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FFXIV Penny Pincher: Increase Profits and Master the Best Plugins on the Market

In the vast world of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), mastering the market board can be a daunting task. However, there's a plugin called the Penny Pincher that can greatly enhance your trading experience. In this guide, we will explore the features and benefits of the Penny Pincher plugin and how it can help you navigate the market board while maximizing your profits.


FFXIV Penny Pincher: Increase Profits and Master the Best Plugins on the Market


Installation and Setup

To begin using the Penny Pincher plugin, you need to install it on your FFXIV client. A quick search on Google will provide you with an installation guide for this third-party plugin. Once installed, open the Final 2014 launcher and follow the installation process outlined in the guide.


Understanding the Penny Pincher Plugin

The Penny Pincher plugin is designed to streamline the process of undercutting prices on the market board. It automates certain tasks and provides valuable information to help you make informed decisions.


Compare Prices

One of the standout features of the Penny Pincher plugin is its ability to check market prices for your listed items automatically. When adjusting the price of an item, click on the "Compare Prices" option. The plugin will then display the current lowest price and undercut it by one Gil, copying the new price to your clipboard. This feature saves time and eliminates the need to calculate undercut prices manually.


Selling High-Quality Items

The Penny Pincher plugin is particularly useful when selling high-quality items. By using the plugin, you can quickly identify the optimal price point for your goods. For example, if you have crafted a high-quality Garnet Cotton, the plugin will show you the current market value based on similar listings. This information enables you to set a competitive price that maximizes your profit while considering the materials used.


Mass Production and Quick Crafting

With the Penny Pincher plugin, you can leverage its efficiency to mass-produce items and earn significant profits. Certain materials may have a lower market value, but when crafted into finished products, their value increases substantially. The plugin allows you to quickly craft these items, enabling you to capitalize on the price difference between materials and the finished product.


Enhancing the Undercutting Strategy

Undercutting prices on the market board is a common tactic to gain sales. The Penny Pincher plugin helps to refine this strategy by automatically undercutting only one FFXIV Gil. This prevents excessive undercutting, which can lead to a rapid drop in item prices. By keeping the undercut margin small, you maintain a healthy market value and ensure steady sales.


Optimizing Listing Times

Timing is crucial when listing items on the market board. The plugin enables you to set the optimal listing time based on buyer behaviour. By observing buying patterns, you can list your items during peak hours when the chances of making a sale are higher. This strategy increases the visibility of your listings and improves your overall profitability.


Undercutting HQ Prices

To effectively sell high-quality (HQ) items, it's essential to enable the option to undercut HQ prices when listing. This feature ensures that you compare and adjust your prices relative to other HQ listings rather than normal quality items. By doing so, you position your HQ items competitively and attract buyers looking for superior-quality goods.



The Penny Pincher plugin is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your experience on the FFXIV market board. By automating certain processes, providing valuable information, and optimizing your listing strategy, the plugin enables you to maximize your profits while navigating the market with ease. Remember to use the plugin responsibly and adhere to Square Enix's guidelines for third-party tools. Happy trading, and may your ventures in the FFXIV market be prosperous!

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