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New World Ice Gauntlet Guide: Tips and Strategies | 2023

Welcome to our detailed guide on the Ice Gauntlet in New World! This ranged weapon is perfect for those who favour intelligence-based builds and enjoy short to mid-range combat. In this guide, we'll delve into the scaling, essential notes, skills, and abilities associated with the Ice Gauntlet. Furthermore, we'll share invaluable tips and strategies to elevate your gameplay with this formidable weapon.


New World Ice Gauntlet Guide: Tips and Strategies | 2023



The Ice Gauntlet thrives in the hands of characters focusing on intelligence. Just like the Fire Staff, it relies on mana for both attacks and spells. Your intelligence stat directly enhances the damage output of the Ice Gauntlet, making it crucial to invest in this attribute.



  • Mana Consumption: Every light and heavy attack, as well as spells, consumes mana. Efficiently managing your mana is paramount, especially during the early stages of the game. To cope with this demand, consider using mana potions until you acquire passives that either boost mana efficiency or increase spell damage.
  • Ice Damage Advantage: Ice damage proves highly effective against early-game enemies, particularly undead foes, which are vulnerable to this damage type. Animals, on the other hand, are neutral to ice damage and take regular damage. Make the most of this advantage by dealing extra damage to undead and standard damage to animals in the early game.



Wind Chill:

  • Description: Wind Chill is a short channel ability that pushes enemies back while inflicting damage.
  • Recommendation: Due to the risk of interruption and the relatively low damage output compared to its mana cost, Wind Chill is not recommended for regular use.


Ice Spikes:

  • Description: Ice Spikes release a trail of ice with a substantial pillar emerging from the ground, causing damage in a small area of effect (AOE).
  • Recommendation: Ice Spikes can be challenging to use effectively, but they deal more damage than standard attacks. Aim to hit enemies with the primary spike to maximize damage, making it particularly effective against multiple enemies.


Ice Storm:

  • Description: Ice Storm is a potent AOE ability that deals damage over time, slows enemies, and can be upgraded to increase its damage further.
  • Recommendation: Considered the best ability in the Ice Gauntlet tree, Ice Storm shines in dungeons and PvP when facing groups of foes. Upgrading this ability enhances its damage and causes targets to take more damage, making it a fantastic choice. It synergizes well with the capstone and benefits other players' ice damage.


Critical Rejuvenation:

  • Description: Critical Rejuvenation restores mana upon landing critical hits.
  • Recommendation: Since effective mana management is critical, this passive proves invaluable by providing mana upon critical hits. It's a must-have for sustaining mana during intense combat situations.


Gathering Storm:

  • Description: Gathering Storm increases the chances of triggering three consecutive light attacks, significantly improving mana management.
  • Recommendation: This passive is a game-changer for mana management, especially during light attacks. Prioritize acquiring this ability early to ensure efficient spellcasting.



Ice Shower:

  • Description: Ice Shower deploys a sheet of ice in a line, causing crowd control and slowing enemies.
  • Recommendation: This defensive ability creates a protective barrier in front of you, hindering the approach of enemies. It proves highly effective against melee opponents and rushing foes.


Ice Pylon:

  • Description: Ice Pylon places a turret-like summon on the ground that attacks enemies and provides buffs when you stand near it.
  • Recommendation: Acting as both a defensive turret and a self-buff, Ice Pylon is a versatile skill. Upgrading the capstone increases the radius of the buff area. Utilize passives like Quick Frost, Powered Frost, and Refreshing Frost to benefit from reduced spell costs and mana regeneration when near the pylon.



  • Description: Entombed encases you in ice, offering temporary protection, cleansing debuffs, and increasing defense.
  • Recommendation: Valuable as a defensive ability in PvP scenarios, especially when focused by multiple enemies. It can interrupt enemies' momentum and provide a window for counterattacks. Remember that it can be cancelled early by pressing the button again.



  • Combine with Other Weapons: Since the Ice Gauntlet scales with intelligence, consider pairing it with other intelligence-scaling weapons like the Fire Staff, Rapier, or Musket to diversify your playstyle and take full advantage of your attribute investments.
  • Mana Management: Place a strong focus on acquiring passives and using the Ice Pylon to enhance your mana management. Stand near the pylon to reduce spell costs and regenerate mana during combat.
  • Armour Selection: Opt for light armour to increase your damage output by 20%. Prioritize maximizing spell damage and evading enemy hits to ensure your effectiveness in combat.


Remember that the key to success with the Ice Gauntlet is adapting your playstyle to your preferred build and personal preferences. Feel free to experiment with different skills and abilities to find the setup that suits your playstyle best.



The Ice Gauntlet is a versatile ranged weapon in New World, offering crowd control, AOE damage, and defensive capabilities. Its proficiency against the undead and effectiveness in early-game encounters make it a solid choice. With proper mana management and skill selection, the Ice Gauntlet can become a powerful asset in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Master this weapon, and you'll be a formidable force on the battlefield!

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