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New World Sandworm Raid Update: Difficulty Increase & Adjusted Mechanics Guide

In this guide, we will delve into the recent adjustments and changes made to the Sandworm Raid in New World. The game's developers have listened to player feedback and identified certain issues with the raid's difficulty and mechanics. As a result, they have implemented significant changes to address these concerns. The primary goal is to elevate the raid experience by making it more challenging, promoting diverse roles and strategies, and fostering effective communication among team members. 



New World Sandworm Raid Update: Difficulty Increase & Adjusted Mechanics Guide


Difficulty Adjustment

The developers have recognized the necessity to increase the raid's difficulty significantly. They aim to transform the Sandworm Raid into a more traditional raid experience, with clearly defined roles such as tank, off-tank, healer, ranged DPS, and melee DPS. This shift in difficulty will be achieved by introducing intricate mechanics that demand precise coordination and communication within the raid team. The ultimate objective is to create a more engaging and rewarding raid encounter.


Adjusted Mechanics

The heart of the difficulty increase lies in the refined mechanics of the Sandworm Raid:


  • Pressure Plates: One of the standout additions to the raid will be pressure plates strategically placed throughout the encounter area. These plates will have the dual purpose of empowering your team and weakening the boss. As you progress, you will need to master the art of using these pressure plates to your advantage. They will provide additional buff mechanics, possibly sourced from defeated mobs. To successfully complete the raid, you and your team will need to coordinate your movements and positioning to optimize the utilization of these pressure plates.
  • Role-specific Tasks: To succeed in the Sandworm Raid, players will need to embrace their designated roles more than ever. Tanks will focus on managing aggro and mitigating damage, healers will prioritize the team's survivability, and DPS players must maximize their damage output. Each role's contributions will be vital to defeating the boss, emphasizing teamwork and synergy within the group.


Feedback and Improvements

Initial feedback from players who participated in the adjusted raid encounters highlighted the importance of coordination and the influence of an experienced shot caller. The developers were pleased to witness how players willingly took on their assigned roles and how other team members seamlessly filled in when required, especially when handling pressure plates. However, there were areas identified by the community that needed improvement:


Increased Difficulty

The developers acknowledged the need for the raid to be even more challenging. They plan to adjust the boss's behaviour and attacks to render certain strategies less safe and riskier. This includes addressing the issue of melee players grouping together to engage the boss with minimal risk. The intention is to introduce mechanics that pose greater threats and force players to adapt their approach accordingly.


Slowing the Fight

Strategies that involve dragging out the fight to minimize risk will be penalized. Over time, the boss will gain strength, potentially overwhelming groups that take too long to defeat it. This change aims to discourage prolonged encounters and reward groups that can maintain consistent and efficient DPS.


Sandworm Changes on PTR

The developers expressed their enthusiasm about players' reactions to the tuning changes made in the Public Test Realm (PTR). Another PTR phase is expected, giving players the opportunity to test the new adjustments and provide invaluable feedback. This iterative process ensures that the raid is thoroughly tested and refined before its release to the live environment.


Weaken/Empower/Rend Changes

The developers emphasize the importance of utilizing debuffs like Weakness and Rends in the raid. They intend to integrate these mechanics from the outset, encouraging players to employ diverse weapon loadouts and strategies. Specifics regarding these changes, whether for the Sandworm raid or future content, are yet to be clarified, so stay tuned for updates.


Raid Preparation

To prepare for the Sandworm Raid, players are advised to acquire Beastward and Bane potions, along with Acid Tinctures. While the use of Acid Tinctures is currently more of a backup option, their effectiveness may increase depending on the tuning adjustments. Additionally, players may need to consider alternative options or coatings based on the balance changes introduced by the developers.


Future Raid Content

The developers are genuinely interested in hearing from the community about the core mechanics they enjoy and what they would like to see in future raid content. Players are encouraged to share their feedback and suggestions to contribute to the evolution of New World's raiding experience.



The Sandworm Raid in New World is undergoing significant adjustments and difficulty enhancements based on valuable player feedback. The developers are committed to making the raid more challenging and dynamic, promoting diverse roles within raid groups, and encouraging effective teamwork. With adjustments to mechanics, debuffs, and preparation requirements, the raid experience is set to become more engaging and rewarding. Stay tuned for updates and participate in the PTR phases to provide your invaluable feedback before the raid's release to the live environment. Your contributions will help shape the future of New World's raiding experiences.

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