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FFXIV Patch 6.4: How to Master the Updated Glamour System?

In this article, we'll be exploring the changes and improvements made to the glamour system in the latest patch, 6.4. The glamour system allows you to change the appearance of your items without affecting their stats, allowing you to create unique and stylish looks for your character. Let's dive into the details of the new and improved glamour system.


FFXIV Patch 6.4: How to Master the Updated Glamour System?


Overview of the Previous Glamour Dresser System

Previously, the glamour system was implemented through the Glamour Dresser. This system allowed you to create glamour plates and assign them to FFXIV items stored inside the dresser, with a maximum capacity of 800 items. Additionally, you could switch between the Glamour Dresser and the Armoire, which stored event and seasonal items. However, the Glamour Dresser needed more functionality to access your retainers' inventories.


Introducing Retainer-Based Glamour

In patch 6.4, the development team decided to address this limitation by incorporating the ability to access your retainers' inventories for glamour purposes. It's important to note that this feature can only be accessed in an inn room and not anywhere else world. To begin, summon your retainer using the bell.


Glamour Process with Retainers

To glamour an item using your retainer's inventory, you can either bring up your character menu by right-clicking the item and selecting "Cast Glamour" or by clicking the "Cast Glamour" button at the bottom of the retainer interface. By default, the system will load your currently equipped loadout, labelled as "Base: Equipped by Retainer". To proceed, scroll up and click on your equipped loadout to access your character's items.


Next, change the second drop-down menu to "Equipped by Retainer: Retainer Inventory". This allows you to select an item from your retainer's inventory that you wish to glamour. For example, you can change the appearance of your character's mandible noise to the Blade Subtlety variant.


It's worth mentioning that this drop-down menu also provides access to your inventory, armoury chest, and equipped items that can be used for glamour purposes. You can also access your glamour dresser and apply registered glamours and dyes to your character's appearance. This includes items stored in your glamour dresser and dye combinations you've previously saved.


Accessing the Armoire

Another notable feature of the retainer-based glamour system is the ability to access the Armoire. If you desire to use items stored in the Armoire, such as the Tombri Hands, you can easily do so within the inn room interface.


Evaluation and Future Improvements

While the addition of retainer-based glamour provides more flexibility in terms of accessing your retainers' inventory, some players may need help with the multiple menus involved. Comparatively, the previous Glamour Dresser system offered a simpler and visually appealing interface with easily identifiable items. It's important to note that the retainer-based system can only be used when a retainer is summoned within the inn room.



In patch 6.4 of Final Fantasy XIV, the glamour system received an update, allowing players to access their retainers' inventories for glamour purposes. While this enhancement offers more options for character customization, it introduces additional steps and menus compared to the previous Glamour Dresser system. Players have varying opinions on the new system, and it is expected that further improvements will be made in future updates.

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