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Guild Wars 2 Engineer Guide: How to master open world farming with the scrapper?

Today, We want to talk about what favourite class to play in Guild Wars 2 endgame content and open worlds: Engineer. The Engineer is a versatile class that can fill almost any role, ranging from DPS to boon support and healing. With the Scrapper elite specialization, they become the jack of all trades, excelling in both mobility and burst damage. So, let's dive into the details and explore the potential of the Engineer in the open world.



Guild Wars 2 Engineer Guide: How to master open world farming with the scrapper?


Trait Lines

  • Explosives: This trait line buffs explosion attacks, which are prevalent when using hammer or rifle weapons. Explosions provide various benefits, including fury, ferocity, vulnerability to enemies, and healing over time for yourself. Additionally, enemies affected by vulnerability will take increased damage from your attacks. This trait line also grants a damage increase against mobs with lower health percentages. The bomb kits and grenade kits are especially enhanced by this trait line.
  • Firearms: The firearms trait line focuses on critical hits. Critical hits have a chance to inflict bleeding, which, in turn, increases your critical chance against enemies. With the grand master traits, enemies with conditions will also take increased damage. This trait line synergizes well with the Scrapper elite specialization.


Elite Specialization

Scrapper: The Scrapper elite specialization grants access to gyros, which are helpful autonomous followers. With the right traits, wells will grant super speed, which, in turn, grants quickness. Super speed, stability, and quickness synergize with the "Object in Motion" trait, providing a significant damage boost of up to 15%. With these traits, you'll have a character that runs at maximum speed, both in and out of combat and delivers incredible burst damage to any mob in the open world.


Utility Skills

For open world convenience, the suggested utility skills are the Healing Gyro, Shredder Gyro, and Blast Gyro. These skills automate some aspects of gameplay, providing healing, damage, and blast finishers without requiring too much attention. The Healing Gyro also grants super speed and quickness.


The final utility slot can be customized based on your preferences and the content you're engaging in. Elixir U provides on-demand quickness and stability, Flamethrowers are ideal for Zerg tagging, and the Birch Gyro offers an on-demand condition cleanse. Bulwark Gyro provides extra defence with a barrier and projectile reflection.


Elite Skill

For general content and gathering, the Stealth Gyro is recommended. It grants a long duration of stealth, super speed, and quickness, which is ideal for gathering nodes or looting chests without engaging in combat. If you prefer a long-range attack, equip the Mortar Kit. Alternatively, the Supply Crate is a set-and-forget elite skill that spawns turrets around you.



The suggested gear setup is three pieces of Berserker's armour and three pieces of Diviner's armour. Combine this with Berserker's trinkets and Diviner's weapons. The Sigil of Force and Sigil of Concentration on your weapon provide a balance between damage and boon duration. This setup offers around 50% boon duration, reducing the need to maintain quickness on yourself. However, feel free to experiment with different gear combinations that suit your playstyle.


For more survivability, you can swap out some Berserker pieces for Marauder's gear or go full Diviner for the increased boon duration. Consider using Runes of the Scholar or Eagle for increased damage or Runes of Vampirism for sustain in the open world.


Tips and Additional Options

Experiment with different traits and utilities to adapt the Engineer to your preferences. Combining traits like Mass Momentum and Applied Force can provide stability instead of super speed and quickness, granting might. Pay attention to your tool belt skills. They provide five extra skills that offer more versatility and adaptability in different situations.


Customize your gameplay settings. Enable ground targeting pass-range indicator and lock ground target at maximum skill range. This makes ground-targeted skills activate upon releasing the skill button, eliminating the need to click on the ground again. Snap ground targets to current targets if you struggle to follow moving targets. Consider keybinding the option to switch between different gameplay settings for more convenience.



The Engineer, specifically the Scrapper elite specialization, shines in the open world of Guild Wars 2. With their versatility and high burst damage, Engineers can excel in various roles and adapt to different situations. Experiment with traits, utilities, and gear combinations to find the playstyle that suits you best. Whether you prefer the hammer or rifle, the Engineer's potential in the open world is vast. We hope you found this guide helpful, and if you have any further questions or comments, please leave them down below. 

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