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ESO Whitestrake's Mayhem: How to Get Event Tickets Without PvP?

Whitestrake's Mayhem is an event in The Elder Scrolls Online that rewards players with event tickets. These event tickets can be used to purchase ESO exclusive items and collectibles. However, if you're not a fan of player versus player (PvP) content or prefer to avoid it, there are alternative methods to obtain the event tickets. This guide will walk you through the steps of acquiring the event tickets without engaging in PvP combat.


ESO Whitestrake


Step 1: Choosing a Faction and Location

Assuming you are playing as part of the Ebonheart Pact (EP) or Daggerfall Covenant (DC), there are safe zones within Cyrodiil where you can complete daily quests and earn event tickets. Locations like Shaden Hall and Coral are typically peaceful and less crowded, providing an opportunity to complete quests without disturbances.


Step 2: Obtaining Event Tickets from Daily Quests

To acquire event tickets without PvP'ing, you can complete daily quests in Cyrodiil. These quests can be obtained either from the mission boards in the PvP areas or from non-player characters (NPCs) in towns. Look for convenient quest givers like Sylvian Arias in Shaden Hall, who usually offers straightforward quests that are relatively easy.


Step 3: Completing Daily Quests

Accept the daily quest from the quest giver, which may involve objectives such as defeating Imperial archers or engaging in other PvE activities. If you are in a group with another player, their progress towards quest completion will also count for you. This can expedite the process and make it easier to finish the quest quickly.


Step 4: Returning to the Quest Giver

Once you have completed the objectives, return to the quest giver to complete the daily quest. Ensure that you have enough inventory space for the event tickets. If your inventory is full, you won't receive the tickets. Make sure to manage your inventory beforehand to avoid any issues.


Step 5: Opening Alliance War and Traveling to Imperial City

Open the Alliance War menu and navigate to the Imperial City. This will allow you to access the Imperial City's daily quests. These quests can also grant event tickets and provide an alternative method to obtain them without engaging in PvP combat.


Step 6: Choosing the Imperial City District

In the Imperial City, there are various districts where you can complete daily quests. If you want to minimize the chances of encountering other players, consider choosing the Noble District over the Elven Gardens District. The Noble District requires burning ballistic, which can be interrupted by PvP combat, making it a safer option for those avoiding PvP.


Step 7: Accepting and Completing the Daily Quest

Speak to Brianna in the chosen district and accept the daily quest. The objectives may include tasks like arming traps or defeating Legion Zero soldiers. If you cannot find any Legion Zero soldiers, you can travel to the Elven Gardens District to find them, and your progress will still count towards the quest completion.


Step 8: Dealing with PvP Encounters

While completing the Imperial City daily quests, you may encounter enemy players. If you are not geared for PvP or prefer to avoid combat, you have a few options. You can try to run away from them or allow yourself to be defeated. Remember, dying doesn't penalize you, and you can always respawn in a different district.


Step 9: Returning to the Alliance Base

After completing the daily quest in the Imperial City, make your way back to your faction's sewer base. You can either use the direct teleport option to return to Cyrodiil or travel through the sewers to find the entrance to your base. This allows you to turn in the completed daily quests and receive event tickets.


Step 10: Maximizing Event Tickets

To maximize the number of event tickets you can obtain, consider completing the daily quests for other districts in the Imperial City as well. However, instead of turning them in immediately, save them for the next day after the event ticket reset. This way, you can turn them in when the event ticket count refreshes, allowing you to earn additional tickets.



By following these steps, you can obtain event tickets in The Elder Scrolls Online's Whitestrake's Mayhem event without actively engaging in PvP combat. Remember to choose peaceful locations, complete daily quests, and manage your inventory to ensure a smooth ticket acquisition process. Enjoy the event and make the most of the rewards without venturing into PvP if it's different from your preferred playstyle.

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