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FFXIV Endwalker: A Developer's Perspective Unveils Frustrations and Fatigue

In recent times, Final Fantasy XIV's latest expansion, Endwalker, has faced criticism and frustration from players regarding its content rollout and roadmap. As a developer and longtime players of the game, We are here to provide insight into the issues and shed light on what might be causing these concerns. While we understand that not everyone may agree with my perspective, it is important to have an open discussion about the game's shortcomings.


FFXIV Endwalker: A Developer


Setting the Context

Before delving into the problems, it is crucial to understand the development process behind Final Fantasy XIV. The game's director, Yoshi-P, plans and executes updates years in advance. This is why even during the pandemic, the game continued to release content, as the groundwork had already been laid. However, the planning and execution come with challenges.


The Fatigue Factor

One significant factor contributing to player frustration is the fatigue that sets in after spending hundreds, if not thousands, of hours. Players invest significant time and effort into the story, levelling and gearing up their characters. However, once the story concludes, many find it challenging to find a meaningful reason to continue playing. This fatigue is a natural response to the exhaustive commitment required to progress.


Lack of Open World Engagement

Another issue that has been raised is the need for more engagement with the open world in Final Fantasy XIV. While the game offers content such as Eureka and Bozja, they need to provide a sense of true character development and investment. Instead, the game heavily focuses on raiding, catering to the hardcore and ultimate raiding communities. This creates a gap between different types of players and leaves some feeling left out or unfulfilled.


Fragmented Design Approach

One aspect that hampers the overall experience in Final Fantasy XIV is its fragmented design approach. Each expansion is built as a standalone entity, often leaving previous content behind. While this approach allows for faster development and scaling, it also creates a need for more cohesiveness within the game world. Many players yearn for a more interconnected and dynamic experience where their actions and choices have consequences that ripple throughout the game.


Development Resource Constraints

It's essential to acknowledge that Final Fantasy XIV operates with limited resources, which further affects the game's development. The team must prioritize certain aspects of the game, such as raids, over others due to resource limitations. This can lead to a disconnect between the development focus and the desires of the player base.


Looking Forward

Despite the challenges faced by Final Fantasy XIV, there is still hope for the future. The development team has made commitments to spare no expense and invest ongoing development. As players, we should look forward to upcoming events like Fan Fest, where exciting announcements and updates may rekindle our enthusiasm.



The frustration surrounding Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion arises from various factors, including player fatigue, lack of open-world engagement, fragmented design approach, resource constraints, and individual preferences. It is crucial to have open and honest discussions about these issues while acknowledging the game's positive aspects. Ultimately, the game's success will depend on its ability to evolve and adapt to its player base's changing needs and expectations.

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