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How to Make Gold via Crafting in Guild Wars 2?

Crafting in Guild Wars 2 can be a reliable method for making gold, regardless of your initial funds. This guide will provide you with an overview of crafting for profit, including levelling crafting disciplines, sourcing materials, profitable daily and legendary crafting, searching for profitable items, considering new items, and the importance of staying updated on market trends. By following these strategies, you can effectively generate gold through crafting and enhancing your Guild Wars 2 gameplay experience.



How to Make Gold via Crafting in Guild Wars 2?


Leveling Crafting Disciplines

To begin making guild wars 2 gold through crafting, it's essential to level your crafting professions to at least 400, with 500 being the ideal target. A helpful website,, provides efficient levelling guides for various crafting professions. Aim to have at least one weapon crafting and one armour crafting profession at level 500 to broaden your crafting options.


Methods of Sourcing Materials

There are two main approaches to sourcing materials for crafting: buying materials from the trading post or using materials obtained through gameplay. Buying materials requires startup gold but allows you to craft items that can be sold for a profit. On the other hand, utilizing materials obtained through gameplay reduces your crafting costs, resulting in larger profit margins. By crafting with materials you already possess, you can defer taxes on those materials and gain an advantage over players who don't engage in content that provides materials.


Daily Crafting

One simple way to find profitable items to craft is by focusing on daily craftable items. Certain craftable items have high demand due to their limited supply and time-gated nature, making them profitable to craft and sell—websites like Fast. Farming provides valuable information on daily craftable items that yield a profit. Examples include quartz crystals and lumps of methylium. You can also refer to dedicated gold-making videos and guides for more daily crafting opportunities.


Legendary Crafting (For-Profit)

Crafting legendary weapons, both Generation 1 and Generation 3 consistently offer profitable options. These weapons can be crafted and sold on the trading post or directly to other players, potentially yielding substantial profits of hundreds of gold per item. Legendary crafting allows you to maximize the value of materials you regularly acquire, making it an excellent choice for players who enjoy farming. Consider watching specific videos or guides dedicated to making gold with legendary crafting to gain further insights into this method.


Searching for Profitable Items to Craft

Several websites provide resources for finding profitable crafting recipes. offers a comprehensive collection of the game's recipes and automatically calculates profits for crafting items. Utilize the craft everything tool and adjust filters to suit your preferences. This tool provides recommended quantities, estimated relisting numbers, and an option to enter your API key for accurate material purchase. is another user-friendly website with similar features. Alternatively, offers a recipe search page where you can search for profitability based on specific item types or costs.


Consider New Items

When new items are introduced or required for collections and achievements, players often prefer purchasing them rather than crafting them. By crafting and selling these new items, you can capitalize on their initial popularity and make quick gold. However, listing new items on the trading post can be risky, so exercise caution and assess market trends before investing heavily. Use the profit from selling a few items to make one for yourself at no cost.


Profitable Items Change Frequently

Keep in mind that the most profitable crafting items change frequently. Therefore, it's crucial to develop a process for finding profitable items and regularly checking market prices. Making the same items repeatedly without considering profitability can lead to losses instead of gains. Stay updated on market trends and adjust your crafting choices accordingly.



Crafting can be a rewarding and consistent method for generating gold. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the world of Guild Wars 2, this guide offers valuable insights to help you embark on a profitable crafting journey. Start crafting and watch your gold reserves grow while enjoying the satisfaction of creating valuable items.

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