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Top 5 Most Useless Skills in The Elder Scrolls Online, 2023

In The Elder Scrolls Online, players have access to a vast array of skills and abilities, each designed to cater to different playstyles and roles. However, not all skills are created equal, and some find themselves relegated to the sidelines due to their limited effectiveness or niche application. In this guide, we will delve into the top 5 most useless skills in ESO as of 2023, dissecting their shortcomings and explaining why they are seldom utilized by players. It's important to note that our critique of these skills is not meant to condemn them but rather to emphasize the need for class balance and skill improvements in ESO.


Top 5 Most Useless Skills in The Elder Scrolls Online, 2023


1. Rune Prison

Skill Line: Dark Magic (Used by Sorcerers)

Issues: Rune Prison primary flaw lies in its inability to provide crowd control immunity, making it an unattractive choice in PvP (Player vs. Player) situations. In PvP, stun effects should be strategically employed to set up burst damage, but Rune Prison's three-second delay gives opponents ample time to react or counter the stun. Furthermore, the defensive morph, Defensive Rune, needs more immediate impact of other offensive stun skills.

Recommendation: To make Rune Prison more viable, it could be reworked to provide crowd control immunity or have its delay reduced, ensuring it can be used effectively in fast-paced PvP scenarios.


2. Ransack

Skill Line: Sword and Board (Used by Tanks)

Issues: While Ransack may appear useful with its Major Breach debuff on enemies, its minor protection bonus is overshadowed by other means of obtaining it. The introduction of Pierce Armor, which provides both minor and major breaches, rendered Ransack obsolete for tanking. Tanks now prioritize Pierce Armor or other undaunted taunts due to their superior group benefits.

Recommendation: Ransack could be revamped to offer unique utility or debuffs to make it a competitive choice for tanks once more.


3. Sturdy Horn

Skill Line: Undaunted (Used by All Classes)

Issues: Sturdy Horn is another skill that needs to be improved in terms of utility. While it has the potential to provide valuable bonuses such as increased max stats and critical resistance, these benefits pale in comparison to other available options. The addition of innate critical resistance and other sets that offer similar bonuses has diminished the appeal of Sturdy Horn. A potential rework focusing on armour bonuses could make this skill more appealing.

Recommendation: Sturdy Horn could be overhauled to provide more substantial and unique benefits that set it apart from other group buffs.


4. Steel Tornado

Skill Line: Dual Wield (Used by Stamina DPS)

Issues: Steel Tornado, once a popular choice, has been overshadowed by the Whirling Blades morph. Whirling Blades simply outperforms Steel Tornado in terms of damage output, especially during execution phases. While Steel Tornado boasts a larger range, it can be substituted by other skills or even stealth detection potions. Despite its appealing visuals and audio effects, the skill's lackluster damage makes it unattractive for both PvP and PvE.

Recommendation: To make Steel Tornado more appealing, its damage output could be increased or unique utility added to make it a viable alternative to Whirling Blades.


5. Entirety of Werewolf

Skill Line: Werewolf (Used by All Classes)

Issues: The final entry on our list is the entire Werewolf skill line. Over the years, Werewolf has lost its appeal and functionality, especially when compared to other available options for players. It no longer provides the power fantasy it once did and is now considered underwhelming. Werewolf needs help finding a place in both PvP and PvE, offering limited benefits for DPS, tanking, or healing roles. The skill line lacks synergy with class abilities and feels weaker compared to alternatives like the Vampire skill line.

Recommendation: The Werewolf skill line requires a comprehensive overhaul to make it competitive with other skill lines and offer unique gameplay experiences to those who choose it.



While the skills mentioned in this guide may have niche uses or appeal to some players, the consensus is that they need to catch up to other options available in The Elder Scrolls Online as of 2023. Our aim with this guide is to shed light on their weaknesses and advocate for a review and improvement of class balance, skill lines, and ESO item sets. We hope that future updates will bring about a rebalancing of these skills and sets, enhancing the overall gameplay experience for all ESO players. Stay tuned for potential changes and improvements as the game evolves.

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