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FFXIV Patch 6.4: Market Trends & Sales Strategies

With the release of Patch 6.4 in Final Fantasy XIV, several items are experiencing high demand and selling exceptionally well. While some items may have a limited shelf life, others will continue to sell throughout the duration of the patch. In this guide, we will explore the current market trends and provide strategies to maximize your sales. It's important to note that the raid gear is yet to be released, so prices may fluctuate once it becomes more accessible and melding becomes prevalent. For now, let's focus on the current market trends.


FFXIV Patch 6.4: Market Trends & Sales Strategies


What's Selling Well Right Now?

Raid Foods and Potions

The top-selling items currently are raid foods and potions. The most popular raid foods are Baba Ganoush and Baked Eggplant, which are sold at high prices despite their absurd costs. These items will continue to sell well throughout the patch, with a potential increase in demand when Savage mode is released. Craft and sell these items, especially if you have good crafting gear.


Crafting and Gathering Foods and Potions

In addition to raid foods and potions, crafting and gathering foods and potions are also in high demand. Hingan Biryani and Calamari Ripieni are particularly popular and sell for excellent prices. Crafting the Cutting Craftsman's Draught at high quality is also profitable and relatively easy. Take advantage of these opportunities, even if you need to get the best crafting gear.


Crafting Gear and Tools

Crafting gear, including job gear, is currently in high demand, with prices at their peak. Take advantage of this opportunity to sell the gear you have in your inventory. Consider crafting not only the gear but also the tools and weapons, as they are less commonly crafted and can fetch a good price on the market board.


Purple Script Items

If you need the best crafting gear, you can still make a profit by crafting Purple Scrip items. Mutable Solutions and Command Materia X are selling well, especially if you stocked up on them before Patch 6.4. Additionally, pre-crafted Purple Script turn-ins, such as Dark Eggplant, are in high demand and can fetch a good price.



Intermediates, including low-level ones, are currently selling at high prices. Craft level 89 items, aiming for high quality if possible, as they are in demand. Remember to send out your retainers to gather materials like Alumen or Skins, as they can save you time and contribute to passive Gil-making.



Certain gatherable items, such as Sweet Alyssum for botanists and dimethoate ore or Evergleam Ore for miners, are currently selling for high prices. Check the market for these low-level gatherables and take advantage of the opportunity to sell them. It's a great way to make Gil, especially if you have retainers dedicated to gathering.


Long-term Sales and What's Good Later

Looking towards the long term, items like raid foods, raid potions, intermediates, and gatherable will continue to sell well until the next expansion. However, please exercise caution when it comes to selling materials, as prices can fluctuate. Gear melding will become more prevalent when players have access to the content requiring melded gear, potentially driving material prices up again. Consider your risk tolerance before investing in materials.


Biggest Sales: Saddlebag Exchange Preset

One of the best ways to identify high-selling items on your server is by using the Saddlebag Exchange. Go to the market share section of your server's Louisoix Market and check the best-selling items from the last 48 hours. Currently, the jacket ascending is selling the most. If you're interested in crafting gear, focus on bent or bending pieces.


Commandmentarian nines and cutting Materia sevens have also generated considerable gil, with 67 million Gil made in the past 48 hours. The command material tens and ornate jacket ascending are also popular. You can refer to Universalis for item information, sources, and uses. Utilizing the Saddlebag Exchange preset is an excellent way to determine profitable crafts and gather targets specific to your server.



In this section, We want to highlight some mistakes we made and provide you with insights to avoid them. Firstly, We expected a brand-new crafted trial weapon, but there needs to be one in patch 6.4. It doesn't mean we won't get new weapons in the future, but for now, it's best to hold onto any stocked weapons you have.


Another mistake we could have made was misunderstanding how the furniture system works in the Island Sanctuary. Island prisms are used to glamour furniture pieces, so you only need to buy one. Additionally, We regret not selling certain materials when they are priced higher. However, we will still make use of what we have and hope for a price increase when players obtain gear.



Keep in mind the short-term and long-term sales opportunities, and make informed decisions about your investments. Stay updated with the Saddlebag Exchange for your server to identify the highest-selling items. 

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