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How to level up effectively and quickly the solo player in ESO?

Levelling your character in Elder Scrolls Online can be an exciting and rewarding experience, especially when you achieve the maximum level of 50. However, only some have friends or a group to play with, which can make the levelling process more challenging. In this guide, we will explore a personal method that has proven to be effective for solo players who want to level their characters efficiently without relying on others. Whether you're a new player or starting fresh on a different server, this method can help you reach level 50 in no time.


How to level up effectively and quickly the solo player in ESO?


Note: It is recommended to have training gear and access to the Greymoor expansion for optimal results. Additionally, having the Greymoor expansion will make some aspects of this method easier, but it's still possible to follow along without it.


Step 1: Skip the Tutorial

Once you've created your character, skip the tutorial section. This assumes that you already have access to the Greymoor expansion.


Step 2: Equip Essential Skills

After entering the game, purchase and slot each of the skills from your class skill trees. This allows you to start levelling these skill lines right away.


Step 3: Adjust Settings and Champion Points

Go to your settings and customize them according to your preferences. Additionally, allocate your Champion Points to movement speed to enhance your ability to traverse the map quickly.


Step 4: Obtain Starting Gear

Locate a crate in your inventory and open it. Equip a weapon that you plan on levelling, such as a two-handed weapon, to start gaining experience in that skill line.


Step 5: Journey to Solitude

Find the nearest Wayshrine and travel to Solitude, the main city in Graymoor. Solitude offers convenient features for levelling your character effectively.


Step 6: Begin Skill Line Unlocking

In Solitude, locate a "dringle" on the ground and interact with it. This will unlock all your weapon skills for the selected weapon. Next, enter the Fighters Guild and speak to an NPC who will give you the Fighters Guild skill line.


Step 7: Explore the Antiquarian's House

Visit the Antiquarian's House in Solitude and interact with the lady inside. Touch the Stone, she indicates to acquire magical powers and unlock the Scrying skill line. Read the bookshelves in the house for additional skill levels and lore books.


Step 8: Complete the Antiquarian's Quest

Follow the quest given by the lady in the Antiquarian's House. This will lead you to the basement and reward you with additional XP and skill lines. Remember to read the bookshelves in the Mages Guild on your way out.


Step 9: Further Skill Line Progression

Leave Solitude and head to Auridon using a Wayshrine. Purchase Mount speed upgrades if possible, and head to the Mages Guild in Auridon. Read all the bookshelves in the guild to gain experience and level up the Mages Guild skill line.


Step 10: Dolmen Farming and Skyshard Hunting

Use the map and waypoints to navigate to the active Dolmen in Auridon. Participate in Dolmen events, gain experience, and collect jewellery from the chests. Utilize Wayshrines to move to the next active Dolmen quickly. Along the way, collect Skyshards for additional skill points and lore books.


Step 11: Additional Activities

Consider completing daily Battlegrounds for XP and gear rewards. Engage in the main questline to gain substantial experience and acquire skill points. Also, explore starter islands to collect Skyshards for even more ESO skill points.


Remember, this guide is tailored for solo players who may need access to group activities or high-level support. It emphasizes the importance of self-sufficiency and maximizing your character's potential within your own gameplay experience. Additionally, remember to consider other activities like completing the main quest, participating in daily Battlegrounds, and collecting skyshards to enhance your character's progression further.



With these tips and dedicating time and effort to your character's development, you can level up quickly and enjoy the vast world of Elder Scrolls Online on your own terms. So, grab your training gear, embark on your adventure, and may your journey through Tamriel be filled with excitement and accomplishment. 

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