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Guild Wars Solo Gold Farming Guide: Core Tyria

Welcome to this guide on Core Tyria solo gold farming in Guild Wars 2! In this guide, we will explore multiple locations where you can farm supply bags, which can be a great way to earn gold, especially if you still need to own expansions or living world seasons. By farming these supply bags, you can accumulate enough gold to convert into gems and purchase different living world seasons.



Guild Wars Solo Gold Farming Guide: Core Tyria


Important Note

Before we begin, it's important to mention that you cannot purchase expansions with Guild Wars 2 gems. Additionally, core Tyria farms have certain limitations compared to Living World Seasons 3 and 4 farms. You won't be able to unlock map boosts like experience or karma boosts, and unbound or volatile magic will not drop from these mobs. However, despite these limitations, core Tyria farms can still be lucrative, and we'll show you how to make the most of them.


Farming Locations

In this guide, we will focus on two different maps: the Northern Gendarran Fields and the Harathi Hinterlands. Both maps are infested with centaurs, and they drop either light, medium, or regular supply bags. Each of these bags sells for just under 2 silver on the trading post, making them our target for farming.


Northern Gendaran Fields Farm

To start farming in the Northern Gendaran Fields, teleport to the Bloodhill Waypoint located in the northwestern part of the map. From there, head east until you reach a massive centaur camp. You don't need to follow an exact route or loop in this camp since centaurs respawn quickly. Run around the camp, focusing on the larger packs of centaurs for efficient farming.


Harathi Hinterlands Farms

In the Harathi Hinterlands, there are multiple locations that can be of interest to farming centaurs. If one location is crowded with other players, you can easily switch to another. The northeast quadrant of the map is generally a good farming spot. Teleport to the Recovery Camp Waypoint and start farming the camps south of Thunder Rock.


Alternatively, you can teleport to the Cloven Hoof Waypoint and farm the centaur campsite of the Highden Reclaim. This camp is particularly interesting as it spawns many centaurs that are part of other event chains. Feel free to stick to these specific locations; feel free to explore the map and experiment with different routes to find what works best for you.


Tips and Tricks

  • Events: Keep an eye out for events that involve killing structures, rock dogs, or centaurs. These events provide additional rewards and can be easily completed while farming. Take advantage of the extra experience and loot.
  • Diminishing Returns: Be mindful of the diminishing returns mechanic. Swap between the two maps every 30 minutes to an hour to prevent your loot from getting curbed.
  • Build Recommendation: In this guide, flamethrower builds on the scrapper profession are used for farming centaurs. The flamethrower provides permanent stability, while the scrapper specialization offers quickness and super speed. If you want to use the same build, check out the "Scrapper Open World Build Guide" and make the necessary adjustments.


Note: The reference to specific builds, equipment, and resources mentioned in the original text may be outdated or unavailable in the current game meta. Players are advised to refer to up-to-date sources for the most effective strategies and build.



Core Tyria, solo gold farming, can be a viable option for players without expansions or living world seasons. By farming supply bags dropped by centaurs in the Northern Gendaran Fields and Harathi Hinterlands, you can earn a significant amount of gold. Remember to adapt your farming route and take advantage of events for additional rewards. 

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