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Guild Wars 2 Alt Account: Is it worth buying?

Alt account have become a topic of discussion among Guild Wars 2 players, with some claiming that purchasing alt accounts can be a lucrative investment for acquiring gold. In this article, we will delve into the value of alt accounts, considering various factors and providing an analysis to help you make an informed decision. Whether you're a skeptic like me or simply curious, read on to discover the numbers behind alt accounts in Guild Wars 2.


Guild Wars 2 Alt Account: Is it worth buying?


Consider Your Commitment

Before diving into the analysis, it's crucial to assess your commitment level. Alt accounts require consistent logging in and engagement to reap their benefits fully. If you're unlikely to log in daily or maintain long-term dedication, alt accounts may not be a suitable investment for you. However, if you're confident in your ability to manage multiple accounts consistently, let's move forward with the evaluation.


Simplifying the Value

To calculate the value of alt accounts, let's simplify the list by excluding certain items that hold no significant value. Celebration boosters, transmutation charges, and black lion goods, including the rare chance of obtaining a black lion key, can be excluded from our assessment. By narrowing down our focus, we can better understand the value of alt accounts.


Standard Rewards

Alt accounts provide daily rewards, such as 20 Mystic Coins per cycle (valued at approximately 22 gold) and at least 35 Laurels (worth around 15 gold and 23 silver). These rewards alone amount to over 37 gold per cycle for a single account. These standard rewards form the foundation of the alt account value.


Variable Values

Next, let's consider some variable values. For instance, the chest of exotic equipment, on average, yields below 40 silver. Additionally, Spirit Shards can be obtained, which can be converted to approximately 9 gold and 13 silver per cycle. Furthermore, Luck can be accumulated at a rate of 2,000 per cycle, potentially offering an additional 14 silver and 8 copper per cycle.


Accounting for Trading Post Taxes

If you plan on converting your rewards to actual gold via the trading post, you would need to subtract the 15% trading post tax from the total value. This adjustment brings the total down to approximately 614.5 gold per year.


Alt Account Costs

To determine the viability of alt accounts, we need to convert Guild wars 2 gold into real money. Assuming a euro as the currency, the 722 gold and 93 silver obtained per year would be equivalent to 25.21 euros. If you want trading post access, which requires purchasing at least one expansion, the cost would be approximately 21.43 euros. This conversion allows us to evaluate the breakeven point.


Considering Breakeven Point

Based on the official Guild Wars 2 website's prices, the current cheapest option to obtain the game is around 30 euros. To break even on this investment through daily harvesting alone, it would take approximately 14 to 15 months (before trading post taxes). With trading post access included, the breakeven point is just under 16 months of daily harvesting.



Alt accounts in Guild Wars 2 can offer a path to acquiring additional gold and rewards. By weighing the costs, benefits, and personal commitment, you can make an informed decision. Remember to consider your dedication level, the value of daily rewards, and the associated costs when deciding whether to invest in alt accounts. The numbers presented in this article provide transparency and insight into the potential value of alt accounts in Guild Wars 2.

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