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SWTOR Update 7.3: What New Features and Changes are there to Expect?

The developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic have recently announced the upcoming features and changes in Update 7.3. While it may not be a full expansion, this update promises to bring exciting additions to the game. This guide will explore the main highlights of Update 7.3, including the new storyline, a landing area, flashpoint format changes, PvP class changes, economic initiatives, gearing changes, new cartel market items, and various upcoming events.



SWTOR Update 7.3: What New Features and Changes are there to Expect?


New Storyline

Update 7.3 introduces a captivating new storyline called Old Wounds. Without revealing any spoilers, this narrative focuses on a mysterious relic and delves into the ancient Sith and beloved characters of the game. A teaser clip of a cutscene was released, offering a glimpse of what's to come. 


Interpreter's Retreat

One of the major additions in Update 7.3 is a new landing area known as the Interpreter's Retreat. Located on Voss, this area is intricately tied to the "Old Wounds" storyline. It features a mix of one-time quests and repeatable daily missions, similar to previous expansions like Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne.


The area also offers exciting exploration opportunities, secret-based achievements, new decorations, and 16 distinct Voss-themed armour sets. These armour sets can be obtained as full cosmetic drops from the new flashpoint or purchased individually from a vendor in the Interpreter's Retreat. Although the new area utilizes existing assets from Voss, it presents a fresh and separate section accessible by flying your ship.


Flashpoint: Shrine of Silence

Update 7.3 introduces a new flashpoint called the Shrine of Silence. This flashpoint follows a different structure from previous updates, resembling classic flashpoints like Red Reaper. While it is related to the "Old Wounds" storyline, playing it is not mandatory to progress through the main story. It offers a mix of group and solo content and provides story, veteran, and master modes.


The Shrine of Silence is set in a location that has fallen into disrepair and is considered cursed by the Voss. Players will explore this area and uncover the mysteries that lie within. The flashpoint introduces unique mechanics, such as the first boss called the Corrupted Franticus and its new ability named "Tantrum." The final boss, the Sith monstrosity known as the Curse, poses a challenge, particularly in master mode, where it can sense weaknesses and eliminate vulnerable players.



Update 7.3 brings changes to PvP, specifically regarding metals, attacker and defender points. Similar to the previous update's enhancements to the Alderaan Civil War warzone, Voidstar, Novare Coast, and Huttball will receive similar improvements. The PvP Season 3 will commence on July 18 and run for 12 weeks. It is important to note that the start and end dates of seasons may not align exactly with the updated schedule.


Class Changes

As with previous updates, Update 7.3 includes class changes. The specific details of these changes can be found on the forums, and the developers actively seek player feedback in shaping these adjustments.


Economy Initiatives

One of the most interesting aspects of this update is the economy initiative. The developers discussed this extensively in a live stream and various posts. They revealed that the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) will undergo a complete overhaul in a future update with several exciting features.


However, in Update 7.3, the major change will be the introduction of a tax or fee on all swtor credit exchanges. This means there will no longer be a way to avoid the GTN tax by trading person-to-person or through the mail. Additionally, certain items will have a transaction fee based on their average value on the GTN.


This fee aims to limit tax avoidance and encourage credit-based transactions. The developers also hinted at upcoming features for the GTN, such as market information, a commodity order system, and potential changes to the credit cap and tax structure.


Gearing Changes

In terms of gearing, Update 7.3 brings positive changes. Daily Resource Matrices (DRMs), the purple daily materials required to buy or upgrade gear, will be removed from the cost of gear upgrades. This means players will no longer be required to complete daily or heroic areas to progress their gear obtained from flashpoints or operations.


Cartel Market

As usual, Update 7.3 introduces new cosmetics in the Cartel Market. Some of the showcased items during the live stream include the Hermit's Vigil, an Obi-Wan-inspired blaster, and the CP2 Briar Pistol, inspired by Cassian Andor. The test server revealed additional items, such as a mount inspired by Slave I, two new armour sets, a lightsaber tied to the new storyline, and another mount not specifically tied to Update 7.3.


Upcoming Events

There are several events to look forward to in SWTOR. While not directly tied to Update 7.3, the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event has been confirmed to go live on July 11, 2023, and will feature a new high roller skiff mount.


Additionally, players who log in before May 18 will receive a free droid as part of the May the 4th celebration. Double XP will also be active from May 4 to May 18. Furthermore, a collection sale offering a 50% discount on almost all items will run until May 18.



Update 7.3 may not be a massive expansion, but it brings exciting changes to SWTOR. The new storyline, "Old Wounds," promises an engaging experience. The economy initiatives, including the GTN overhaul, aim to improve the credit economy and make trading more efficient. Gearing changes remove the requirement of daily activities for gear progression. The Cartel Market introduces new cosmetic items, and numerous events offer exciting content and rewards.

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