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FFXIV Patch 6.4 Guide: How to Unlock New Quests & Content?

Greetings adventurers! In this guide, We will focus on how to unlock all the exciting content and Quests in Patch 6.4 of Final Fantasy XIV. Whether you're eager to delve into the main story quests, conquer new trials and dungeons, or explore side activities, this guide will point you in the right direction. 


FFXIV Patch 6.4 Guide: How to Unlock New Quests & Content?


Main Story Quest (MSQ) & Trial Unlock

To begin the MSQ, head to Radz at Han and find the coordinates X: 4.4, Y: 9.8. Look for the quest called "Carrying Favor" to continue the storyline involving Varshan. Completing this quest will unlock the brand new trial, "The Void Cast Deus," as well as a new dungeon called "The Aether Font." Make sure you have completed the MSQ quests from Patch 6.3 and earlier to access this content.


Extreme Trial Unlock

Once you have completed the storyline and MSQ quests mentioned above, head to Old Sharlayan at the dockside and speak with the Wandering Minstrel. He will unlock the extreme mode of "The Void Cast Deus" trial, allowing you to challenge a more challenging version of the encounter.


Raid Unlock

To unlock the next chapter of the raid, Pandaemonium Anabasis, make your way to Labyrinthos at coordinates X: 8.6, Y: 27.5. Talk to Rossino to start the quest "Eater of This", which will set you on a chain to unlock all four of the brand new raid bosses on normal mode. Make sure you have completed the prerequisite questline from Patch 6.4 to access this content. The savage mode will unlock one week after the patch, on the following Tuesday.


Side Story Quest

For the new side story questline continuation with Tataru's Grand Endeavors, travel to Old Charlian at coordinates X: 11.8 and Y: 9.8. Speak with the NPC Medina to initiate the questline. Prior to this, make sure you have completed the "Small Business, Big Dreams" questline and the "Chronicles of a New Era: Forever at Your Side" quest, which concludes the Shadowbringers storyline. This includes the weapon series of trials. Completing these prerequisites will allow you to see the quest "Aggressive Expansion" from Medina in this patch.


Scholar Job Quest

Scholars seeking to unlock brand new fairy glamours, such as turning your fairy into Eos, Celine, or the new Carbuncle glamours, should visit the Arcanist Guild in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks. Look for the NPC Fubner Grant at coordinates X: 4.7, Y: 11.4. Pick up the level 30 quest called "A Fairy Tale Come True." Ensure that you have completed the previous job quests for Scholar up to level 30 and the quest "Forgotten by, but Not Gone" to unlock this questline.


Unreal Trials

Suppose you have previously unlocked Unreal Trials. Log in to access the duty list and queue into the Unreal Trials available for Patch 6.4. However, if you have never unlocked Unreal Trials before, travel to Idyllshire and speak with the NPC Painfully Ish Guardian Man at coordinates X: 7.0, Y: 5.9. Start the quest "Fantastic, Mr Foe" to unlock Unreal Trials. Completing the associated Faux Hollows minigame will earn you Faux Leaves, which can be exchanged for the new mount, a bed with plushies.


Island Sanctuary & Workshop Ranks

Remember to visit your Island Sanctuary and pick up any available quests. Check the vendors for new mounts and gear. Set up your workshops for the week and start progressing toward the new maximum rank of 16. Unlock new elements of the Island Sanctuary, including placing housing items outside in the hideaway and exploring a new section of the island.


PvP Series Rewards

If you enjoy PvP, take a moment to explore the new PvP series rewards. Open your PvP menu to access the battle pass and start working toward unlocking all the new PvP rewards. A notable FFXIV reward is the new "Viber Patch Notes" robot rabbit mount. Additionally, if you achieved bronze rank or higher in the previous PvP season, visit the Wolf's Den Pier to collect your new titles and adventurer plates from the corresponding NPC.


Ocean Fishing

Between other content, consider trying out ocean fishing for a chance to obtain a new mount and other awards, possibly through achievements. The new routes take you to the Far East, specifically Hingashi Seas in the Ruby Sea and Yanxia. Take this opportunity to explore, complete achievements, and enjoy the scenic views.


Please note that anything not listed in this guide will be released in Patch 6.45, which is scheduled for a later date.



That wraps up our guide to unlocking the content in FFXIV Patch 6.4. We hope this information proves helpful as you embark on your adventures. Have a fantastic time exploring all the new features, and we'll see you in-game!

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