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ESO Last PTS Patch Notes: Exploring the Impact of the 43.5-Meter Change

The recent PTS (Public Test Server) patch notes for version 9.0.4 have brought about some significant changes and updates. As we delve into the details, there are some intriguing developments that might impact gameplay in unexpected ways. In this guide, we'll explore the notable changes and their potential implications.



ESO Last PTS Patch Notes: Exploring the Impact of the 43.5-Meter Change


Combat Abilities and Class Adjustments

The patch notes suggest that the combat abilities have undergone some tweaks, but it remains to be seen how impactful these changes will be compared to previous patches. Additionally, the introduction of a new class may bring about further adjustments in subsequent patches. However, it's likely that the full potential of the new class will be realized after a couple more updates, just as was the case with the Warden and Necromancer classes.


Stealth Detection Potions

One noteworthy change in the patch notes revolves around the detection radius of stealth detection potions. Previously, there was some discussion on the forums regarding the detection radius is 100 meters, although it wasn't explicitly mentioned in the patch notes. The developers have now officially confirmed that they have reduced the bonus detection size of these potions to 43.5 meters.


The reduction from 100 to 43.5 meters is a significant adjustment. While some players speculated that the 100-meter radius was a bug or oversight, it appears that it was intentional. This change has raised eyebrows among players who rely on stealth-based builds, as it significantly affects their ability to remain hidden in PvP scenarios. The peculiar choice of 43.5 meters as the new detection radius raises further questions, as it deviates from the standard range typically seen in minor passes, which is usually around 28 to 30 meters.


Itemization and Balance Changes

The patch notes also touch upon item sets, which received some attention in terms of bug fixes and adjustments. Additionally, various fixes were made to achievements, monsters, and PC-related issues. Public dungeons and other areas of the game have also undergone some fixes and refinements.


Trial Balancing and Mythic Items

In terms of trial balancing, the notes indicate that there may not be any significant changes for boss two. Boss Two is considered to be in a good state, and any complications players face may arise from their own inability to tackle puzzles or maintain focus. Boss one, on the other hand, received a delay adjustment for the woman's discharge ability. However, the random targeting of anyone in the group remains a particular aspect that players find puzzling.


Regarding mythic items, some veteran players felt that the changes introduced in week four diminished their motivation to engage in the grind for these Elder Scrolls Online items. However, week five's patch addressed this concern by introducing a new amulet and damage mitigation methods, which could rekindle interest in acquiring mythic.


Final Thoughts on the Patch

Overall, the latest PTS patch notes present a somewhat subdued update compared to previous chapters. However, this doesn't necessarily imply negative implications. In fact, it might indicate a more cautious approach by the developers to avoid overpowered elements and ensure a balanced gameplay experience. Nevertheless, players are left with a sense of tension, which is a recurring theme throughout the patch notes. This tension arises from various factors, such as the gameplay style of the new class, concerns about class dynamics, and the balancing act faced by the developers.


As we anticipate the upcoming patch news for the Necromancer class, it's important to acknowledge that this PTS cycle has been relatively tamer compared to past chapters. The future beyond this chapter remains uncertain, and players are left wondering what lies ahead. However, it's important to note that the developers' focus on maintaining balance and addressing player concerns indicates their commitment to delivering an engaging and fair gameplay experience.



While the Week 5 PTS patch notes may not be as groundbreaking as some players hoped, they introduce noteworthy changes that will undoubtedly impact various aspects of the game. It's essential for players to adapt to these adjustments and explore new strategies and builds to thrive in the ever-evolving world of the game. Stay tuned for further updates and developments as the patch cycle progresses.

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