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How to easily and quickly reach level 80 in Guild Wars 2 | 2023?

Reaching level 80 in Guild Wars 2 can be a time-consuming process, but with the right strategies, you can speed up your levelling journey. Whether you're creating a new character or aiming to reach max level on an existing one, this guide will help you level up efficiently without excessive time commitments. However, if you're experiencing Guild Wars 2 for the first time, it's recommended to take your time and enjoy the core game before rushing through the levelling process.



How to easily and quickly reach level 80 in Guild Wars 2 | 2023?


Use Tomes of Knowledge

Tomes of Knowledge are your fastest route to gaining levels. Each time grants one complete level when used. You can acquire boosters from daily login rewards or PvP reward tracks. It's advisable to save them for the later levels when progression becomes slower. If you complete daily tasks, you can also obtain Writs of Experience, which offer 5% of your current experience bar or can be traded for a Tome of Knowledge.


Level 80 Booster

Level 80 Boosters are available in the gem store or are obtained for free with an expansion purchase. Use these boosters while logged into the character you want to level, and you'll instantly reach level 80.


Buffs and Consumables

To speed up your levelling process, make use of buffs and consumables. The following items provide experience bonuses:

  • Food Buffs: Look for food items that grant a 15% increase in experience upon killing an enemy. Fried Banana Chips and a Bowl of Candy Corn Custard are recommended options.
  • Utility Enhancements: Purchase utility enhancements such as Rough Sharpening Stones, which offer a 10% increase in experience upon killing an enemy. These enhancements are affordable and provide a 30-minute buff.
  • Experience Boosters: Obtain Experience Boosters from the laurel vendors. They grant a 50% increase in experience from all sources and provide an active kill streak buff.
  • Guild Hall Experience Buff: If you're part of a guild with a high-level guild hall, you can gain a 10% increase in experience from all sources.
  • Guild Banners: Guild banners, available for purchase with guild commendations, can grant up to 15% additional experience upon killing an enemy. Ask guild members to drop banners for you if you need the commendations.


Focus on Efficient Leveling Zones

To optimize your levelling speed, choose zones where creatures have been alive for a longer time, as they grant more exploration experience upon being killed. Norn and Charr starting zones tend to be less populated, increasing the likelihood of encountering longer-lived creatures.


Prioritize completing meta events and real events in these zones. Participate in world boss fights and time them strategically for additional experience gains. Map completion in these zones also provides a substantial amount of experience. Remember to gather mining nodes, lumber, and herbs, as they grant experience and valuable materials.


Adventure Guide

Take advantage of the Adventure Guide feature introduced in recent updates. The guide rewards you for completing basic activities, such as dodging attacks, talking to scouts, or applying conditions to enemies. These achievements provide extra experience and scale with adventure chapters and specific zone completions. Track your progress by opening the hero panel and selecting the adventure guide.


Story Missions

Every 10 levels, you'll unlock story missions, which offer significant experience gains for the time invested. Complete these missions to level up efficiently. Try to stay within level-appropriate zones, as they provide a scaling experience with your current level.


Crafting (Optional)

Crafting can be a fast way to gain experience, particularly through the discovery of new recipes. However, crafting may require purchasing materials, which could cost guild wars 2 gold. Cooking is known for providing quick levelling, so consider exploring this profession if you're interested in crafting as a levelling method.


Non-Traditional Leveling Methods (Optional)

Some players teleport to friends who are participating in meta events in expansion zones like Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, or End of Dragons. This method can provide rapid experience gains but be cautious of the strong max-level mobs in those areas.



Remember, there are numerous ways to reach max level in Guild Wars 2, as almost everything in the game grants experience. Choose the methods that suit your playstyle and preferences. If you need help with what to do upon reaching level 80, check out our other guide on important endgame accomplishments.

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