • Start at the Derelict Delve waypoint in the Desert Highlands.
  • Head south into the huge structure.
  • Once inside, follow the path and jump down two levels.
  • On your left side, you'll find a platform with a rune you can interact with.
  • Interact with the rune to be teleported into the Cobwebbed Room.


Farming Method

Once you're in the Cobwebbed Room, make your way to the back, where you'll find a room full of cobwebs. Running into a cobweb will get you stuck, triggering the spawning of numerous spiders. Your goal is to cleave down these spiders and make your way to a new cobweb, ideally running in a nice circle around the room. This basic loop will allow you to farm the area efficiently.


Optimal Gear and Skills

To farm efficiently, you'll want a glass cannon build with a decent cleave and means of protecting yourself. Look for skills that provide shields, aegis, or condition cleansing. Almost every class in the game has at least one build or specialization that can meet these criteria, so don't worry too much about having to create a new character just for this farm.


Benefits of the Cobwebbed Room Farm

The Cobwebbed Room offers a modern zone where other players farming there won't necessarily interfere with your route. If there are too many people, there's even an upper level in the same room with more webs to interact with. The spiders in this farm drop a massive amount of tier 5 and tier 6 venom sacks, which may not seem enticing at first.


However, combining these with elder wood planks and material ingots can be profitable. You can craft Mystic Curios with these materials, which are in high demand for crafting Generation 2 legendaries. Alternatively, you can sell the materials on the trading post for a decent amount of silver each.


Loot Optimization

In addition to the valuable materials dropped by the spiders, you'll also receive a lot of junk items. With the introduction of Jade Bots, you can now salvage these items for valuable components. Consider slotting in a Jade Sliver Recycler to obtain Jade Slivers, which can be used to obtain various currencies. For example, Nifluoride Crystals can be acquired by trading in Jade Slivers, and they can be sold for a good amount of guild wars 2 gold.


Diminishing Returns and Anti-Farm Mechanism

Guild Wars 2 has a system in place to prevent excessive farming in the same location, known as diminishing returns and the anti-farm mechanism. It's important to understand that running in circles for hours in the exact same spot will cause your loot to dry up. This system operates on a character-based diminishing returns system.


To avoid being impacted by this mechanism, you have a couple of options. You can reset the diminishing returns by switching characters or swapping farming locations and maps every hour or so. By doing this, you'll continue to enjoy fruitful farming sessions without triggering the anti-farm code.



With this classic grinding farm in Guild Wars 2, you can experience the joy of old-school MMO-style farming while collecting valuable tier 5 and tier 6 materials. Overall, the Cobwebbed Room farm offers a nostalgic grinding experience with opportunities for profit through crafting or selling materials. With the right gear, skills, and knowledge of the game's mechanics, you can enjoy fruitful farming sessions in Guild Wars 2.

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