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Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash 2023: Everything You Need To Know

It's that time of year again, and we are getting ready to bash some dragons in the exciting seasonal event of Dragon Bash 2023 in Guild Wars 2. In this guide, we'll give you all the basic information you need to know. We have divided this article into three parts: the first part explains the details of Dragon Bash, the second part covers all the new features coming in 2023, and the third part shares how to earn GW2 Gold in Dragon Bash 2023 easily!



Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash 2023: Everything You Need To Know


New Players Guide to Dragon Bash

Dragon Bash Location: Hoelbrak, the Norn Capital

Let's dive right in! Dragon Bash is an event that takes place in Hoelbrak, the Norn capital. During this event, you will find pinatas to bash, Candy to collect, and holographic dragons attacking everywhere. The event is a celebration of the defeat of the elder dragons, and the main feature is the pinatas scattered throughout the capital.


Zhaitaffy and Jawbreakers

By bashing these pinatas, you can acquire Zhaitaffy, which is the main currency of this seasonal event. Zhaitaffy can be used for various purposes, but its primary use is exchanging it for Jawbreakers. It takes around a thousand Zhaitaffy to obtain a Jawbreaker, which is the major currency during Dragon Bash.


Jawbreakers can be exchanged for a wide range of goodies, including holographic weapons, legendary shards that can be used for second-generation legendary weapons, and Living World season 4 currencies. Pay attention to the Living World season 4 currencies if you are working on acquiring a Skyscale or the Vision legendary accessory.


Achievements and Meta Event

Additionally, Dragon Bash offers numerous daily and seasonal achievements. These achievements involve activities such as winning a Roller Beetle race, bashing pinatas, or betting on Mower Racing. Some of these achievements contribute to the meta event, which often rewards holographic armour skins. If you're familiar with my Catalyst, you'll notice it features mostly holographic gear.


You can also obtain a backpack that resembles dragon wings, which is a pretty cool addition. However, be prepared for holographic stampedes that appear in various locations around Tyria on a timed schedule. If you're aiming to complete the meta-achievement, you will need to track down and participate in these stampedes. That's the gist of the Dragon Bash event for new players. Now, let's move on to the 2023 updates!


2023 Dragon Bash Updates

  • New Armor Piece - Chest: Let's discuss the exciting additions made to this year's Dragon Bash event. In 2023, the annual Dragon Bash Feats achievement has been updated to include a new armor piece, which is the chest. With this addition, you now have access to the collection for the helm, shoulders, feet, gloves, and chest, nearly completing the entire set.
  • Dragon Render Weapon Set and Candy-Packed Dragon Weapon Skins: Furthermore, there are new weapon skins introduced called the Dragon Render weapon set. By completing half of the annual meta-achievement, you will receive a choice of one of these weapon skins. Additionally, there are four new Candy-packed Dragon weapon skins available. These can be obtained as rare drops from Dragon Coffers or purchased from a vendor in Holbrook.
  • Cosmetic Additions: As for cosmetic additions, there are a couple of new minis to collect, including an adorable mini duckling. And for guilds, there is an update to the guild hall decoration specifically for the roller beetle races.


Gold Guide to Dragon Bash

Dragon Bash Hologram Stampede

  • Look for the Dragon Bash icon in the top right corner of your screen and click on it to see the next stampede event's location and schedule.
  • Teleport to the indicated waypoint on the map and participate in the stampede event.
  • Kill mobs spawned by the hologram devices and progress through each tier until you complete the entire event (usually takes less than 5 minutes).
  • Completing the stampede event rewards you with 3 Dragon Coffers. Additionally, you receive three extra shifts from the daily stampede bonus rewards.
  • Repeat the stampede events every 15 minutes to accumulate a significant number of Dragon Coffers.


Dragon Bash Rally (Race Adventure)

  • Locate the adventure NPC near the Trade Commons waypoint.
  • Participate in the race adventure and aim for a fast completion time.
  • Successfully completing the race adventure rewards you with Dragon Coffers. The faster you complete it, the more rewards you receive.
  • Remember the pinata bashing adventure, which also grants Dragon Coffers upon completion.


Daily Dragon Patch Achievement

  • Open your hero panel and navigate to the Daily Dragon Patch Achievement.
  • Check the dailies that offer Dragon Coffers as rewards.
  • Focus on completing these dailies as they are usually easy to achieve.
  • Additionally, aim to participate in at least one race adventure per day and continue joining stampede events.


Open or Sell Dragon Coffers

  • Deciding whether to open or sell Dragon Coffers depends on your risk tolerance.
  • If you prefer a guaranteed profit, sell the Dragon Coffers on the trading post to maximize your earnings.
  • However, if you're willing to take the risk, opening Dragon Coffers can yield rare and valuable rewards, such as the crystal infusion of power.
  • Keep in mind that the chance of obtaining such rare items is low, and it may take a significant number of Dragon Coffers to get one.
  • For new players or those in need of immediate gold, it is generally recommended to sell the Dragon Coffers.



The above contains everything you need to know about Dragon Bash 2023 in Guild Wars 2! We hope this guide helps you make the most of this exciting seasonal event. Get ready to bash some dragons, collect jawbreakers, and enjoy the festivities in Hoelbrak. Have a fantastic Dragon Bash.

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