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New World Logging: Is it worth the massive time investment?

Logging is a popular activity in New World, but many players wonder if it's worth the time and effort invested. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of logging and provide realistic results based on a thorough logging experience. Whether you're looking to make some extra money or gather resources for crafting, this article will help you decide if logging is worth your time in New World.



New World Logging: Is it worth the massive time investment?


Logging Gear & Attributes

While investing in logging gear and attributes is not necessary for casual logging, it can significantly enhance your results. For optimal logging, consider acquiring a set of lumberjack gear with logging luck attributes. You don't have to aim for the highest gear score like the 625 lumberjack set mentioned in the video; even cheaper options with logging luck attributes can improve your chances of obtaining valuable resources.


Additionally, ensure that your gear provides enough constitution to reach the 300 constitution mark, granting you a +10 logging speed bonus. The 150 constitution mark also offers a -10 decrease in the weight of logging items, which can be advantageous. Aim for gear with a +10 yield at the 250 mark, and consider acquiring a legendary logging tool with logging luck and logging yield attributes, or at least one with these attributes, to maximize your gathering efficiency.


Consumables & Buffs

To further enhance your logging journey, it's advisable to utilize consumables and buffs. Salted poultry with cabbage is a food item that increases your logging luck for 40 minutes. This food is essential for maximizing your chances of obtaining valuable resources.

New World Logging Consumables & Buffs Screenshot

Additionally, a powerful proficiency booster can significantly increase the number of resources you gather with your tools. While these consumables can be expensive, they are worth considering if you're specifically targeting gathering items. It's also recommended to play the song "Fortune's Favor" on your instrument while logging in to boost your gathering yields. Although there is a "Luxe Labor" song that increases luck while gathering, it may not be necessary if you already have luck gear equipped. Prioritize the Fortune's Favor song for better overall results.


Trophies and Additional Bonuses

Trophies play a crucial role in increasing your gathering yield. Obtain logging luck trophies to boost your chances of obtaining rare materials and increase your profits. Minor and basic trophies are relatively easier to acquire, but work your way up to major trophies for optimal results.

New World Loggin Stats Screenshot - 1

Additionally, there are other methods to increase further your gathering yield, such as using forks and taking advantage of territory bonuses from owning a house in a specific territory. These methods can significantly boost your overall yield, and further information on this topic can be found in the linked video in the article.


Results from Logging

Now, let's dive into the realistic results you can expect from logging in to New World. Based on a logging experience spanning four hours and ten minutes, the following results were obtained:

  • Greenwood: 22,654
  • Aged Wood: 9,573
  • Wildwood and Petrified Wood: Significant quantities
  • Softwood Tree Sap: 222
  • Air Moats: 1,053


These results indicate a decent haul from logging. Softwood Tree Sap, in particular, holds value and can be a primary source of income from logging activities. Selling Softwood Tree Sap can generate a significant amount of new world gold coins, especially when fulfilling buy orders.

New World Logging Screenshot

In the specific logging experience mentioned, nearly 5,000 gold was earned from selling Softwood Tree Sap. Lumber and timber may not fetch high prices individually, but they can still contribute to your profits. Consider using excess lumber and timber for crafting charcoal, which can be sold for additional profit.


Softwood Tree Sap

One of the reasons logging can be profitable in the New World is the value of softwood tree sap. This resource can be converted into various craft mods using the gypsum kiln. By transitioning softwood tree sap into rough leather, beaded straps, or softwood prayer beads, players can create items with desired attributes like focus and dexterity. However, it is crucial to do the math and determine which craft mods will yield the highest profits before selling off a large amount of softwood tree sap.

New World Loggin Stats Screenshot - 2

Depending on the market conditions, it might be more profitable to sell the softwood tree sap directly instead of converting it into other craft mods. So, make sure to analyze the market prices before making a decision.


Total Gold Made

To assess the profitability of logging, let's take a look at the total gold you can make from selling the gathered resources. Please note that the prices mentioned here are based on the current trading post rates at the time of writing this article, and they may fluctuate over time.

New World Total Gold Made Screenshot

For example, after four hours and 10 minutes of logging, the following resources were accumulated:

  • 43 glittering ebony: This can be crafted into daily cooldown mats or sold directly. The current value is 3.569 gold.
  • Wildwood and ironwood planks: These can be sold as they are or converted into glittering ebony. The total value is 35.69 gold.
  • 1.4k worth of air motes: These can be sold raw, providing a value of 1.4k gold.
  • 46 softwood tree sap: Selling for 19 gold each, they sum up to 874 gold.
  • 3 drops of ironwood sap: With a selling price of 2,200 gold each, they amount to 6,600 gold.


Considering the total value of these resources, which is approximately 22,000 gold, and dividing it by the total time invested (4 hours and 10 minutes), the average earning per hour comes out to around 5,500 gold. However, it's worth mentioning that by being more patient, manipulating the market, and converting resources into higher-value items like glittering ebony, it is possible to increase the hourly earning potential beyond 6,000 gold.


Farming Suggestions

To optimize your logging efficiency, here are a few farming suggestions:

  • Find a good spot for specific resources: Focus on areas where the resources you need, such as weird wood or ironwood, spawn frequently. These areas should be more open to maximize your gathering potential.
  • Camp farming spots: Once you identify a good spot, camp there and chop down every tree in the vicinity, ensuring you get all the spawns. This way, you can collect not only the specific resources you're after but also other valuable items like softwood tree sap from regular trees.
  • Convert excess resources: If you have excess greenwood or aged wood, consider turning them into charcoal and selling it. On some servers, selling charcoal can be more profitable than selling raw wood or converted timber.


Logging Locations

To find suitable logging locations, the New World Map can be a valuable resource. By default, all locations are visible on the map, but you can click the "hide all" button to simplify the view. Sorting the map by region allows you to identify the area you're in. Here are a few recommended logging locations:

New World Logging Locations Screenshot Maps

Eden Grove - Last Stand Outpost

In this area, southwest of the Last Stand Outpost in Eden Grove, you can find a patch of weird wood. Although this spot might be frequently camped by other players, there are plenty of trees in the surrounding heavily wooded area. Hover around this region, farm softwood tree sap, and seize every opportunity to gather weird wood whenever it spawns.


Morningdale - Bear Cave Area:

In Morningdale, start at the spirit shrine and head to the bear cave area. You'll find patches of weird wood in both the southern and northern parts of this zone. Rotate between these spots and take advantage of the abundance of trees in the area. This method ensures a consistent supply of weird wood and other valuable resources.


Valor Hold - South of the City:

South of Valor Hold, there is an area abundant in ironwood trees. Begin at the spirit shrine located below Valor Hold and work your way through the heavily wooded section, gathering ironwood from trees along the path. This spot is often frequented by other players, so be prepared for competition, but also take the opportunity to gather ironwood from other nearby locations.


Ebon Scale Reach:

In Ebon Scale Reach, explore the area with numerous trees. There are specific spots where ironwood trees spawn, such as near the two nodes accessible by dropping off the side. Stay in this region, farm the available resources, and keep an eye out for ironwood tree spawns to maximize your gains.



Logging in New World can be a profitable endeavour if approached strategically. Ensure you equip luck gear and utilize appropriate buffs to maximize your time and efficiency while gathering resources. These principles apply to all gathering activities in the game. If you're interested in guides for other activities such as mining, skinning, or fishing, feel free to let us know. We'll gladly provide insights based on our experiences.

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