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ESO Make Gold: Farming Chromium Grains and Tempering Alloys Guide

In The Elder Scrolls Online, the quest for gold is a constant one, and among the many methods to amass your wealth, farming resources like chromium grains and tempering alloys stands out as a popular choice. In this guide, we will delve into the profitability of this farming method, offering tips on how to set it up, locate the resources, refine materials, and assess your potential earnings. We'll also explore the decision of whether to sell your materials raw or refined. Read on to determine if farming chromium grains and tempering alloys is a rewarding venture for your ESO gold making endeavors.


ESO Make Gold: Farming Chromium Grains and Tempering Alloys Guide


Setting Up for Farming

To embark on your farming journey, you need to ensure you have the necessary passives and skills. In the Blacksmithing skill line, investing in the Keen Eye passive will prove invaluable, as it allows you to easily spot resource nodes. Additionally, allocating points in the green Champion Point (CP) tree is crucial to unlock the Wonderful Harvest and Master Gatherer passives. These CP passives significantly enhance your farming efficiency, both in terms of speed and resources gathered.


For the ideal farming location, consider starting on the beginner island or head to the Mettleray Shrine in Canarays Rest.


Finding Resource Nodes

With the appropriate setup, spotting Chromium Grains (Platinum Dust) and Tempering Alloys (Rubedite Ore) nodes becomes much more straightforward. Nonetheless, it's advisable to familiarize yourself with the farming route and node locations to maximize your efficiency.


Keep in mind that some players may employ bots for mining, so if you encounter suspicious low-level characters with random names, it's essential to consider reporting them to maintain a fair and balanced market for all players.


Refining Materials

When it comes to refining the materials you've gathered, it's important to acknowledge the role of RNG (Random Number Generator) in determining your profits. Refining Chromium Grains does not guarantee a Tempering Alloy, which can potentially lead to a loss of value. To mitigate this risk, it is generally recommended to sell the materials in their raw form rather than refining them. By doing so, you shift the potential risk to other players while ensuring a consistent profit for yourself.

ESO Chromium Grains and Tempering Alloy Stats Screenshot


Market Prices and Profitability

Market prices for Chromium Grains and Tempering Alloys can vary significantly across platforms and servers. For example, on Xbox EU, a stack of Platinum Dust may fetch around 30,000 coins, while Rubedite Ore could sell for approximately 12,000 coins. These prices present a favorable return on investment for the time spent farming. In a four-minute farming session, you can amass a substantial quantity of materials, resulting in a profit of approximately 10,680 coins. Extrapolating this to an hour of farming, you can earn around 160,000 coins on Xbox, making it a lucrative method for ESO gold making.


On PC NA, market prices soar even higher, potentially offering a profit of approximately 593,000 coins per hour of farming. This elevates farming Chromium Grains and Tempering Alloys to an exceptionally profitable endeavor on this platform.


Note: Always remain adaptable in your farming strategy, as market conditions and prices can fluctuate frequently, varying based on your platform and server.



Farming Chromium Grains and Tempering Alloys in ESO can undoubtedly prove to be a worthwhile gold-making method, offering a commendable return on investment. Armed with the right setup, knowledge of node locations, and a keen eye for the market, you can swiftly accumulate valuable resources. It is important to bear in mind the RNG factor during material refinement and continuously evaluate current market prices to determine the most profitable approach.


While there are alternative methods that may offer slightly higher returns, such as stealing furnishing plans or participating in high-level content like trials, farming Chromium Grains and Tempering Alloys remains accessible to players of all levels. Even at lower levels, you can still earn a significant portion of the profits outlined in this guide. Ultimately, the relaxing nature of this method, combined with its potential for substantial profits, makes it a recommended choice for players seeking to amass gold in ESO. Happy farming!

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