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Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon: How to Craft?

Welcome to the world of Guild Wars 2, where the pursuit of legendary weapons is both a challenge and a triumph. Crafting these remarkable artifacts is a testament to your dedication, offering not only unparalleled power but also a canvas for your unique style. In this guide, we'll unravel the intricate process of creating legendary weapons, from understanding their benefits to gathering rare materials and personalizing your masterpiece. So, prepare to embark on an epic journey in Tyria as we delve into the art of crafting legendary gear.


Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon: How to Craft?


Benefits of Legendary Gear

Legendary gear shares the same stats as ascended gear but offers additional advantages. Here's why you might want to craft a legendary weapon:


Versatility Legendary weapons allow you to swap between different stat combinations at any time, even outside of combat. This flexibility enables you to adapt your gear to various playstyles and builds. Whether you're a warrior on the front lines or a support elementalist, a legendary weapon can cater to your needs.
Cost-Saving When you replace a sigil or infusion on a Guild Wars 2 legendary item, the previous one is preserved instead of permanently lost. This feature can save you a significant amount of gold when you frequently switch builds. It's an excellent way to experiment with different setups without worrying about costly investments.
Visual Appeal Legendaries come with unique skins, footstep effects, kill animations, and sometimes even special sounds. Additionally, you can change the theme of these legendaries, providing further customization options. Stand out in the world of Tyria with your distinctive and visually striking legendary weapon.


Choosing the Right Legendary Weapon

Before diving into the crafting process, you need to decide which legendary weapon you want to create. Consider the following factors:


Usability Select a weapon that is frequently used by your characters. For example, if most of your characters wield swords, crafting a legendary sword would be a practical choice. Make your investment count by ensuring that the weapon suits your preferred playstyle.
Gear Swapping If you often switch gear between characters, focus on the weapon used in the majority of your weapon sets. This reduces the burden of constant gear swapping and allows you to enjoy the benefits of your legendary across multiple characters.
Personal Preference If you have a specific weapon in mind that aligns with your playstyle or aesthetic preferences, go ahead and choose that legendary weapon. After all, crafting a legendary should also be an expression of your in-game identity.


Gathering Materials

To craft a legendary weapon, you'll need to gather several materials. Visit the Legendary Weapons section of the Guild Wars 2 wiki and select your desired weapon to find a breakdown of the required components. Here are some examples of common materials and their sources:

  • Jade Runestones: Found in treasure chests scattered around Cantha or obtained from Hero's Choice chests. Keep an eye out for these elusive items as you explore the beautiful landscapes of the game.
  • Chunks of Pure Jade: Mined in various locations, with Dragon's End being a good source. It can also be purchased from the trading post. Get your pickaxe ready and embark on a mining adventure to collect these valuable chunks.
  • Chunk of Ancient Ambergris: Obtained through fishing-related activities and events in the Seitung Province. Dive into the world of fishing in Guild Wars 2 and uncover the treasures hidden beneath the waves.
  • Blessing of the Jade Empress: Acquired from Myeong-hee in Xinjiang Monastery. Requires four Jade Statuettes as a tribute, which can be obtained from the trading post or rewards. Pay your respects and receive the blessings of the Jade Empress.
  • Mystic Clovers: These can be obtained from login rewards or purchased from various merchants. Craftable if needed. These mystical components will add an extra touch of magic to your legendary weapon.
  • Amalgamated Draconic Lodestones: These can be purchased from the trading post or crafted using specific recipes. Forge the power of the dragons into your weapon with these rare lodestones.
  • Gifts of Condensed Might and Magic: Crafted by combining smaller gifts made by artificers, huntsmen, or weaponsmiths. Craftsmanship is essential in the creation of legendary weapons.
  • Various Gifts: Kantha, Echovolt, New Caning, Dragon's End, etc., obtained through map completion or specific activities. Explore the world of Tyria and complete activities to receive these unique gifts.


Additional Customization Options

Once you have crafted your legendary weapon, you can further customize it by unlocking additional skins and effects. You can change the theme of your weapon to match the other Elder Dragons by completing optional achievements. These achievements will test your skills and dedication, and the rewards are well worth the effort.



Crafting a legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2 is a long-term project that requires patience and dedication. By following this guide and consulting the GW2 wiki for specific weapon requirements, you can embark on the journey to create your dream weapon. Remember to enjoy the process and savour the feeling of wielding a legendary weapon in the world of Tyria! Your efforts will not only enhance your gameplay but also make you a legendary figure in the eyes of your fellow adventurers. Best of luck on your legendary crafting journey!

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