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FFXIV Heart of Sabik: Uncover the secrets of this Enigmatic Artifact

In the vast and intricate world of Final Fantasy XIV, few mysteries have captured the imaginations of players quite like the Heart of Sabik. This enigmatic artifact, briefly alluded to during the A Realm Reborn expansion, has remained a source of fascination for adventurers for years. After a decade of obscurity, new insights into the Heart of Sabik are finally emerging. In this guide, we will embark on a journey to unveil the secrets of the Heart of Sabik, exploring its origins, its profound impact on key characters, and the reasons behind its resurgence in the game's lore.


FFXIV Heart of Sabik: Uncover the secrets of this Enigmatic Artifact


The Heart of Sabik's Origins

Our journey begins with the first mention of the Heart of Sabik in A Realm Reborn (2013), during the climactic events in the Praetorium. The Asean Lahabrea, one of the enigmatic Ascians, reveals that the Heart is embedded within the core of the Ultima Weapon, the ultimate weapon of the Garlean Empire. According to Lahabrea, this artifact predates even the mighty Allagan Empire, which reigned during the Third Astral Era.

FFXIV Connections to Ultima the High Seraph Screenshot

Despite the advanced knowledge of the Allagan Empire, they could not fully comprehend the nature of the Heart. It primarily served as an energy source for the Ultima Weapon, which displayed its terrifying capabilities by absorbing and assimilating primals such as Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda. Lahabrea further expounds that the destructive spell Ultima, unleashed by the Heart, is merely a fraction of the power of the dark Primal Zodiark, a force the Ascians are fervently working to resurrect.


The Heart of Sabik Resurfaces

Our next encounter with the Heart of Sabik occurs in the Return to Ivalice raid series, introduced during the Stormblood expansion. While not part of the main storyline, these optional quests offer captivating narratives and challenging battles, drawing inspiration from the beloved Tactics series. Within this alternate world, we confront Ultima, the High Seraph, who serves as the primary antagonist of the story.

FFXIV The Heart of Sabik Resurfaces Screenshot

Ultima's devastating actions include the obliteration of the capital city of the Holy Ydoran Empire, causing it to sink beneath the waves. Although she is eventually sealed away by the goddess Hydaelyn, she awakens centuries later. The collectible statue of Ultima in the real world provides additional details, shedding light on how humanity's fear of Ultima led to her being revered and fueled by an otherworldly force, imbuing her with a sense of self akin to a living Primal.


Connections to Ultima the High Seraph

Speculation regarding the Heart of Sabik's connection to Ultima the High Seraph deepens during the Shadowbringers expansion. In the Sorrow of Werlyt trial series, Gaius van Baelsar, a key character, confronts figures from his past. This storyline introduces new elements, including Ruby and Emerald Weapons.

FFXIV Connections to Ultima the High Seraph Screenshot

It is revealed that the Heart of Sabik is, in fact, a fragment of black oracite—a substance employed to power the various Weapon series. Oracite can exist in synthetic or natural forms, possessing the uncanny ability to extract the essence of deceased individuals. Ruby Weapon, for example, harnesses the essence of Nail Van Darnus. The narrative strongly implies a connection between the Heart of Sabik and Ultima, the High Seraph, hinting at potential interactions between the Allagan Empire and this otherworldly entity, resulting in countless tragic events throughout history.


The Influence of Athena and La Habrea

In the Endwalker expansion's Pandemonium raid series, players are introduced to the ancient Athena, the chief keywarden of the Pandemonium facility and La Habrea's wife. Athena harbors an ambitious aspiration—to ascend to godhood, believing it could elevate the Ancients' magical and technological prowess. To achieve her goal, she conducts morally reprehensible experiments on her own people.

FFXIV The Influence of Athena and La Habrea Screenshot

Recognizing the grave danger posed by Athena's unbridled ambition, La Habrea intervenes. We discover that the Heart of Sabik played a pivotal role in influencing Athena's actions. She had encountered the stone before the construction of Pandemonium, christening it "oracite" due to its mysterious properties. Though she never revealed its true origin, La Habrea suspected it was not native to Atherus. The Heart of Sabik possesses immense power and influence, amplifying the desires of those who come into contact with it. Tragically, Athena's actions, driven by the Heart's insidious influence, ultimately lead to her demise at the hands of La Habrea.


The Current Whereabouts of the Heart

The Heart of Sabik's fate following the events in the Praetorium remains shrouded in mystery. However, in the aftermath of the Pandemonium raid series, it is disclosed that the Heart remains in the possession of Claudioun, a researcher of the Iatoscope and a shard of Eric Thonios's soul. Athena's essence imprinted her memories onto the Heart as a fail-safe mechanism, intended to facilitate interactions with her son, Eric Thonios, in the future. Athena had plotted to employ Eric Thonios as a vessel.

FFXIV The Current Whereabouts of the Heart Screenshot

Presently, Claudioun, manipulated by the Heart's malevolent influence, remains under its control. He speculates about the Heart's potential connection to Ultima the High Seraph and its unparalleled etheric properties. Claudioun believes that the Heart may have fueled countless tragedies throughout history, potentially linking the High Seraph to the Allagan Empire. His unwavering determination to study the Heart foreshadows future developments in the unfolding narrative.


Speculations and Future Plot Points

The revelations surrounding the Heart of Sabik leave us with numerous lingering questions. Athena's ancient encounter with the High Seraph and the allure of the Heart's power continue to be shrouded in mystery. Additionally, the precise moment when Hydaelyn sealed away Ultima remains uncertain. These unanswered queries, coupled with Claudioun's insatiable desire to study the Heart, suggest that future plot points are poised to further explore these enigmas.

FFXIV Speculations and Future Plot Points Screenshot

Given the Heart's ability to amplify the deepest desires of those who interact with it, caution is warranted. Drawing parallels to extraterrestrial forces seen in other Final Fantasy games, one might speculate on the Heart's potential connections to Jenova or the assimilation practices witnessed in Final Fantasy IX. As Final Fantasy XIV frequently borrows and reinterprets elements from the franchise, the future implications of the Heart of Sabik promise an exciting continuation of the ever-evolving narrative.



In the vast tapestry of Final Fantasy XIV, the Heart of Sabik stands as an enigmatic artifact, continuing to captivate players with its elusive nature and profound influence. As we delve deeper into its origins, its connection to Ultima the High Seraph, and its manipulation of pivotal characters like Athena and Claudioun, the plot thickens. The current whereabouts of the Heart and Claudioun's unwavering resolve to study it hint at future revelations and developments in the ever-expanding story. The Heart's extraordinary power to amplify desires creates a backdrop for potential conflicts and consequences, promising an engaging and thrilling continuation of the narrative in this beloved MMO.

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