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Top 9 Most Frustrating Elements, Behaviours, Design in FFXIV

In the world of Final Fantasy XIV, where peace and harmony seem to prevail, there are still moments that can make even the calmest players rage. This guide aims to explore some of those infuriating aspects of the game that trigger frustration and provide a cathartic outlet for venting. From visual quirks to player behaviours, let's dive into the 9 things that make us rage in FFXIV.



Top 9 Most Frustrating Elements, Behaviours, Design in FFXIV


Top 1. Ruined Miqo'te Tails

Prepare to have your perception of Miqo'te characters forever altered. The supposedly fluffy tails of these feline beings are revealed to be shaped like a plus sign rather than the expected fluffiness. This peculiar design choice can trigger the player's OCD and leave them questioning the logic behind it. Square Enix, please fix this or give us the option to play as a dumpling instead!


Top 2. Awkward Dyeing

Imagine finally obtaining that perfect outfit for your glamour, only to discover that certain metal pieces change colour in a jarring and unappealing manner. It's a soul-crushing moment when you realize that these visual inconsistencies can ruin the overall aesthetic you were aiming for. The emotional rollercoaster of dying your gear is a real struggle that tests our fashion-forward sensibilities.


Top 3. Offensive Outdoor Furnishings

Some players take the concept of outdoor decorating to a whole new level, and only sometimes in a good way. Whether it's an eyesore placed deliberately in front of your Free Company house or a jumping castle turned residence, these offensive outdoor furnishings can trigger intense frustration. Who knew that furniture placement could become a tool for passive-aggressive warfare?


Top 4. Distant DPS

As a dedicated healer, few things are more infuriating than DPS players who insist on fighting from the farthest corner of the map. Despite your best efforts to keep them alive, they remain just out of reach, questioning your healing abilities. The solution is simple: stay within the healer's range or risk experiencing their wrath firsthand.


Top 5. Simultaneous Resurrections

Healer struggles are real, and one particularly aggravating scenario occurs when multiple players die simultaneously, forcing you to perform slow cast resurrects. However, just as you're about to complete the resurrection, another well-intentioned player swoops in and resurrects the fallen comrade with a swift cast. It's a double blow to your mana, time, and sanity, leaving healers questioning their purpose in life.


Top 6. Clapping

Believe it or not, clapping can be a source of agony in FFXIV. The animation and sound effects associated with clapping can be visually and audibly distressing for some players. The pain inflicted by clapping-related moments is a testament to the sensitive nature of our gaming experiences.


Top 7. Limited Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles are beloved by many players, but the limitations they impose can be disheartening. The inability to pair certain headgear or accessories with long haircuts is a constant source of frustration for those seeking the perfect character aesthetic. The soul-crushing realization that your favourite hairstyle may hinder your fashion choices is all too real.


Top 8. Impatient Party Members

Nothing ruins a dungeon or raid experience faster than a party member who types "..." in the chat or rage quits after a single wipe. Impatience and rudeness have no place in a community that thrives on cooperation and camaraderie. Remember that we're all at different skill levels, and a little understanding can go a long way toward creating a positive gaming experience.


Top 9. Exclusive Mounts Behind Savage Content

Locked behind the gruelling challenges of Savage content, some of the cutest mounts in the game feel unattainable to many players. This decision by developers can be disheartening for those who yearn for adorable companions. The frustration stems from feeling excluded from content that should be accessible to a broader audience.



While Final Fantasy XIV boasts a supportive and friendly community, there are still aspects of the game that can ignite our rage. From design quirks to player behaviours, this guide has explored some of the most frustrating elements in FFXIV. Remember to channel your anger constructively and strive to create a positive gaming environment for everyone. Happy adventuring, and may your future experiences be filled with joy rather than frustration.

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