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ESO Necrom Update 38: What are the new changes?

The upcoming Necrom Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online brings several significant changes to the game, impacting both PvE and PvP gameplay. In this article, we will discuss what are new most notable changes that players can expect with the release of the Necrom Chapter. From melee range adjustments to class-specific modifications, we will cover it all. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the exciting updates that await you in ESO!


ESO Necrom Update 38: What are the new changes?


Melee Abilities

Melee damage dealers will be pleased with the change that increases the range of melee abilities. Previously, melee abilities had a range of 5 meters, but they have now been extended to 7 meters. This change allows for better manoeuvrability while using these abilities and provides more reliability in landing hits.


Sorcerer Changes

The Sorcerer class has undergone a couple of changes. The Dark Magic skill line's Dark Exchangeability and Dark Conversion morph now grant the Minor Berserk effect, increasing damage output for the duration. Although the Sorcerer already excels in burst damage, this change adds to its damage potential, particularly in PvP. Additionally, the Summon Storm Atronach ultimate's Synergy and its charge lightning morph now grant Major Berserk for a longer duration and target a larger number of enemies. This change benefits players participating in trials and those using specific builds that rely on heavy attacks.


Summon Unstable Familiar

The Summon Unstable Familiar skill's Volatile Familiar morph has undergone a change to its special attack. The stun effect now occurs on the second tick instead of the fourth and final tick. This adjustment makes the skill less volatile and reduces its passive feeling. To compensate for this change, the chance of applying the charge status effect from the special active damage has been increased to 5% per tick. While not a game-changing modification, this alteration allows players to have some relief from pressure when using this skill in both PvE and PvP scenarios.


Dragonknight Changes

The Dragonknight class has received significant changes to the Burning Talons ability. Firstly, the damage over time (DoT) effect now only applies if the initial hit does not have a stack of the DoT already active on the target. Secondly, the DoT from this morph will now always apply to the target, regardless of whether they already have the DoT active. These changes slightly reduce the damage over time but increase the duration from four to five seconds. Burning Talons remains a potent ability in both PvE and PvP due to its crowd control and DoT effects.


Templar Changes

The Templar class has seen several positive changes. The Focus Charge ability's Radiant Charge morph now grants Major Protection for a short duration after reaching the target, increasing survivability. Solar Flare, an ability in the Dawn's Wrath skill line, and its Power of the Light morph have received buffs. They now grant Sunspear, which increases damage done with class abilities, and the morph extends the duration of Sunspear.


These changes enhance the Templar's area-of-effect (AOE) damage potential and provide better Synergy between skills. Another change affects the Backlash ability, reducing the total damage required to reach its final values by 60%. This adjustment specifically benefits PvP gameplay, making the skill more effective in duels and 1v1 situations.


Warden Changes

The Warden class has undergone some adjustments, particularly regarding the stun ability. The delay in the stun activation may impact your ability to peel enemies off you instantly. However, if timed correctly with the deep measure ability, you can still achieve advanced gameplay, especially in PvP. While the delay may be disappointing, the stun is still a valuable skill overall.


Detect Potions

Detect potions have seen a significant change, reducing their bonus detection range from 100 meters to 43.5 meters. This adjustment aims to balance the power of detect potions, aligning them with the new mechanics of invisibility and detection bonuses. The reduced range may impact the effectiveness of detect potions against gankers and stealthy players. The duration of detect potions is around 15 seconds, and they can be useful in countering gankers, despite the reduced range.


Nerfed Mythic: Veloth Ur

Velothi Ur, a Mythic item, received a Nerf before its release. Initially, it provided offensive penetration, increased damage against monsters, and critical damage bonuses. However, the final version reduced the penetration and replaced the critical damage bonus with a minor Force effect. This change disappointed many players, as it made the set less effective for high-end PvE and PvP. It is now primarily viable for Arcanist builds, where light and heavy attacks are minimal.


Morrow's Balm

Morrow's Balm, a PvP set, received an adjustment to its burst heal and cleanse effect. The refresh duration for dots and negative effects triggering the burst heal has been increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. While this change may affect the playstyle of Morrow's Balm users, the set remains valuable, especially when combined with other defensive sets like his sap or danger trickery.


Plague Break

Plague Break, another PvP set, has seen changes to its functionality. Previously, the set could apply itself to both enemy players and NPCs. However, it now only attempts to apply itself to enemy players. The explosion damage can still be amplified by nearby non-players. This change ensures that Plague Break remains a viable option for bombing strategies in PvP, but its effectiveness against NPCs and non-players has been reduced.


Oak and Soul Heavy Attack Builds

The Oak and Soul heavy attack builds have experienced two significant changes. First, the Storm Master gear set, which played a crucial role in these builds, now only works against monsters instead of all enemies. The duration of the bonus has been reduced to eight seconds, with a cooldown of five seconds. While this change affects the uptime and overall damage output of the build, alternatives like Noble Duelist or Undaunted Infiltrator can be considered.


Empower Nerf

The Empower buff, which increased the damage of fully charged heavy attacks, has been nerfed from 80% to 70%. This adjustment impacts Oak and Soul heavy attack builds, but it doesn't render them ineffective. The builds still perform well in both solo and group content, but players may notice a slight decrease in damage output, especially during parsing.



The upcoming Necrom Chapter update in The Elder Scrolls Online brings several significant changes to the game. Players can expect adjustments that impact both PvE and PvP gameplay. 

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