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ESO Perfect Roe: Is it worth your investment?

Today, we embark on a journey into the captivating world of fishing in The Elder Scrolls Online. In this guide, we will delve into the potential of fishing as a lucrative money-making endeavor. Join us as we evaluate the effort required, potential earnings, and the rarity of coveted loot, including the highly sought-after Perfect Roe. Let's dive into the depths of this fishing expedition together!


ESO Perfect Roe: Is it worth your investment?


The Quest for Perfect Roe

When it comes to fishing in ESO, the key to substantial profits lies in catching Perfect Roe. This valuable resource can be obtained by filleting your fish. On Xbox, Perfect Roe is valued at around 30,000 coins, while on PCNA, it can fetch approximately 70,000 coins. Catching Perfect Roe is not a guaranteed outcome, but the estimated average is one Perfect Roe per 100 fish. Although this figure isn't official, it's widely acknowledged within the ESO community.


Additional Rewards

Apart from Perfect Roe, there are other valuable items you can obtain while fishing, such as the Panadonian motifs. Somerset is an excellent location for fishing as it offers the additional benefit of acquiring Panadonian bottles, which may contain remedies worth between 20,000 and 40,000 coins. Keep in mind that these motifs are in high demand, and while other miscellaneous items can be obtained, they might not fetch significant profits


Getting Started

To embark on your fishing journey, it's important to set up your character optimally. Allocate Champion Points into the Green Constellation and acquire the Reel Technique passive, which reduces the time required to catch a fish by 25%. Additionally, invest in the Angler's Instincts passive, increasing your chances of catching higher quality fish. For efficiency, consider using an "Untamed Pickled Fishbowl" as bait, which enhances the rarity of the fish you catch. Remember, we recommend focusing on fishing in Somerset for the best results.


Fishing Technique

Now that you're equipped and ready to go head to the little harbor area in Somerset. Follow a horseshoe-shaped path, teleport back to the starting point, and repeat the loop. There are multiple fishing spots available, but it's advisable to stay closer to Somerset to minimize encounters with enemies. Approach a fishing spot and interact with it. Continuously press the designated button (e.g., 'A' on Xbox) until the fishing spot disappears. This method allows for a relatively AFK (away from the keyboard) experience, making it an easy and relaxing activity.


The Loot and Profit Analysis

After fishing for 30 minutes, let's examine the loot obtained. We managed to catch 51 fish, including valuable green treasure fish worth 90 coins each. Additionally, we acquired several Panadonian bottles, providing a chance to obtain Panadonian motifs or other valuable items like Clam Gall and Mother of Pearl, each worth a few thousand eso coins. Unfortunately, we didn't acquire any Perfect Roe or Panadonian motifs during this session.


Based on the loot obtained, our total profit on Xbox EU amounted to 3,595 coins in 30 minutes. Extrapolating this over an hour, we arrive at a profit of 7,190 coins. However, it's important to note that this is the worst-case scenario as we didn't obtain any Perfect Roe or motifs. To provide a more optimistic estimate, we've included a "maximum reasonable" scenario, assuming one Perfect Roe and one Panadonian motif per hour. In this case, the potential profit can reach approximately 57,000 coins per hour. Keep in mind that achieving this maximum profit relies on luck in acquiring Perfect Roe and motifs.


Comparison with Other Methods

When evaluating fishing as a money-making method, it's crucial to consider alternative options. Comparatively, fishing needs to catch up in terms of potential profits. For example, within the same hour, one could complete a dungeon and obtain a motif worth substantially more than the maximum fishing profit. Alternatively, farming Rubidite or Platinum offers significantly higher returns, with the potential to earn up to four to five times more per hour on Xbox. On PC, the difference is even more pronounced, with potential earnings exceeding 98,000 coins per hour. Therefore, while fishing may be relatively AFK, there are more efficient methods for generating wealth.



In summary, fishing in ESO can be a rewarding and relaxing activity if you enjoy the process and don't solely focus on monetary gains. While Perfect Roe and Panadonian motifs can fetch significant profits, the chances of obtaining them are not guaranteed. When considering the potential earnings and comparing them to other money-making methods, fishing may not be the most lucrative option. However, if you're pursuing the title of Master Angler or enjoy passive profit alongside other activities, fishing can still be a viable choice. We hope this guide has shed light on the pros and cons of fishing for Perfect Roe and aided you in making an informed decision about your gold-making pursuits. Happy fishing, adventurers!

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