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Impact of ESO Necrom Chapter: Analyzing Player Trends and Perception

The release of the Necrom chapter in ESO has sparked discussions among players about its impact on the game's player base. In this detailed guide, we will delve into player trends and perceptions surrounding the Necrom chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online. We will analyze player counts over the years, explore the reasons behind the trends, and brainstorm potential factors contributing to the perceived decline in popularity. It is important to remember that ESO still offers an enjoyable experience with an active community, and this guide aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the situation.



Impact of ESO Necrom Chapter: Analyzing Player Trends and Perception


The New Chapter: Necrom

Necrom has been released for nearly two weeks on the PC platform at the time of writing. However, the initial hype around the chapter has waned quickly. Comparisons have been drawn to previous releases, with some players feeling that the new zones need to be more populated. Many players have expressed a sense of emptiness or a decline in activity within the game. Online forums and social media discussions have seen a mix of positive and negative feedback regarding Necrom and the new class it introduced.


Examining Player Trends

ESO Examining Player Trends Screenshot


Average Daily Player Count: Graphs and Statistics

To assess player trends, we will refer to data obtained from various websites that estimate player numbers based on social media engagement, followers, and other metrics. It is important to note that these estimations may not be 100% accurate, but by comparing different sources, we can gain valuable insights.


Analyzing the average daily player count over the past year, we observe fluctuations corresponding to DLC and chapter releases. It is interesting to note that the release of Update 35, which introduced significant changes to the game's combat system, resulted in a temporary decrease in player numbers. However, it is puzzling that one of the data sources shows an increase during that period, raising doubts about its accuracy. The holiday period and events such as the Jester Festival and Anniversary Event contributed to peaks in player numbers. However, the player base has remained relatively stable, with a slight decline after the release of Necrom.


Active Players Over the Past Five Years

Examining the total active players over the past five years, data collected from suggests that 2020 and 2021 were ESO's strongest years. Notably, Flames of Ambition and Blackwood generated record-high player numbers during these years.


Conversely, the release of High Isle performed poorly in comparison. The impact of Update 35 was particularly detrimental, causing a significant drop in player counts. Although the release of Necrom shows a positive trend, it is too early to determine its long-term effects on the player base.


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ESO's Aging Game and Monetization

ESO is a nine-year-old game, and player base decline is inevitable for a game of this age. However, it is crucial to recognize that the developers have not abandoned the game. New content continues to be released annually, indicating ongoing commitment.


Monetization strategies have evolved over the years, with some players speculating that increased monetization aims to compensate for declining player numbers. This shift in focus has led to concerns within the fanbase and could contribute to the decline in players.


Player Reception

Despite initial excitement surrounding the introduction of the Necromancer class, the overall sentiment within the player base has shifted. Many players found the class to be decent but not exceptional, lacking the game-changing impact that previous classes had. While opinions on the class may vary depending on playstyle and skill level, Necromancer did not live up to the high expectations set by its predecessor. The lack of excitement over the new class could be a contributing factor to why Necrom might have yet to be able to revive ESO to its former glory.


Another aspect that has contributed to the mixed reception of the new chapter is the storytelling and quest design. Some players have expressed disappointment with the quests and writing in ESO, feeling that they often follow predictable patterns and need more depth.


While the author acknowledges having yet to complete all the quests in the Necrom zone, it is clear that there is a desire for more engaging and immersive storytelling in the game. The reliance on nostalgia, revisiting familiar locations from previous Elder Scrolls titles, also has diminished the excitement for some players who were hoping for fresh and unique experiences.


Gear and Mythics

The introduction of new gear sets and mythic items has traditionally played a significant role in player engagement and the success of ESO chapters. However, the lack of standout gear sets and mythic in the Necrom chapter has raised concerns among the player base. Previous chapters introduced powerful sets and mythics that influenced the meta and drove player interest.


In contrast, the sets and mythics in Necrom created a different level of enthusiasm. This absence of game-changing gear items could have contributed to the chapter's perceived lack of success.


Outside Factors

Several external factors may have influenced the popularity of the Necrom chapter. The release of Diablo 4, which coincided with Necrom's launch on PC, may have diverted some players' attention. Additionally, ZeniMax's reputation, especially in light of Update 35 and a general decline in the player base, may have dissuaded some players from returning or trying out the new content.


Marketing and Promotion

The effectiveness of marketing and promotional efforts can greatly impact a game's success. While previous chapters like Blackwood and High Isle received extensive marketing campaigns, some players have noticed a need for similar promotions for Necrom. This could be a contributing factor to its perceived lower popularity compared to previous chapters.


Perception and Reputation

Players' perception of ESO and ZeniMax, shaped by past experiences and recent updates, can influence their decision to engage with new content. The class, story, zones, mythics, and trials offered in Necrom, coupled with players' opinions on Update 35, have likely affected the chapter's reception.


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Positive Aspects of the New Chapter

Despite the concerns mentioned, there are still several positive aspects of the Necrom chapter. The new zones, particularly Apocrypha, are beautifully crafted and showcase attention to detail. The new mount design and the introduction of Bastion Mimics have also been well-received by players. Furthermore, the addition of challenging overland content, such as the Sanity's Edge trial, offers a fresh experience for players seeking greater difficulty.



The impact of Necrom on ESO's player base remains to be seen. This article aimed to present a balanced view of the situation, acknowledging concerns while highlighting positive aspects of the new chapter. While the player counts in ESO may have faced fluctuations, recent trends suggest a positive trajectory. It is essential to give Necrom some time to gauge its true success. Factors like the class, story, zones, and reputation of ESO and ZeniMax have likely influenced the chapter's reception. Despite any shortcomings, Necrom offers enjoyable content, and players considering a return to ESO are encouraged to give it a try.

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