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Guild Wars 2 Decoding the June 28th Patch: Class Changes and Player Reactions

In this guide, we will delve into the Guild Wars 2 June 28th patch and explore the changes it brought to specific classes: the Druid, Scourge, Heal Scrapper, and Herald. We will address the concerns raised by players and discuss the implications of these changes on gameplay and class dynamics. It is important to note that this guide aims to provide an overview and understanding of the changes rather than taking a stance on whether they are positive or negative.



Guild Wars 2 Decoding the June 28th Patch: Class Changes and Player Reactions


Druid Changes

The patch introduced significant changes to the Druid class. Previously, Druids were able to provide mini boons and healing while in their normal form. Additionally, they had access to the astral form, which allowed them to deliver powerfully heals and supportive abilities in emergencies or planned situations. However, the new changes have shifted the gameplay for Druids in an unfavourable way.


Alacrity and Astral Form

One of the main issues with the new changes is the requirement to enter an astral form to deliver alacrity and certain boons. This forces Druids to constantly switch in and out of astral form, resulting in a repetitive and frustrating playstyle. It also diminishes the ability to provide timely heals or respond to unexpected events. The necessity to spend huge heals when they are not required to maintain buffs exacerbates the problem.


Protection and Might

Previously, maintaining protection was as simple as using Stone Spirit, while Sun Spirit provided vigour. However, with the recent changes, Druids now need to juggle multiple mechanics to sustain these boons. For example, they have to use the F2 skill of their pet, combine it with the invigorating bond trait, and consider cooldowns affected by alacrity. This complexity makes it challenging to keep track of necessary actions and can lead to suboptimal gameplay.


Scourge Changes

The patch also impacted the Scourge class, primarily affecting its revival capabilities and alacrity provision through barrier application.


Revival Nerfs

Scourges have experienced a reduction in their revival effectiveness. While they still possess good revival abilities compared to other classes, they are notably weaker than before. This change has implications for group content where efficient reviving is crucial.


Alacrity and Barrier

Scourges now provide alacrity by pumping barrier. This means that every time they grant a barrier, a small amount of alacrity is applied. However, sustaining alacrity requires constant key presses and careful management of cooldowns. This playstyle can conflict with scenarios where barriers should be saved for critical moments, such as in encounters like Veil Guardian.


Heal Scrapper Changes

The heal Scrapper has been a popular choice for providing healing, quickness, and other boons to the team. Previously, the playstyle involved activating gyros to grant quickness to the team, which required continuously using the healing skill, resulting in inefficient gameplay.


The new changes introduced in the patch aimed to address this issue by shifting the quickness application to leap or blast finishers. While this change has potential, some players have expressed concerns about the implementation. The addition of a blast finisher to the function gyro, a skill primarily used for reviving or stomping in PvP, has caused frustration among players. It feels counterintuitive to waste such a crucial skill to gain a few seconds of quickness.


Additionally, the reliance on specific weapon sets for the heal Scrapper build has limited build diversity. The need to use a hammer to generate additional leap finishers means sacrificing the shield, which provides protection to the team. This trade-off puts heal Scrappers in a difficult position, where they have to choose between maintaining the same level of quickness and providing ample protection.


These changes have made the gameplay for heal Scrappers more convoluted, requiring a significant number of combos and skill rotations to keep quickness up. Players have voiced their concerns about the disparity between classes that can provide quickness effortlessly and those that now have to jump through hoops to achieve the same outcome.


Herald Changes

The Herald class, which excelled at maintaining boons on the team, has also undergone alterations in the patch. Previously, a Herald could efficiently keep boons up by staying in the glint stance and using specific skills. However, the recent changes introduced a draining energy bar mechanic for applying quickness, necessitating more frequent stance swapping and energy management.


This new gameplay design has raised concerns among players. The constant energy drain and forced stance swapping disrupt the flow of combat, making it challenging to provide boons consistently. For example, if you need the projectile block from the centaur stance while in glint, you may have to wait until the cooldown is over, hindering your ability to support the team effectively.


The changes to Herald have deviated from its previous playstyle, which allowed for more efficient boon management. The new mechanic adds unnecessary complexity and restricts the class's versatility in certain encounters, as players are forced to adhere to strict cooldowns and energy management.


It is essential to note that player feedback plays a vital role in shaping the game's future updates. ArenaNet, the developers of Guild Wars 2, actively listens to the community and makes adjustments based on player input. While some changes may be frustrating, it is crucial to provide constructive feedback and engage in discussions to help improve the game.



The June 28th patch in Guild Wars 2 brought changes to various classes, which have sparked mixed reactions from the player base. Understanding the implications of these changes and providing constructive feedback can contribute to the ongoing development of the game.

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