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ESO Necrom Golden Vendors: Best Items and Furnishings, 2023

In this guide, we will explore the offerings of the Golden Vendors in Elder Scrolls Online for the year 2023, specifically focusing on the items available from the Necrom Golden Vendors. We will discuss the items available from the Hollow City Golden Vendor and delve into the selection of powerful and sought-after items. Whether you are looking to enhance your home or acquire valuable gear for your character, this guide will provide you with insights into the best items offered by the Golden Vendors.



ESO Necrom Golden Vendors: Best Items and Furnishings, 2023


The Hollow City Golden Vendor

Let's start with the Hollow City Golden Vendor, located in Coldharbour. This vendor offers a diverse range of items, including furnishing pieces and decorative items for your home. Here are some notable items available from this vendor:

  • Candle (2,500 gold): A cost-effective furnishing item that adds ambiance to your home.
  • Rug (5,000 gold): A decorative rug that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living space.
  • Well (10,000 gold): An animated well furnishing with built-in lighting, perfect for creating a captivating atmosphere in your home.
  • Urn of Goldness (15,000 gold): A golden urn that adds an air of luxury and elegance to any room.
  • Canopy (5,000 gold): A decorative canopy that adds a touch of grandeur to your outdoor areas.
  • Redguard Rain Catcher (35,000 gold): A golden rain catcher, ideal for creating a visually stunning garden or courtyard.
  • Big Old Tent (100,000 gold): Spacious tents that provide a cozy and comfortable resting place for you and your friends.
  • Redguard Window Iron Lattice (20,000 gold): A decorative lattice window that adds architectural charm to your home.

While all the items offered by the Hollow City Golden Vendor are valuable, the animated well and the big old tent stand out as particularly exceptional furnishing items. The animated well's unique lighting feature adds a captivating element to any room, while the big old tent offers a generous space for relaxation and socializing.


The Necrom Golden Vendor

Moving on to the Necrom Golden Vendor, we will explore the powerful gear and valuable items available from this vendor. Let's take a closer look at the highlighted items:


Leeching Set

If you participate in PvP and have encountered opponents who seem nearly invincible, you're likely familiar with the leeching set. This popular set is highly effective for PvP tanks, offering substantial self-healing capabilities. While it may not be a set you can sell, it's an invaluable asset for PvP enthusiasts.


Pillar of Nirn Set

Considered one of the best PvE sets in the game, the Pillar of Nirn necklace is a must-have for any DPS-focused player looking to excel in PvE content. This set provides exceptional bonuses and enhances your damage output significantly. If you're serious about PvE, this necklace is a game-changer.


Spriggan's Thorns Set

Known for its versatility, Spriggan's Thorns is often regarded as one of the best no-CP sets available. It grants substantial offensive penetration for both stamina and spell damage, making it a solid choice for any player looking to optimize their damage output. This set is particularly useful for those who prefer consistent performance over proc-based sets.


Warrior-Poet Set

The Warrior-Poet set shines in PvP scenarios, especially for those who enjoy playing max health builds. It offers great survivability and synergizes well with abilities based on total max health. While its primary focus is PvP, it can also be a valuable set for PvE content that requires durable tanking capabilities.


Grothdarr Set

The Grothdarr set falls under the category of niche sets, primarily finding its place in flame-based builds. Templars and Dragonknights can particularly benefit from this set in PvP engagements. While its usage in PvE content may be limited, the visual effect of surrounding yourself in lava is undeniably captivating.


The Coast Set

Last but not least, we have The Coast set. This unique set's shoulder piece offers a fascinating effect when you bash an enemy, weakening them. While it may not be universally applicable, some players find utility in certain farming scenarios or encounters where survivability becomes a priority.



The Necrom Golden Vendors of 2023 in ESO offer an impressive array of ESO items, ranging from exquisite furnishing pieces to powerful gear sets. The Hollow City Golden Vendor presents appealing furnishing options to enhance your home's ambiance, including the standout animated well and the spacious big old tent. On the other hand, the Necrom Golden Vendor presents sought-after gear sets, such as Leeching, Pillar of Nirn, Spriggan's, Warrior Poet, Grothdarr's Shoulders, and Coastal Epaulettes.

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