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New World Update 1.9.4 Fury of the Spriggan: Invigorated Punishment Nerf & Dark Ascent Buff

The highly anticipated New World Update 1.9.4, Fury of the Spriggan, has finally arrived. Alongside the exciting new Fury of the Spriggan event, this update also brings several significant balance changes that will have a notable impact on gameplay. In this guide, we'll delve into the key balance adjustments, including the Invigorated Punishment Nerf and Dark Ascent buff, and discuss their implications for different playstyles. Additionally, we'll touch upon loot changes and highlight the new event.


New World Update 1.9.4 Fury of the Spriggan: Invigorated Punishment Nerf & Dark Ascent Buff


Invigorated Punishment Nerf

One of the notable changes introduced in this update is a nerf to the Invigorated Punishment perk. Previously, this perk applied to both basic attacks and abilities, providing an optimal choice for many players, especially in PvP builds. However, it has now been fixed to function as intended, only affecting abilities. While this change may come as a surprise to some, it aligns with the perk's original description, which mentions its application to abilities only. 


It may have a significant impact on melee builds that heavily rely on basic attacks for damage output. Players utilizing Invigorated Punishment will now need to reconsider their gear options and explore alternatives such as the Hardy perk, damage perks, and either Keen or Leeching perks based on their preferred playstyle.


Heartrune Changes

Dark Ascent, a skill associated with the Heartrune, receives a notable buff in this update. Players will now benefit from 15 frames of invulnerability when activating Dark Ascent and ascending into the air. This enhancement addresses the previous issue where Dark Ascent did not provide sufficient protection against certain hard-hitting abilities, like Detonate. 


With the added invulnerability frames, players can strategically evade incoming damage by flying above the harmful effects and then descend upon their opponents, dealing damage and potentially staggering them. This change enhances the viability of Dark Ascent and offers an appealing alternative to the Stone Form ability. Further testing is required to determine its full potential, but this change is a welcome addition for users of Heartrune.


Detonate Nerf

On the other hand, the Detonate weapon is receiving a Nerf. The cell friend on the brutal variant of Detonate is being increased from 15% to 30%. This adjustment lowers the risk-reward ratio for using the brutal version of Detonate. Players will now be more susceptible to death while using this weapon, both in PvP and PvE scenarios. Moreover, with the Dark Ascent buff, opponents can now evade the damage by flying into the air and activating their invulnerability frames, nullifying the effect of Detonate. 


This change aims to balance the weapon's power level and promote a more strategic approach to combat. However, it's worth noting that there still needs to be a version of Detonate with normal damage. Players hope to see a variation that focuses on the base damage with minor additional effects, allowing for more versatility in different situations.


Loot Changes

The update also introduces significant changes to loot mechanics. Unstable casts, a highly sought-after item, can no longer be crafted with dual attributes. Instead, they can only have a single attribute. Additionally, armour can no longer have the indestructible perk. These adjustments encourage players to utilize unstable casts, mementoes, and mist embers. Another change related to loot is the removal of the housing item drop upon death from a new quest. 


However, the Imperian Forge now has a 50% chance to drop flame cores from elite chests, including the mutation chest. This change makes the forge a viable option for obtaining flame cores, which were previously difficult to acquire. The abundance of flame cores during the current event may overshadow the impact of this change, but it still provides more options for players.


Season Pass Changes

The update brings notable alterations to the Season Pass system. If you completed a challenge that had a reduced maximum requirement, it would now count towards other challenges, including seasonal challenges. This adjustment ensures that your progress is properly recognized across different challenges. Moreover, the amount of Season XP earned for stamping a season activity card has increased from 250 XP to 300 XP


Completing a line on the season activity card now rewards 500 XP instead of 400 XP. Completing a whole season activity card grants 400 XP, up from 300 XP. These changes incentivize players to focus on completing individual rows on the activity card for faster XP gains. The extra XP gained from completing the entire card might not be significant enough to warrant the effort unless you're determined to fill it out entirely.


New Event

The Fury of the Spriggan event is now live and offers exciting rewards and loot opportunities. While the event area may experience lag due to the high player density, it's worth participating in for its potential benefits. Notably, the event provides a decent chance to acquire valuable loot, especially for the Angry Earth faction. Despite the event not being specifically designed for the upcoming Beast arena, the gear obtained can still be useful for various activities, including Genesis and transmogrification purposes. 


Collectors may find value in the unique designs available through this event. Participating in the event three times per day is recommended to maximize your chances of obtaining new world named items and other rewards. Additionally, make sure to keep an eye out for the event's housing item, which can be acquired by consistently engaging in the event.



New World Update, 1.9.4 Fury of the Spriggan, brings a range of balance changes, loot adjustments, and Season Pass modifications. The Dark Ascent buff grants invulnerability frames upon activation, allowing for strategic counterattacks. Meanwhile, the Detonate weapon receives a nerf to balance its risk-reward ratio. Loot changes enhance the usability of unstable casts and make flame cores more accessible. Season Pass improvements provide additional incentives for completing activity cards efficiently. Lastly, the Fury of the Spriggan event offers valuable loot and unique designs, making it worthwhile for players to engage. 

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