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How to tackle the Champions in Auric Basin in Guild Wars 2?

Welcome to our guide on soloing the heart of Thorne hero points in Auric Basin. These hero points offer great rewards and are perfect for those moments when you're waiting for the Octovine meta event to start. By completing a full tour of the map, you can earn over one gold in unidentified gear, 120 lumps of aurelium, and about a level's worth of experience. In this guide, we will provide you with strategies to tackle the champions in Auric Basin, making this hero points a breeze.



How to tackle the Champions in Auric Basin in Guild Wars 2?


Mushroom King

The Mushroom King has three attacks, but only one can be problematic. Stand behind or to the side of the boss to avoid his charge and gun attack. If he shoots small spores in a circle, dodge to avoid getting stunned. If you do get stunned, use your shift signet to break free. The most important mechanic to negate is his jump. When you see the red circle indicating his jump, press dodge to avoid any damage. By managing these mechanics, the fight becomes straightforward.


Champion Arrowhead

The key to defeating Champion Arrowhead is to pay attention to his tells and avoid two specific mechanics. Stay to the boss's side or back to avoid his frontal AOE attack and tail slam. When he starts rolling towards your character, dodge to evade the barrel roll. If you do get hit, don't panic. Use your shift signet to recover quickly. By avoiding these mechanics, you can mitigate all damage from the boss.


Razor Wing Birds

Activate the hero point to spawn a champion enemy and two minions. As with previous boss fights, focus on killing the minions first and then take down the champion. The champion has ranged attacks that can be easily negated using your barrier signet. Avoid standing in front of the boss to minimize damage.


Champion Vine Tooth

This champion will always aggro to your mech. Stand to the boss's side or behind him, and your mech will tank all the damage. The boss has a frontal AOE attack that hurts but doesn't damage your mech. Since the boss never targets you directly, you can safely defeat him without worrying about mechanics.



Activating this hero point spawns one veteran golem with a break bar and two bigger golems. Spam your skills to defeat them quickly. Using your elite signet may help hit all three golems, but it is optional. Avoid standing in front of the enemies to minimize damage.


Champion Shatterer

For this fight, switching to pistol/pistol as your weapon set makes it much easier. By running in a circle around the boss, you can ignore most mechanics. The boss spawns a champion shack globber and two minions. Focus on defeating the minions first to reduce pressure. The shack globber has a head slam and a tail flail attack. Keep your distance from the boss to avoid being stunned by the head slam. Dodge if you're too close to the tail flail attack. When your mech is alive, it can tank most of the mechanics. If your mech dies, kite the boss in a large circle, avoiding the head slam and tail flail attacks. Use the whole room to your advantage. Dodge the charge attack when the boss targets you.



By following these strategies, you can easily defeat the champions in Auric Basin's hero points. Touring around this map can be a rewarding experience, providing you with guild wars 2 gold, map currency, and valuable experience. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or join our Discord community. Remember to like and subscribe to our channel for more helpful guides. Happy champion hunting!

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