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New World Craftable PVP Gear Guide: Open World PvP Loot, Perks and 3 News Track Sets

Welcome to a comprehensive guide on the new PvP gear options available in New World. With the latest update, a new feature has been introduced where players can craft PvP gear, opening up various avenues to acquire different gear sets. These sets can be obtained through the PvP track, faction shop, and even from open-world PvP. This guide will walk you through all the different options and help you navigate the PvP gear landscape.



New World Craftable PVP Gear Guide: Open World PvP Loot, Perks and 3 News Track Sets


Faction Shop Update

Let's start with the faction shop, where you can find a range of new gear and rewards. In the lowest tier, you'll find gathering editions that offer Marauder gathering tools and mastery rewards for new world trading tokens and gold for specific gathering XP. These rewards are still being balanced on the PTR, so the costs and XP values may change.


Moving up the tiers, you'll find higher versions of the gear that provide more XP and have slightly higher costs. In the Commander tier, you'll notice a significant overhaul with all the gear set at 580 gear score. This includes armour and faction-specific armour sets with the same perks as normal armour. Additionally, you can purchase replica sets for your faction, which are essentially skin sets available for gold and tokens. This is a unique addition, as skins are typically tied to specific events. The pricing may seem steep, but it eliminates the need for transmog tokens if you want the classic faction to look.

New World Faction Shop Update Screenshot

Other items available in the faction shop include the Shot of Pride, ultimate trophies, and gathering grand caches. The Shot of Pride is related to the banner fragment and offers various bonuses. The ultimate trophies are discussed elsewhere, but they can also be found in the faction shop. Lastly, the grand gathering caches provide the highest XP rewards, making them valuable for PvP levelling purposes.


Craftable PvP Gear & Sellable PvP Resources (Open World)

Moving to the forge, players can craft PvP replicas using banner fragments and shots of pride. While these items can technically be purchased from the faction shop, it's recommended to obtain them through open-world PvP. Killing other players in the open world, PvP has a chance to drop banner fragments and shots of pride, making them valuable resources. These items can be sold on the trading post, allowing players to farm materials for others to craft PvP gear and make money through PvP.

New World Craftable PvP Gear & Sellable PvP Resources Screenshot

Crafting these PvP replicas instead of normal or calcium gear provides certain advantages. These replicas have a higher chance to roll desirable perks for PvP, as they do not include PvE perks like Bane, Kind Hated, and Model perks. This means the rolls for PvP replicas are slightly better in terms of getting combinations that are useful for PvP. While not a significant improvement, it offers a better chance to roll perks that players care about for PvP purposes.


Craftable PvP Gear for Easier BiS in PvE (Open World)

Interestingly, even if you prefer PvE content, the new craftable PvP gear may offer better options than the usual gear rolls. This is because it eliminates unwanted perks like "well-kindled," "hated," or "model," which are generally considered to be less useful. By using craft mods, players can lock specific perks on their weapons, increasing the chances of getting more useful ones.

New World Craftable PvP Gear for Easier BiS in PvE Screenshot

However, not all perks are great, and there are still some less desirable ones, like runes. When it comes to armour, players have a slightly higher chance of rolling perks like "resilient," but there are no perks related to corruption resistance or reinforced gathering. Despite this, the availability of weapon perks for both PvP and PvE is a significant improvement and can enhance players' builds.


New Open World PvP Gear Drops & Reward Changes

Open-world PvP now offers more consistent rewards, granting 800 PvP XP and Asos Salt by default after being active in PvP for 10 minutes. The previous scaling system from 100 to 1600 no longer exists, resulting in a fairer and more rewarding experience. Additionally, there are new drops from open-world PvP kills, specifically the "brutish" gear (not the crafted replica).

New World New Open World PvP Gear Drops & Reward Changes Screenshot

However, the current gear drops range from 500 to 510 gear scores and do not scale with expertise. It is hoped that future updates will address this issue, allowing gear drops to scale up to 600 gear scores. If that happens, players have a chance to obtain high-quality gear without PvE perks, making open-world PvP an enticing option for acquiring top-tier equipment.


New Prestige Gear (PvP Track)

The PvP track introduces prestige sets, which offer unique gear for players to earn. These sets come with "resilient" locks as a perk, making them highly valuable. The gear obtained from the PvP track can only roll single attributes, with different chances for each attribute. For example, medium boots have a higher chance to roll Constitution (CON) and Dexterity (DEX) due to "resilient" not being in the craft pool.

New World New Prestige Gear Screenshot

Notably, refreshing is the most likely perk to appear, alongside refreshing ward, refreshing evasion, freedom vigour, invigorated, shocking fortification (physical and elemental versions), and shirking heals. The availability of these desirable perks makes the prestige gear appealing to players who favour specific playstyles. Additionally, the prestige gear excludes many less useful ability perks found in PvE-focused gear.


Predator Weapons (PvP Track)

The Predator Weapons are part of the PvP track rewards and offer powerful options for PvP encounters. Each weapon in this set comes with the Vicious perk. While this perk may not be ideal for all weapons like the Blunderbuss or Greatsword, it can be highly effective for most weapons, especially those that can break through the resilient cap. It's important to note that certain weapons, such as the Spear, can make better use of the Vicious perk with the right attribute investments. Additionally, the shield options available, including the Round Shield, Kite Shield, and Tower Shield, offer different perks like Ref, Move, and Sure Footing.

New World Predator Weapons Screenshot

The perk buckets for the Predator Weapons are quite interesting, with a high chance for perks like Keen. However, some weapons have a higher chance for specific perks that are more useful in PvP, such as Insatiable Graph Oil, Infidelic Maelstrom, and Crippling Reap. It's worth mentioning that while some perks may not be optimal for certain weapons, they can still be helpful for newer players. Achievements also play a role in obtaining attunements, with a reasonable chance to roll attunement perks on the weapon. Overall, the Predator Weapons are a solid choice for gearing up in PvP, providing beginner-level gear and the potential for best-in-slot rolls.


"Grand" Armor Set (PvP Track)

The "Grand" Armor Set is another set of rewards obtainable from the PvP track. This set consists of the Grand Overseer set and the visually impressive Skull and Boneset. These sets offer the majority of gear pieces that can be considered best-in-slot or very close to it when paired with the corresponding damage-type weapon. The armour sets are locked to a single attribute, adding to their specialization.

New World Grand Armor Set Screenshot

When it comes to perk availability, the "Grand" Armor Sets prioritize PvP-specific perks, omitting any PvE-related perks. The chances for perks vary depending on the armour weight class. For example, the heavy version offers high chances for Freedom and Refreshing Ward, while the medium version provides higher chances for Shocking Fortification. The light armour set's chances are similar to the heavy version but have a more balanced distribution. It's important to note that these armour sets do not include weapon-specific perks, limiting the options for obtaining specific weapon-related bonuses.



The introduction of craftable PvP gear, open-world PvP loot, and the new PvP track sets in New World have significantly expanded the options available to players for acquiring and customizing their PvP gear. With the wealth of options available, New World players now have a comprehensive PvP gear landscape to navigate. Whether they choose to craft, acquire through open-world PvP, or progress through the PvP track, they can tailor their gear sets to suit their playstyles and engage in thrilling PvP encounters with confidence.

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