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New World Q&A Reveals Exciting Updates: Transmog Tokens, PvP Enhancements, and More | May 2023

Are you ready to add some flair to your gear in New World? Exciting news for all adventurers: transmog tokens are on the horizon! In a recent Q&A session with the developers, they revealed some details about obtaining these tokens and using them to unlock stylish skins for your equipment. So, let's dive in and learn all about this upcoming feature.


New World Q&A Reveals Exciting Updates: Transmog Tokens, PvP Enhancements, and More | May 2023


PvP Enhancements: More Rewards and Expansion of Faction Shop

One of the most frequently asked questions was whether there would be additional uses for faction tokens. Good news! The developers confirmed that the faction shop will indeed be expanded, and this expansion is planned for Season 3. Additionally, players inquired about further incentives for open-world PvP, especially in regard to fort capture and 3v3 combat. The developers responded by acknowledging that 3v3 is an efficient way to progress the PvP track, but it lacks direct rewards.


To address this, they plan to introduce more direct rewards, such as chests in Season 2 new arena map. These chests are expected to contain at least one piece similar to the ones found in Outpost Rush. Furthermore, the developers confirmed that there would be an update to the territory influence battle in Season 3.


PvP Track and Season 2 Rewards

A player asked about the PvP track and whether players who have reached level 200 will have a chance to obtain the new items or if the track will reset. The developers' response was perplexing, stating that there will be no reset but a plethora of best-in-slot high-level gear available early on the track, along with additional rewards such as umbra shards and gypsum.


However, they did not address what would happen to players at PvP track level 200. This lack of clarification is quite puzzling and leaves players uncertain about the fate of their progress. It remains to be seen if the developers are planning to implement an aptitude system or continuous rewards for track level 200 players.


Insights into New Arena Map

In response to questions about the new arena map, the developers confirmed that both teams will start at the same level. There will be a central point where the teams can clash and potentially knock opponents down. They also mentioned that they receive many inquiries about PvP content and even hinted at making a separate video to address this topic comprehensively. However, one question about raid groups in Outpost Rush was misinterpreted so that clarification will be sought in the future.


PvE Additions: Damage Tally and Temporary Trials

Moving on to PvE, a player asked if there would be a damage tally for expeditions. The developers stated that they are considering it, but it would not be real-time during the expedition due to potential problems it could cause within groups. While it's not their top priority, they are actively thinking about it.


Another question raised was about the temporary nature of the 10-player trial. The developers explained that it aligns thematically with the current season but expressed openness to repurposing trials in other ways if there is enough demand from players. Retaining the 10-man trials would be a positive addition to the game, providing players with more engaging PvE content.


Changes to Resilient and Ward Roles

A noteworthy announcement from the developers was that in Season 2, the Resilient and Ward roles would no longer coexist on armour pieces. Players will have to choose one or the other, and exclusive perks will accompany this change. This alteration aims to refine gameplay and balance by offering more strategic choices when it comes to gear selection.


Transmog Tokens: More Accessible Skins

A highly anticipated question concerned the availability of transmog tokens outside of the Battle Pass. The developers revealed that these tokens would likely be available on the free pass, but they are also considering introducing them as rare drops. Elite chests are a possible source for obtaining transmog tokens, although the rarity is yet to be determined.


This news is exciting as it means players will have more opportunities to acquire these New World tokens without having to rely solely on the Battle Pass. Furthermore, the developers confirmed that transmog tokens will be distributed through Amazon Prime, revitalizing the value of Prime rewards.


Future Availability of Transmog Tokens

While the developers didn't directly address whether transmog tokens will be available in future Battle Passes or Season Passes, their inclusion in Amazon Prime suggests a recurring distribution method. This indicates that transmog tokens might become a regular feature in New World, providing players with ongoing opportunities to obtain them.


In line with this, the developers mentioned the introduction of a collection log for transmog, which will showcase all available appearances for each gear piece. This log will undoubtedly incentivize players to track their progress and strive to collect a wide variety of gear appearances.


Other Tidbits: Difficulty Modes and Developer Engagement

In response to inquiries about more challenging music, the developers confirmed that a small, super-hard music piece would be available during the summer event. As for the developers' engagement with the community on live servers, they clarified that while they constantly read community feedback, they avoid excessive participation to maintain a focus on data analysis. They acknowledged the importance of player suggestions but emphasized the need to strike a balance to ensure a smooth development process.



With each update, New World continues to evolve and provide exciting new features and improvements. The recent Q&A session shed light on various aspects of both PvP and PvE gameplay. The introduction of transmog tokens as drops, in addition to other avenues of distribution like Amazon Prime, brings free skins within reach of more players. The developers' focus on expanding the faction shop, adding direct rewards to PvP activities, and considering new PvE content indicates a commitment to enhancing player experiences. Keep an eye out for upcoming changes and enjoy the journey in the ever-evolving world of the New World!

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