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SWTOR Guide: Exploring Expansions, Quests, Crafting, and Group Content

Welcome to our guide on the endgame in Star Wars: The Old Republic! Once you reach the level cap and complete your personal class storyline, you'll find yourself delving into a rich array of content and adventures. In this guide, we will walk you through the various aspects of endgame in SWTOR, answers all your questions, and helps you get the most out of this MMO endgame experience.


SWTOR Guide: Exploring Expansions, Quests, Crafting, and Group Content


Expansion Landscape Content

The first aspect of endgame content in SWTOR is the expansion landscape. After completing your personal class storyline, you will venture into a series of main storylines that continue after the eight main class storylines. These storylines include the rise of the Hutt Cartel, Shadow of Revan, Knights of the Fallen Empire, Knights of the Eternal Throne, and the conflict between the Republic and the Empire over the Onslaught and Legacy of the Sith Expansion.


These expansion storylines offer an immersive narrative experience with branching paths and player decisions. They are free for all players, regardless of their subscription status. If you have yet to explore these expansions, it is highly recommended to do so, as they showcase the game's exceptional storytelling.


World Quests and Minor Expansions

Once you reach the maximum level, you will have the opportunity to revisit the planet-specific storylines and experience the side quests that you may have skipped during your class story. Additionally, there are several minor expansions scattered throughout the game that are worth checking out if you missed them. These expansions often include major quest lines, daily and weekly quests, reputation factions, and unique currencies and vendors. By engaging with these quests and factions, you can collect swtor various items and increase your standing with different factions.


World bosses also exist across different planets, providing challenging encounters that break the monotony of questing. Organized guilds can take on higher-difficulty enemies called planetary commanders, often located at opposing faction headquarters, and unlock rewards such as rooms in the guild's flagship.


Solo Endgame and Conquest

Star Wars: The Old Republic offers a solo-friendly endgame experience. For players who prefer a more single-player approach, the game provides systems that cater to solo players, small guilds, and groups of friends. The highlight of solo endgame content is the Conquest system. Each week, a new themed Conquest calendar begins, presenting specific objectives for players to complete and earn points. By achieving personal and guild Conquest goals, players can earn gear, vendor currencies, and crafting materials.


Conquest objectives vary, allowing you to progress through the content you enjoy the most. Engaging in Conquest with a dedicated guild allows you to achieve higher tiers of Conquest and unlock rooms for your guild's flagship and stronghold, as well as guild-wide perks as the guild levels up. The Conquest system offers a rewarding experience for both solo and hardcore players.



Crafting in SWTOR differs from other MMORPGs. In SWTOR, you have companions that assist you in crafting. These companions are acquired throughout your class storyline and can be utilized to automate crafting through a queue system. This feature allows you to manage crafting while completing other content, even when you're offline. Crafting encompasses SWTOR various items, from consumables and gear to decorations and items for guild Conquest. If you enjoy crafting in MMOs, SWTOR's crafting system is worth exploring, offering unique opportunities and rewards.


Group Content

Group content in SWTOR provides diverse gameplay experiences with rewarding outcomes. Here are the main types of group content:

  • Flashpoints: These are similar to dungeons in other MMOs. You can venture into instanced missions with a group of up to four players, working together to complete objectives and defeat bosses. Flashpoints are available in story mode, veteran mode, and master mode, each offering increased difficulty and better rewards.
  • Warzones and Arenas: Warzones are battlegrounds where players engage in objective-based combat, while arenas focus on 4v4 duels. Warzones are divided into tiers based on player level, and all tiers receive minimum gearing bolster. PVP gear becomes particularly important when you reach level 80.
  • Galactic Starfighter: This unique feature allows players to engage in space battles, capture objectives or participate in team deathmatches. Galactic Starfighter has its own progression system and offers different ship types and upgrades.
  • Operations: Operations are SWTOR's equivalent of raids. These require a group of 8 to 16 level 80 subscribed players to tackle challenging instances. Operations are available in story mode, veteran mode, and master mode, with nightmare mode offering the most daunting difficulty. Many operations tie into the game's lore and storytelling, making them highly recommended for experiencing the epic scale of SWTOR.



In summary, SWTOR's endgame offers a wide range of activities for players to engage in. From immersive storytelling and expansion content to world quests, crafting, and group content, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer solo play or group challenges, SWTOR provides a diverse and rewarding endgame experience.

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