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Guild Wars 2 Elite Specializations: How to unlock them quickly?

Unlocking elite specializations in Guild Wars 2 can be an exciting goal, but it's understandable that you want to do it as quickly as possible. Well, buckle up, buttercup, because we're going to go over the fastest routes for you to unlock your elite specializations in Guild Wars 2. For this guide, we are going to assume that you have all of the expansions available and most of the mounts, at least up to the skimmer. But because we are showing the fastest route, We will be using all available mounts to accomplish this.



Guild Wars 2 Elite Specializations: How to unlock them quickly?


Hero Point Destinations

First, let's talk about where we are going to get these hero points and how much we need for each of the elite specializations. We require 250 hero points to unlock one elite specialization completely. If we want all three elites, that means we need 750 points before we have them all. Trying to do this in the core Tyria areas will take forever because each one of the hero point nodes only grants one hero point. Instead, we are going to go into the expansion zones to farm points, as they grant 10 hero points per node. This means we only need to do 75 of them to get the complete unlock for all elite specializations.


Path of Fire (Easy)

Let's start with the easiest expansion, Path of Fire. Most of these hero points are fairly easy to take on, only having to deal with a veteran mob or channel a specific node. Here is the route:

Guidl Wars 2 Path of Fire Screenshot


Crystal Oasis:

  1. Head south to the hero point node, where you'll fight an awakened enemy and two veteran mobs.
  2. Teleport back to the city of Amnoon and then head north to the starting zone where you found your raptor. Find the next node here.
  3. Head east and find four pillars guarded by a dust mite mob. Defeat them and unlock the hero point.
  4. Continue heading east to a giant pyramid. Climb to the top to find the hero point node.
  5. Head slightly west.


Desert Highlands:

  1. Travel east to Prophet's Fall. Find the node wrapped around the inside of the mountain. Defeat the spark and gather the node.
  2. Head north and defeat a tough ogre veteran. Continue west to find the next node. If you have flying, you can glide over; otherwise, take the path using the Springer mount.
  3. Fly or glide to the next node, which is located near a waterfall. Defeat the grubs and unlock the hero point.
  4. Head west again, all the way to the Delve. Go through a corridor and find another hero point by fighting a jinn.
  5. Teleport back to the entry of the zone and head west to the top of a small mountain. Defeat the veteran dust twister to unlock the hero point.
  6. Teleport to Amnoon Oasis and head east, then south to enter the Elon Riverlands.


Elon Riverlands:

  1. Use your Raptor to jump over two pads and then switch to the Springer to jump all the way up.
  2. Enter a room and head to the back. Defeat the mobs and channel the node.
  3. Exit the same way and head east to find a veteran brand priest. Defeat it to unlock the hero point.
  4. Teleport back to the initial waypoint and travel west through the desert. Fight a giant enemy and unlock the hero point.
  5. Head west again to find another hero point guarded by sand lions. Defeat them and teleport back to the waypoint.
  6. Head southwest to a specific waypoint. Please go through it and head northwest to a set of ruins. Cross a gap and fight the awakened for the hero point.
  7. Head southwest and use the skimmer to glide across a sand pool. Defeat a rogue elementalist for the hero point.
  8. Teleport to the second waypoint and head southeast. Climb a mountain and find the hero point node.
  9. Be cautious of the harpies in the area.


The Desolation:

  1. Head further south to enter The Desolation.
  2. Go as far west as possible and then head south to find the first hero point, guarded by harpies.
  3. Use the skimmer to glide south across the sulfur wastelands. Discover the Ruptured Heart and head east to find the next hero point.
  4. Continue south to a specific tree. Defeat the giant plant for the hero point.
  5. Head east as far as you can go to Joko's Domain. Channel the node in his castle.
  6. Head north to deal with a spirit. Defeat it and head east to unlock the hero point.
  7. Head north and defeat a jackal. Congratulations! You have unlocked your first elite specialization.


End of Dragons (Moderate)

We'll begin by exploring the End of Dragons zones, which can be slightly more challenging due to the presence of elite mobs.

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Screenshot


Seitung Province:

  1. Start by heading north to a tree in Seitung Province. Channel this hero point node to acquire your first hero points in Cantha.
  2. From there, move northwest to the training zone and defeat the jade bot to gain additional hero points.
  3. Proceed slightly northwest to the top of a small mountain channel and acquire more hero points.
  4. Head north, reach the edge of the cliff and jump down to find the next hero point by the water. Deal with the elite mob nearby and use your skimmer to follow the path around.
  5. Jump into a pool and use your skimmer to glide around. Then, reach the dock and mount up.
  6. Continue up the cliff and cross the bridge to get more hero points. Horse around in this area to find additional hero points.
  7. Travel as far south as possible and deal with the mob at that location to unlock a hero point channel.
  8. Fly straight to a monastery across the bay and channel the hero point there after defeating the mobs.
  9. Grab your springer mount and head north, climbing up the mountain on the side of Jone's Mansion. The last hero point node on this map is at the very top of the mountain.


New Kaineng City:

  1. After reaching the northernmost point in Seitung Province, jump into New Kaineng City. Activate the waypoint just north of your location.
  2. Head southeast and attempt to climb the lighthouse. Channel the hero point node at the top and then teleport back to the zone.
  3. Find a tunnel northeast of your position and proceed through it. Once outside, climb the stairs and assist a character with their electrical problems.
  4. Head right up the side of a ramp and channel the hero point node located in the middle.
  5. Enter the old city and head straight across to find a hero point node on top of some buildings. Deal with any mobs in the area.
  6. Head south, climbing up a rocky face to reach the top and defeat an elite mob. Channel the hero point node at this location.
  7. Move southwest to encounter a veteran necromancer. Defeating this mob will grant you a simple hero point.
  8. Continue southwest to a specific node. Deal with any mobs in the area, channel the hero point, and acquire the hero points available in this zone.


Echovald Wilds:

  • Now we'll venture into the harsh environment of Echovald Wilds.
  • Head into Arborstone and defeat an elite mob there to acquire hero points.
  • Move northeast to deal with another elite mob and its minions. Channel the hero point node after defeating them.
  • Head southwest, climb up the back side of a building, deal with the mob, and channel the hero point node located in the middle.
  • Go even further south and climb up another building. Utilize your springer mount to scale the side of the building and access the hero point node at the top.
  • Proceed to the junkyard and defeat the mob there. Channel the hero point node.
  • Head southeast into a village and locate an overlook. Channel the hero points available in this area.
  • Travel directly west until you reach the water. Use your skimmer to navigate until you find a cave. Dive into the water, find the entrance, and resurface on the other side to find the hero point node.


Dragon's End:

  • This is the final zone. Once inside Dragon's End, head east and channel the hero point node. Congratulations, you've unlocked your next elite specialization!


Heart of Thorns (HoT)

Heart of Thorns champion nodes can be challenging, as many of them involve champion-level mobs accompanied by veteran mobs. To tackle these nodes quickly, we recommend either joining a hero point train, which is a large group of players that work together to defeat the mobs and guide you to the required locations, or forming a group with friends to assist you in defeating the challenging enemies.

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Screenshot


Verdant Brink:

  1. Glide down into the center of the Creeping Crevasse and defeat the veteran mob located there.
  2. Teleport back to your previous location and head northwest to deal with some wyverns.
  3. Utilize the bouncing mushroom mastery to scale the cliff and defeat more enemies quickly.
  4. Glide all the way down to the south and channel the hero point there.
  5. Head west to the Abyssal Depths hero point, use a mount or glide down from the top.
  6. Teleport back up and glide into the Ancient Tree hero point.
  7. Climb up a vine to reach the canopy, defeat the champion mob, and cross the gap.
  8. Head west and then south to deal with some robots.
  9. Utilize the wind gusts or flying mounts to reach the champion mob located on the back side of a cliff.
  10. Head south to defeat the challenging froggy mob.
  11. Climb up Farren's Waypoint and find the hero point.
  12. Finish your journey in Verdant Brink.


Auric Basin:

  1. Head south and defeat the champion Mushroom King.
  2. Continue further south to defeat a champion mob after eating corrupted bacon.
  3. Climb up a tree and follow the path to defeat ancient golems.
  4. Defeat the champion mob of Balthazar, ideally with a large group.
  5. Head west to Hollow Waypoint and then south to reach a bouncing mushroom or utilize the Springer mount to climb the cliff.
  6. Go down the tunnel and defeat a champion mob.
  7. Use the waypoint to teleport back and head north to climb a waterfall.
  8. Follow the path to defeat a champion-level Vine Tooth mob.
  9. Follow the map to reach the stone head, which is a champion mob.
  10. Head north and northeast, utilizing the Springer mount, to cross a gap and defeat the last hero point mob.
  11. Enter the Forgotten City of Tarir to unlock the easy hero point, or complete the Octovine event to access the other hero point in the Lost City of Tarir.


Tangled Depths:

  1. Teleport to Chak Hollow in the southeast and enter Tangled Depths.
  2. Use the Springer Mount to climb up a waterfall and gather a hero point.
  3. Dive down into an opening and continue descending until you find mushrooms.
  4. Move down the hallway and take the first right to defeat a champion-level troll mob.
  5. Head south to a waypoint and then northeast to find a gap to jump over and reach a crystal.
  6. Swim down to gather the crystal and cross the gap to reach the final hero point.


Other Ways to Unlock

While the solo routes mentioned above are the fastest ways to unlock elite specializations, you can also collect hero points in any zone to make progress. Additionally, you can earn hero points by participating in World versus World mode and obtaining Jade Testimonials.



By following these routes, you'll be able to unlock your elite specializations in Guild Wars 2 quickly. Remember to join hero point trains or group up with friends to challenge champion mobs. Enjoy your journey and the new possibilities that elite specializations bring to your gameplay!

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