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New World Gear Reset/Score: Impact and Controversy

New World early announcement of a gear reset or gear score change has sparked a debate among players. Many argue that the timing of this announcement was a mistake, leading to a decline in the game's player count. In this guide, we will delve into the pros and cons of New World's decision to address the gear reset early and analyze its potential impact on player engagement.


New World Gear Reset/Score: Impact and Controversy


The Devs' Statement on the Gear Reset

New World developer acknowledged the gear reset in response to a community question. However, their response was vague, offering limited details about the upcoming changes. This lack of specific information left players wanting more and increased speculation about what the reset entails.


Difficulties in Providing More Information

Although players desire more information about the gear reset, there are challenges in sharing details at this stage. The developers likely intend to make a big announcement for the expansion, and prematurely revealing all the information might undermine the excitement surrounding it.


Potential Effect on Player Count

New World's player count might have decreased regardless of the gear reset announcement. The game currently needs more substantial content, making it less appealing to some players. The introduction of Season 2 might attract a temporary increase in player numbers, but the expansion remains the main event that will determine long-term engagement.


Impact on Different Player Types

Various player types exist in MMOs, each with different motivations. Some players solely focus on acquiring the best gear, and the gear reset announcement might deter them from playing until the expansion. On the other hand, players who prioritize playing with friends or enjoy challenging content might still return for Season 2, knowing that gear will be reset eventually.


Early Awareness vs. Late Surprises

Knowing about the gear reset well in advance allows players to prepare and make informed decisions mentally. Discovering the reset just before the expansion could lead to frustration and disappointment. With early awareness, players can weigh the risks and rewards of engaging with current content, mitigating potential disappointment.


Maintaining Transparency

New World's transparency about its plans and intentions is generally appreciated. While the timing of the gear reset announcement may not have been ideal, having access to information allows players to anticipate changes and adjust their gameplay accordingly.


The Positive Aspects of Early Announcement

By announcing the gear reset early, New World sets the stage for a more level playing field between newer and older players when the expansion arrives. Additionally, any positive news or improvements announced closer to the expansion will be perceived as beneficial, generating excitement and reducing concerns about the gear reset.



While the timing and communication surrounding the gear reset announcement in New World may have had some shortcomings, the decision to provide early information offers benefits. Players have time to prepare mentally, make informed decisions, and anticipate positive changes as the expansion approaches. The impact on player count might be influenced by other factors, such as the availability of engaging content. Ultimately, New World's transparency and the early announcement of the gear reset contribute to a more informed player base and allow for smoother transitions in gameplay.

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