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FFXIV Shadow Wolf Mount: What's unique?

Welcome to Mog Station cash shop guide for Final Fantasy XIV! Today, we'll be discussing the latest addition to the cash shop, the Shadow Wolf mount. This new mount offers account-wide access and comes with unique animations, making it a highly sought-after item. Let's dive into the details and explore this fearsome creature!


FFXIV Shadow Wolf Mount: What


Price and Availability

The Shadow Wolf mount is priced at £13.80 in the United Kingdom, $24 in the United States, €16.80 in Euros, and ¥2530 in Japanese Yen. Compared to single-character mounts, the price is slightly higher due to it being an account-wide mount.


Appearance and Lore

The Shadow Wolf mount is a nightmare creature born from the depths of darkness. While some believed it to be a reward for Blue Mage content in Patch 6.45, it is actually an independent addition to the Mog Station. The mount's appearance is directly inspired by the boss encountered in Eden's Promise: Litany (E10N) from the Shadowbringers expansion. With its detailed model and captivating animations, this mount is an impressive addition to your collection.



The Shadow Wolf mount boasts various animations that bring it to life. When summoned, a pool of black mist appears beneath it, adding to its eerie atmosphere. Unsummoning, the mount is accompanied by a powerful roar. As it moves, the mount showcases both walking and running animations, displaying its agility and grace.


Flight Animation

One of the highlights of the Shadow Wolf mount is its special flying animation. When transitioning into the flight, the mount emulates the boss's transformation in E10N. It rises onto its hind legs, displaying a menacing swipe-like motion. The transition between flight and ground movements is seamless, providing a captivating visual experience.


Unique Features

The Shadow Wolf mount includes some interesting details worth noting. Its eyes exhibit no signs of animosity towards the Warrior of Light, despite its sinister appearance. Additionally, the hidden text suggests that the wolf's fearsome nature diminishes when exposed to light, revealing a less intimidating side. Furthermore, the mount's tail wags vigorously while in flight, creating a whimsical and endearing effect.


Scale and Sizing

The Shadow Wolf mount maintains its size and proportions when used by different player character races. Whether you're a towering Roegadyn or a diminutive Lalafell, the mount scales accordingly, offering a consistent visual experience.


Mount Music

The mount features its own unique music, adding to the immersion and atmosphere. While it doesn't utilize the epic melodies of the Eden raid series, which fans adore, it incorporates the generic mount music from the Stormblood expansion. Despite limitations regarding the selection of music for specific mounts, the developers have carefully considered the choices to enhance the overall experience.



The Shadow Wolf mount is an impressive addition to the Mog Station cash shop. With its striking appearance, captivating animations, and account-wide accessibility, it appeals to collectors and mount enthusiasts alike. While some players may find the price and exclusive availability a drawback, the optional nature of cash shop items allows individuals to make their own choices. Whether you're captivated by the model, the animations, or the unique features, the Shadow Wolf mount promises to be a remarkable addition to your adventures in Eorzea.

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