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ESO Necrom Chapter Best Classes For Solo PvE: Tier List and Ranking

Welcome back, fellow adventurers! With the release of the Necrom Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online, it's time to revisit our Solo PvE Tier List for 2023. In this guide, we will be evaluating all classes, including the new Magic and Stamina Arcanist class. Now, let's embark on our journey through the best solo PvE classes in the Elder Scrolls Online Necrom Chapter!


ESO Necrom Chapter Best Classes For Solo PvE: Tier List and Ranking


Magicka Dragonknight (C- Tier)

Ironically, we start with one of the best overall DPS classes in the game, the Magicka Dragonknight. However, for solo PvE content, it falls into the C Minus tier. The class excels in long-lasting fights, such as trials that last several minutes. But in short encounters like VMA and Vateshran Hollows, where fights last 10-15 seconds, the class struggles to shine. The main spam ability, Whip, drains both Magicka and Stamina, making it challenging to sustain resources when playing solo. While the class can compensate for its lack of healing and sustain with specific gear sets like Pale Order or False Gods, it is not recommended for beginners or average players in solo PvE.


Magicka Necromancer (C Tier)

Next up, we have the Magicka Necromancer, ranking in at the C tier. This class relies heavily on Damage over time effects, particularly Blastbones, which requires constant casting and management. While it performs well in group-oriented PvE content like trials, it needs to improve in solo play due to its clunky and complex gameplay mechanics. The class also lacks efficient resource sustain and encourages hybridization with stamina-based skills, making the Stamina Necromancer a more powerful choice for solo PvE. Unless you have a high skill level and are willing to invest time in mastering the class, it's best to explore other options.


Stamina Warden (C Tier)

The Stamina Warden finds its place at the C Plus tier on our list. This class has always struggled with weak resource sustain, hindering its solo PvE performance. Furthermore, the magic Warden version of the class outshines its stamina counterpart, thanks to the increased Damage Done provided by the Piercing Cold passive when wielding an ice staff. While some players enjoy playing a bow Stamina Warden, overall, the class's damage output and survivability could be better compared to other options in solo arenas.


Stamina Dragonknight (B Tier)

Coming in at B tier, we have the Stamina Dragonknight. Similar to its Magicka counterpart, the Stamina Dragonknight excels in endgame group PvE content. It boasts impressive survivability, long-lasting Damage over time effects, and a powerful ultimate for raw Damage. However, in solo PvE, the class needs the right gear sets and myths that support its sustained healing. Constantly opting for weaker morph choices and having to heal more frequently than other classes hampers the overall experience. It's a fantastic choice for endgame PvE and trials but not recommended for beginners or those seeking an easier solo PvE journey.


Magicka Warden (B Tier)

The Magicka Warden earns a spot in the B tier on our list thanks to its excellent class identity and versatility. The class's passive ice staff provides additional Damage, allowing players to engage in medium, close, or long-range combat using abilities like Deep Fissure. However, resource sustain remains a challenge, and the class often leans towards becoming a buff bot, loading up on animal companion abilities to maximize Damage. When attempting to incorporate stamina-based skills, players encounter issues with breaking free, dodging, sprinting, and blocking. While the Magicka Warden is superior to the Stamina Warden in solo PvE, there are still better options available.


Stamina Nightblade (B Tier)

The Stamina Nightblade secures its position in B tier, showcasing its main strength in single-target Damage. Bursty and capable of nuking down enemies, the class relies heavily on light attacks and the Merciless Resolve ability. However, this dependency on light attacks makes it challenging for players to unleash the class's full potential consistently. Additionally, the stamina-based Nightblade lacks the healing capabilities of its magicka counterpart, which we highly recommend for players seeking a ranged class in solo PvE. While the Stamina Nightblade offers diverse playstyles, it may not deliver optimal results for the average player.


Stamina Nightblade (B Tier)

The Stamina Nightblade excels in single-target Damage but relies heavily on light attacks for optimal performance. It offers bursty gameplay and good resource management for skilled players. However, it may not be suitable for average players who need help with timing light attacks. Additionally, the stamina version lacks healing compared to its magicka counterpart, which is more recommended for solo PvE players.


Magicka Arcanist (B+ Tier)

The Magicka Arcanist ranks slightly lower due to its lower survivability and more complex gameplay. It offers massive damage potential with abilities like Fake Carver but requires practice to aim and cancel animations effectively. Magicka Arcanists may need to hybridize their builds to sustain their resources, which can be challenging for average players. However, its flexible weapon choices and long-range playstyle make it a rewarding option for skilled players.


Stamina Templar (A- Tier)

The Stamina Templar is a straightforward and powerful class for solo PvE. It excels in both single-target and area-of-effect Damage with abilities like Biting Jabs and Radiating Glory. While it offers good resource sustain and great survivability, it requires playing in the melee range, which can pose challenges. Unlike its magicka counterpart, the stamina version lacks self-healing from the main spammable ability, making it slightly less favourable for some players.


Stamina Sorcerer (A Tier)

The Stamina Sorcerer is considered a slightly weaker version of the Magicka Sorcerer. It benefits from critical surge, which provides healing when dealing with critical Damage and allows for aggressive gameplay with lightning speed. However, it suffers from weaker resource sustain, pushing players towards using more magicka abilities. The stamina version's melee playstyle may make some players question its viability compared to the more versatile magicka version.


Magicka Nightblade (A Tier)

The Magicka Nightblade offers great survivability, range damage, and excellent ultimate generation. With abilities like Swallow Souls and Twisting Path, it provides consistent healing while dealing Damage. However, like the stamina Nightblade, it heavily relies on light attack weaving, which can be challenging for some players. Skilled players who can master light attack weaving will find the Magicka Nightblade to be a rewarding choice for solo PvE.


Stamina Necromancer (A+ Tier)

The Stamina Necromancer stands out with its hard-hitting Damage over time abilities, better resource sustain, and melee playstyle. Abilities like Ruinous Scythe and Carve provide excellent single-target and area-of-effect Damage, making it a versatile choice. While the class has a steep learning curve and a complex rotation for group PvE content, it shines in solo PvE. It offers good survivability, better resource management, and powerful AOE options.


Templar (S- tier)

The Templar secures the third spot in our tier list, sitting at an S- tier. The Magicka Templar excels in simplicity and versatility, utilizing Puncturing Sweeps as the main spammable ability. This class allows you to deal with Damage, heal yourself for a percentage of the Damage done, and perform well in both single-target and area-of-effect situations. However, the Templar requires melee range combat and may struggle with resource sustain.


Mag Sorcerer (S tier)

The Magicka Sorcerer takes second place in our tier list, also in the S tier. With abilities like Critical Surge and pets providing additional Damage and healing, the Mag Sorcerer offers great survivability. The class performs well at range, making it suitable for solo play. However, it lacks significant area-of-effect Damage, which can be mitigated by incorporating skills like Razor Caltrops and Mystic Orbs.


Stam Warden (S+ tier)

The Stamina Warden claims the top spot in our tier list, earning an S+ tier rating. This class excels in solo PvE, offering the best overall Damage, survivability, and resource sustain. The Stamina Warden has a simple and effective rotation, with abilities like Subterranean Assault and Cutting Dive providing high damage output. With the recent updates, the class has become extremely powerful, making it an excellent choice for solo players.


While the tier list provides a ranking of the best solo PvE classes in the ESO Necrom Chapter, it's important to note that individual playstyles and preferences may vary. Each class offers unique strengths and weaknesses, so feel free to experiment and find the one that suits your playstyle the most. Keep in mind that balance updates and changes can affect the rankings, so stay informed about the latest updates/

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